StarWheel Vision

A Journey and A Gift

A 25+ year Journey

 1985, Santa Monica, California - 2013 Sedona, Arizona.

A vision was given, received, nurtured and is now,
in the graceful loop of time,
gifted back to the world as a contribution
to the new life-honoring & love-sharing
galactic civilization emerging on planet Earth.

Center of SW # 72 "20:12 Kin".


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On Christmas day preceding the New Year 1985, my present from Spirit  was a vision (The SW Creation Process): I felt "seeded" to create a line of paintings, in the specific format of "mandalas", that would be vibrational templates to facilitate the great transformations that human consciousness is currently exploring.

Why mandalas? - Because Mandalas ("sacred circles" in sanskrit or "medicine Wheels" in native american wisdom) are circular-spiral designs that embody, within their sacred geometric vortex structure, a powerful way to remap the perception of multiplicity into Oneness.

What (and Who) Are Mandalas?
Mandalas are wave-guides for the Journey To The Center (You, The Ultimate Mandala). Mandalas speak the ancient-future logo-ic language of cosmic creation: they activate archetypal codes embedded within the primordial core of Consciousness itself. Mandalas: A Family Gallery.


On a personal level, at that time in my life, I was at a cross-roads and ready for some potent life-purpose to unfold. The Christmas vision was a direct answer to my inner prayer to "please show me a concrete way to celebrate, within myself and with others, the Joy of Life".

Those indeed were my two job requirements: it had to be tangible, something I could create with my own hands and experience with my physical senses, and yet it also had to carry the unique Joy of Transcendence -  I wanted to Walk the Radiance...

"Now, you alone can do it, in this specific form. And it is very needed. But, it will be a lot of work and hardship before the time comes for these matrices to be even barely understood. Do you really want to do it ?", so went the vision.

How can one possibly hesitate, on a Christmas Day,
specially when backed by the boundless enthusiasm of youth?

And so, I landed myself the destiny of becoming a StarWheel mandala artist. More, I entered a mystical wedding: I dated my Self. You too, You Are Invited To A Date.

With the vision came the name-description "StarWheels", along with a StarWheel Manifesto. The root-vibration "AYA" was also given as the frequency signature overseeing the StarWheel vision. AYA is a celebrative affirmation-sound as well as a sacred geometry Logo-Glyph: two upward-pointing yang pyramids ("A") supporting and guarding the grail-cup of a downward-pointing yin pyramid ("Y").

The vision received was of a hyper-dodecahedron: 12 series of 12 = 144 StarWheels ("higher-dimensional faces of Self") to be shared with the world as "living holograms", thus helping to synergize colors, sounds, sacred geometries and ceremonial dances into the Celebration of Who We Are (The StarWheels, Mirrors of Self).

"You also need to know", continued the vision, "that the StarWheels are not to be sold left and right, even if you are starving, but you will have to watch over them until the time arrives for the creation of a healing & celebration temple, The StarDome. (StarDome Eco-Village). At some point in your future, the StarWheels will be used as software discs for holographic computers to issue forth vibrational fields of pulsating color-sounds-textures-fragrances. These holo-fields will be large enough for individuals and groups to enter and experience, From Inside Out, the healing frequencies of their appropriate auric field re-configurations. A StarWheel Troupe will tour the world to offer multi-media sacred ceremonies."

Starting with series II, the size of the original StarWheels is 6 ft by 6 ft. The medium used is airbrushed acrylic on canvas, through multi-layered stencils. Nine full series = 108 StarWheels have been currently completed. Each StarWheel has a title (List of SW titles), Keyword, Picto-Koan (hiero-glyphic rendition) and Sutra (poetic-mystical description).

The StarWheels can be "looked at", but they prefer to interact with Inner Vision ("StarWheels, A Yoga Of Perception"). They are "rainbow prints" encoding/decoding higher-octave frequencies: the viewers are therefore encouraged to shift perception and allow the 2-D cross-sections to become full 3-D spheres pulsating with various depths of telepathic waves. How To Use the StarWheels? - Jump through!

As the StarWheels came into earthly existence, I started to share them with trusted friends, of the visionary / healing kind, and, together we played with these toys (A StarWheel Hi-Tech Media Journey).

In the process, the StarWheels were progressively recognized as powerful tools for activation, integration and transmutation of consciousness, both in day-time and dream-time. Applications included: Dimensional Doorways, color-sound matrices, sacred sites designs, circuit boards, star scripts, galactic archives, ET interfaces, radionic devices, ceremonial choreographies... Synchronicities appeared: the Jefferson Memorial Connection, the Crop Circle Overlay...


In 1991, the StarWheel Foundation was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be an umbrella for the educational activities of the StarWheel vision:


In late summer 1996, StarWheel # 72 (entitled "2012" Kin") was completed in the high Colorado mountains and a strong guidance called me to move "closer to the people". "You have now to learn business ways in order to bring the StarWheel kids into the world and allow them to weave themselves into the collective consciousness".

And so it became. In the early part of 1997, the first StarWheel exhibit ever was opened at the Sedona Museum of Art. In summer 1997, the StarWheel Foundation sponsored a multi-media Sacred Gathering at the Sedona Library featuring about twenty local performers, musicians and dancers in a spirit of celebration and gratefulness. The event was flagged: "Thank You For Being A Flower!" We also got involved with an new community project: the creation of a "Labyrinth Garden" in West Sedona. This open-sky temple is designed according to sacred geometry principles and offers spirit grounds for sacred pilgrims.

The business aspects of the StarWheel vision are now supported by Aya Productions, a company planning to make the StarWheel Mandalas available in a variety of ways: books, cards, posters, decks, CD-roms, puzzles, fabrics... The main products available at this time are mini-posters, a selection of 36 StarWheel Wisdom Cards and a variety of coloring books and educational material on Sacred Geometry.  We are offering Special Editions StarWheel paintings, as well as Advance Subscriptions to upcoming StarWheel series X, XI & XII.

Aya is also accepting commissions for personal/corporate mandalas.

The current 2008 agenda of the StarWheel Foundation includes:

  • Expanding the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry.
  • R & D for the StarDome Eco-Village.
  • Finding interested investors for the StarWheel Museum.
  • The sale of 13 Special Editions StarWheel original paintings.
  • The sponsorship of the entire StarWheel Collection (108 pieces) by a high-profile corporation or private donor.

Our next product project is to publish the existing collection of 108 StarWheels in an art book form, with "sutra" descriptions and "picto-koan" modules for each plate, as well as printing the entire collection of 108 StarWheels in the Wisdom Card and Blissing Card formats.

As we loop around and beyond this 25 years journey
in the manifestation of the StarWheel vision,
we are keenly aware that this is also a collective journey.
We all ebb and flow through a global realization:

We Are the Mandala of All That Is

We all ebb and flow through a growing global flowering:

Humanity is waking up as a conscious meta-organism
learning to inter-connect and harmonize again

with the cosmic web of life as universal intelligence
and quantum oneness.

The Earth GARDEN PARADISE is Blossoming anew!