Using the StarWheels

How to Co-Create & Dance with the StarWheels

The StarWheel Mandalas offer many benefits: meditation, contemplation, inspiration, vision questing, celebration, healing, clearing, centering, integration, inner-plane navigation, Feng Shui mapping, radionic tuning, sacred geometry structuring, sonic resonance, choreography, synaesthesia...

Some benefits might be called practical uses and applications. They are reviewed below as "How To Use The StarWheel Mandalas".
Some benefits involve deeper spiritual practices about navigating the inner planes of consciousness. They are reviewed  as "Suggestions for the Inner-Plane StarWheel Experience".


How To Use The StarWheel Mandalas

(Instructions from the "StarWheel User's Manual")

As single mandala images:
  • Guidance : after clearing yourself, look at the mandala and ask for guidance. This may be about your day (just over or dawning), a decision to make, a healing to experience / share or a focus you wish to keep. Be bold and ask Spirit for support or for answers to the prayers from your heart.
  • Meditation : in a mode of meditative gazing, let your soul, inner vision, emotions, child-like wonder... freely journey in and out of the mandala. Allow yourself to explore and enter a symbol, color or shape you are attracted to. Ask for a learning or insight from Spirit.
  • Energy Boost : as a flash-reminder, the mandala will reactivate a specific quality of wisdom. You can leave a SW in your bathroom, kitchen or car as a conscious centering presence. You can change your SW each day, for a week or a month, and thus make your daily life a wisdom pilgrimage.
  • Radionic use: a SW card may also be used as a radionic plate to energize some picture, object, medicine or food and imbue it with the chosen quality. If you have a non-laminated image, place a clear glass on top in order to protect it: this will be an energizing base to place objects.
  • Healing: the SW Wisdom Cards can be placed on specific spots of the body. Ask within which image may assist a condition or bring about an intention.
As a set or mini-deck:

  • Instant Reading : after centering yourself, close your eyes, ask a clear question regarding an issue you have and pick a card. Allow answers to come to you in the form of feelings, inner promptings, insights... Wait until you experience a resolution, a healing or a feeling of complete peace.
  • Divination Spread : pick five cards and lay them in a cross (four directions and center). Below is past/behind, left is present female/intuitive self, right is present male/active self, above is the future/forward step in your journey. In the center, You encompass all aspects and have the power to reshuffle all the cards.
  •  Intuitive reading: ask your readee to pick a main SW Card and allow your psychic wisdom to read the colors, geometries, symbolic codes, dynamics and melodies that can assist the person to further blossom.


As a Sutra:

  • Allow the words and metaphors ("that which brings beyond") to carry you to your right brain landscapes and expand your imagination. These words are fruits & flowers in a garden and you, as a hummingbird, are flying over, sipping bountiful nectar at your leisure.
  • Speak the Sutra aloud: to a live audience, to the mountain as you climb it, to the labyrinth as you walk it or to the ocean, as you stand on the shore of Self. Listen to the response from universe..
  • You may be talking to your self or you are possibly whispering the words to a dear one, in your physical or some other-dimensional body. Know that they hear you on the infinitely intelligent inner net.
  • You can also go to the SW Sutra page and explore other gardens of communication as you open up to play and dance with streams of sounds sourcing from your own being.


As a Picto-Koan:

  • View the whole Picto-Koan (block of 9 glyphs) as a familiar dream language that you are just starting to remember. Let these glyphs speak to you their magical hiero-graphic language. Feel the texture and 3D structure of the glyphs. (See some examples of 3D glyphs on the Picto-Koan page).  Let the glyphs go from static objects to dynamic flows. And learn how to respond, as in a telepathic communication exercise.
  • Listen within for the musical notes and melodic songlines that resonate from the glyphs and let your body jump up and orchestrate their sonic dynamics. Note: oftentimes, it takes two people to best embody and render symmetrical glyphs.
  • The center glyph depicts the simplified, yantric rendition of the Mandala while the surrounding glyphs point to the main aspects of the StarWheel transmission.
  • If the Picto-Koan is too small, enlarge it or go to the SW Picto-Koan page and download to appropriate size.
  • Pick a specific glyph that calls you and, in your mind's eye or upon the sandy ground or on a floating paper, re-create it. Play with it, blow it up and enter it like a dimensional doorway or a temple unfolding for you its initiatic sites & treasures.
  • Now, you can design your own universe and manifest it back in your own earth life. 

    The StarWheel Mandalas, Sutras and Picto-koans
    are various Faces of the Same Presence




Suggestions for Inner-Plane StarWheel Experiences

(Dimensional Access)


 1. Leave your space-time at the door of perception by:

  • Moving to a place of centeredness and clarity within your body-mind-spirit.
  • Performing the exercises / practises that work best for you (focus on breath, stetching, toning, letting go of emotional / mental issues...)
  • Unlocking your vision from physical perception (waking up from flatland trance) and give yourself permission to open up to more subtle levels.
  • Nurturing an attitude of reverence, sacredness and simple wonder. Tuning into a chidlike openness and eager curiosity to explore Life as yourself.



2. Enter the StarWheel environment as a temple of Pure Presence, letting your innate synaesthetic sense (cross-channel sensory perception) explore freely the shapes / colors / sounds / fragrances / tastes / motions... you are attracted to. Surf the SW landscape as a bird flying overhead, gracefully following air currents: sense how some shapes and colors call you to sweep down for a closer look.

3. Allow your vision to "soften" and perceive the pulsing effects / affects created by the mandala. See that various layers of depth (background/foreground) are woven into a mutual interaction. Play with "active vision" (projective) and "passive vision" (receptive). Let your vision take you on a ride, as you would trust an experimented guide. Allow your Third Eye to freely create animations, perspectives and 3D effects. Experiment with "stereogram" techniques of focusing "behind" the image and then "in front" of the image. Vary the distance between you and the mandala as if you were looking through a microscope or a telescope (or a kaleidoscope).

4. Experiment with the Yoga of Perception. Practice gazing at the periphery of the mandala, then at the various layers, going towards the center. Go back and forth. Notice how portions of the image disappear and re-appear. Play with clockwise (sunwise) and counter-clockwise (moonwise) directions and types of visual vortexing / spiraling. Vary the size of your "beams" of attention. Gaze gently in the direction of the center of the mandala and try, simultaneously, to distinctly see the periphery. Practice letting the center disappear and open up like a flower, ready to welcome you in.

5. Invite your whole body / energy field to tune in to your live pulsing heartbeat and to gently move into a resonant dance. In turn, shrink and expand your body to enter various scales and magnitudes of the SW Mandala. What would be the sound and musical tune of this mandala?

6. Let go of the mandala-as-object, close your eyes, enter the flower-center and follow the dance of the higher-dimensional hologram calling upon you. You can either visualize the overall geometry, single out some specific symbol/detail or just embrace the Void. Allow your consciousness to merge and jump into / through the Sacred Gate, at the hub of the StarWheel.


In India, students of yoga ashrams are given a mandala to meditate upon, oftentimes coupled with a mantra and yogic postures & practices.  This mandala is specifically chosen for them. The student's task is to enter in such intimate relationship with their mandala that they will eventually "break in and through", i.e. enter the center point as a doorway and literally access another diimensional reality, beyond the flat appearance of the design. This is considered "knowing" a mandala, the goal of the mandala practice: sort of a mystical communion.


When it is your perfect time for the opening-of-the-gate, realize that you are merging with a Face of Who You Are. Release all fear and call all love as you experience new levels within the Mandala of All That Is.

  7. Gently slow down the frequency and land back through the center of the StarWheel. Offer thanks and gratitude.


... Such is the practise of being
a pilgrim to the StarWheel Sacred Sites...