SW Sutras

The StarWheel Sutras are the mystical-poetic descriptions assigned to each StarWheel Mandala. Along with the StarWheel Keywords, the SW Sutras offer a level of lecture of the images pointing to rational interpretations, in  terms of universal symbols & geometries as well as perennial spiritual wisdom from many traditions.

This page lists the 108 SW Sutras with Keywords, by StarWheel number.

Note: The StarWheel Picto-Koans are another dimension of lecture of the images, using pictographic pattern recognition and calling upon higher mind and consciousness levels. See the SW Picto-Koans page.


(SW #01)


Shimmering with glorious Birth,
the seed is gracefully landing in your hand.
It looks so tiny but it contains you all,
from spirit to spirit.
Dare to dive in and the ocean will sustain you:
this is self trusting self.
Listening to intuition, one walks out the door.
Embracing the vision, the old house disappears.
Delightfully nurture all seeds:
they know the exact time & the perfect dance;
they are lovingly planted by the Seed-Maker.
In the garden of Self, there is the seed, the sprout,
the flower, the fruit and the seed again.
Beyond all seasons, there is pure Light.


(SW #02)


Out of the infinite Play of Being,
the primeval holo-glyphs encode manifestation.
Cosmic wisdom whispers the unspeakable.
Like a bird let free, the Home Call soars.
Who is singing?
You, the Creation Keeper.
Encompassing Openness,
where does home stop?
When one asks, one must remember to receive;
when one receives, one must forget to ask:
therefore, home is everywhere.
The Hostess Queen welcomes all travelers.
Keep calling back & forth whole new worlds:
in open creation, you are staying home.


(SW #


For every root, there is a flower,
for every flower, there is a fragrance,
for every fragrance, there is a butterfly.
Who said you are alone?
Before walking, swimming; after walking, flying:
in time, a greater life weaves through the smaller life.
Ascending Growth is delightfully unavoidable:
this is the love of the Whole within the Fragment.
The Small, the Large and the Whole:
a Golden family.
Breaking the spell of separation, you discard the cocoon.
Dancing within Yourself, you sip nectar from all cups.
Looking for kin, you return with joyful company.
For every You, there is Me.


(SW #04)


A candidate to Initiation at the bottom of the life pyramid,
ready to be empty free of form.
Above is Within: fire-crystal sun.
Are you ready for ascension within?
You only need to be thirsty and let it drink you all.
This Lake is so still,
can you hear the golden bells ringing
and the sacred spring bubbling up the sky?
The colorful canoe of life is left on the shore:
one crosses without even looking back.
Making Love with the Light:
The Queen Lotus cup is rooted in the King Pyramid.


(SW #05)


A multi-storied, multi-tiared temple.
hosting a trans-dimensional doorway on its launching roof.
Meeting Eye to Eye,
who is seeing?
The beam of perception is returning to the seer:
success is seeing oneself within everyone.
I look at the four seasons
and I have planted my seeds.
I look at the ten horizons
and I have spread my wings.
I look at Mother Earth
and here are all my children.
I look at You and I am shouting: Wedding!
The Truth of self to self.


(SW #06)


Fire and water are the inner warrior & lady-love.
Drawing water, breathing fire: power permeates the universe.
Mula-Wheel is the Foundation,
the alchemical vessel  
where you weave and re-spiral the primal energies.
You are creating a sacred womb for a child to be born.
Who is that child? It is You as Light.
This is Awareness.
Allowing the frequency tingling to orchestrate the way,
kindling the flames with golden dew drops from the heart:
the cosmic sap ascends your tree-nature.
 Well nourished, you drip with raw nectar.
Between breaths, you evaporate into Light.


(SW #07)


The flower bud blossoms and creates a Cathedral.
The petals are the ogival rose-windows,
and the stems are the columns.
You are the Ceremony!
Within the heart, we have an ongoing date
with the holy life-mate:
it’s a sweet secret from beyond time.
Deep inside the well of life, images of stars.
The young cubs call upon the parent sphinx.
You are the Galactic Gardener singing to many seeds,
with harmonic tones of Golden resonance.
Your song is rain to the roots and dew to the flowers.
Chalice in your hand, chalice on the altar.


(SW #08)


Knowing yourself as a heavenly mandala,
you are wearing a lacy dress of starlight.
Modeling Harmony, one attracts conscious loving attention.
High fashion of inner beauty: star Transparence.
You are All and Everyone,
two musical octaves in perfect unison.
You are deciding every move
for each grain of sand & each leaf in the wind.
You are every flashing thought in the many worlds.
Embodying infinite regal dignity,
You are shining Royalty:
a hologram of translucent Nobility.

(SW #09)


A view into a soul-sphere Merkaba.
Welcoming family guests:
they are one and many, it’s a beautiful story.
The house is buzzing with new weddings and new offsprings.
A dancing pin-point of light is landing.
The bamboo shoots overnight.
Gentle Encounter.
May I show you my house? – it is now your house.
And the fountains in my gardens – please refresh yourself.
Can you really tell the hosts from the guests?
You are the One Dancer
Welcoming yourself in myriad bodies.

(SW #10)


There is a Sunbow Bridge between all beings,
when we suddenly forget to keep alone
and become again a full blossom for each other.
The four winds of the babbling mind,
and the four rains of the bubbling emotions
create the myriad swirling colorful dreams.
At center, no more winds, no more rains,
just the tranquil Home of stillness.
See: you touch the circle so lightly, so swiftly,
and yet you embrace it so fully, so eruptively.
Dance has entered you.
The loving Presence.

(SW #11)


This is a magic ring for Star-faeries,
to wear on their fingers of light.
A circle of Love.
Infinite alliance.
They all swing and sing along, dancing songs in the sky.
They all leap and win our hearts, giving wings to our smiles.
We all live in the same body: Life.
The dancers of heaven are flying in our midst:
are you seeing them traveling between you and You?
The angels of Paradise are singing in your head:
are you hearing them calling your very name?
O Faery Friend,
being of Joy and Happiness,
will you lift your veils
and turn them into dancing wings?

(SW #12)


The cosmic Field of Light knows no boundaries.
At the spring a water jug, on the river a canoe;
in the ocean a galaxy, in the galaxy a spring again.
This is home. Great Respect.
We are musical notes and fractally nested orchestras,
nodes and exquisitely woven melodic fields.
O Friend, a thousand times you went back to the old temple:
today, quit being wavelet and enter being Source,
immensely, endlessly, passionately.
Holding hands with yourself and weaving the universe,
you create the lovers and all the love affairs.
Inside outside, the same Love Dance,
the same Radiance.

(SW #13)


The Exploration of Xan, the surprise land of the beyond.
Leaving the dusty shoes outside, one opens the door:
the next iris-mandala is revealed.
  Blinking the eye three times, one keeps jumping.
How much are you willing to surrender to emptiness?
When the eyes are closed, the vision is inside;
when the eyes are open, one can see oneself in others.
When one turns the eyes to heaven, the great water is crossed.
Holding on to the background, the action is missed;
staying in the foreground, one is agitated.
When you are dancing the universe, the audience bursts into applause.
Life happens inside an ongoing doorway.

(SW #14)


The eye-lotus seeing the sweep-beam from Galactic Center.
An umbilical cord to our cosmic parent.
One draws Nourishment from the Source:
the more you draw, the better the flow.
No hurry to Be. End of thirst.
Sunlight and night in a single great year:
the grids of perception spiral to unveil higher realms.
We are safely embraced by loving guiding arms.
Creation comes and goes. You the Source stay.
Are you ready for the whirlpool galaxy of your ecstasy?
Source pouring into Source.
A sweet surrender.

(SW #15)


Implosion vortex calling you to center.
What happens after the jump?
Looking into the past to retrieve hidden treasures,
looking into the future to gather carrying waves.
  At center now, spontaneous singing
and contagious bubbly dancing.
It is auspicious to create oneself as a vibrational temple:
a sacred altar of perfect convergence
to redistribute the spirit life force.
Breathing the universe in,
we are outpouring merry love to all.
As the inner lovers hold hands together,
a larger being appears above the body.
Cascade of harmonics.

(SW #16)


A Frequency Flower whose fragrance ascends to Source.
A navigation diaphragm expanding & contracting in organic pulses.
A sky ladder unfolding archetypal steps
sequenced as blossoming polygons.
The interplay of petals are the seasons of life
leading to timely blooming: supra-dimensional Transfer.
Ratios between orbits speak of the Golden Number.
Powers of two & three alternate the polarities of energy.
At 12:00, a tiara-headed being.
The tiara head-dress is a royal crown - a power antenna.
You are invited to display & explore your own crown chakra
and its many regal gates to infinity.

(SW #17)


In perfect timing,
the beautiful bud of teenage blossoms & turns into a flower.
The flower collects light and gives off fragrance while nurturing its fruit.
In turn, the new seed sprouts... Nature is fullfilled.
Between the petals, one can always see the sky.
Between the facets of life, there are entire universes.
Receiving light like a flower, one expands into bearing fruit.
The flower is the adult age, an enticing time of outward power.
Bliss is the fruit of your full flowering,
when the age of wisdom brings the bounty of inner harvest.
An overwhelming burst of Spirit Light, at the center of Being...
Fulfillment in Self.
In Bliss, the seed is the flower is the fruit.
In Being, the Beauty is the Power is the Wisdom.

(SW #18)


The Cosmic Dance between line & curve, form & wave,
position & motion, rock & river, spirit & body.
Oftentimes we slow down reality to a quasi stop:
we freeze-perceive life as objects or people with fixed features.
This is the beautiful play of physical interaction;
this is how we are taught to survive and recognize our friends.
Yet there is a complementary and vaster way of perceiving:
speeding up reality to see the energy swirling in & around forms.
Seeing a larger range of frequencies: a more complete vision.
This StarWheel offers you a practice in perception-yoga:
place your slow motion thoughts & memories in the center cup;
then bring them to a faster vibration by Spinning the spiral arms.
  The jewels of form are re-placed within their spirit matrix.

(SW #19)


The crystalline geometries of the hexa-gram
are as simple as a snowflake ,
yet as potent as a star-gate.
In the baby park, one plays at first with the guardians of destiny:
the four masks in the corners are the empty shells left behind.
As you cycle through the 48 rounds of your Sacred Journey,
the doors to the six inner pyramids open up
to let you explore your unique way to a higher matrix of light:
the translucent web swirling to center.
Standing within the Light Spiral
you are merging with a new self,
carrying in your soul memory the full knowledge
of the six worlds of incarnation and the six bardos of transition.

(SW #20)


You are standing on the ground floor of a tall circular tower.
Now, gently let yourself float up to explore your surroundings.
It is a Spirit Dance of completion:
in a swift inner glance, you review all your life stories:
actions & intentions, emotions & decisions, colors, sounds & scents...
The grass grew up, the grain matured & got harvested.
Now, the bread is shared and, in turn, the new seeds are set aside.
It is an Accomplishment to have done it all
and yet to remain in Source, through all the tribulations.
In the four directions, the ageless guardians dispense their wisdom.
The quadratic Grid of Light waveguides the next Temple of Life.
When it is all over, Who is left ?

(SW #21)


The four races are the four directions of projected creation.
Emerging from the evolutionary cross-currents of mass incarnation,
spirited pioneers herald starry skies of planetary oneness.
New generations spring forth, a seed crystal within their hearts.
The old linear crux of Babel confusion is discarded
and the karmic curvature of Being is revealed anew.
Enter this mandala with a spherical perception:
the four colors of planetary consciousness are arching back into Center.
Each being becomes a full source-parent, unifying all soul lineages.
Humankind is now resurrected into a higher rainbow dance:
serving the whole Circle-Hoop of Cosmic Terra.

(SW # 22)


The ancient systems of knowledge are breaking open,
revealing forgotten glimpses of layered realities.
Secret chambers in the cube and the pyramid unfold inside out.
Opaque walls turn into windows and projection screens.
Through curved lenses of rainbow light,
a new omni-directional Vision is revealed:
we are primordial Spheres of Being.
The eight directions extend into galactic high-ways.
The eight-fold path reaches escape velocity.
The geomantic Pa Kua is cubing the planetary sphere.
Each new vista is a fractal self-portrait.
We have re-entered the omni-gate holo-verse.
We are the keepers of Love
Blessing the star-avenues of creation.

(SW #23)


In the primal garden of the Yellow Castle,
where the flowing river meets the Magic Lake,
there lives the Golden Flower.
Do you still remember?
If you blow three times very gently
and make the flower blossom for three seasons in an instant,
the light of noon will fill the thousand nights,
the sparkle in your eye will reveal the radiance of your heart
and shining will be your new breathing.
  This is the flower of your full Glory.
You are inside - heart of joy,
outside is you again - made of sky.
Now the boat of life sails silently
on the magic lake of the Yellow Castle.

(SW #24)


A display of heavenly fire-works.
It is festivity time.
The central burst of Light becomes the many tongues
speaking of new worlds, endlessly.
A spark of Spirit is dropped into the Ocean of Milk:
a myriad splashes are born creating their own droplets.
One is Many.
The Sourcing Hostess is welcoming countless guests.
Over the horizon, earthling pagodas point up to alignment
with their lacy celestial counterparts.
Pagodas are evolutionary vortical star-streams:
they live for an instant on the wings of a drop of light,
bridging universes & connecting galaxies.
The living fingers of creation lovingly reach out from the Holy Hand.
Each pagoda whirls like a prayer wheel to sound forth a unique modulation
on the basic mantra of life:
Joyous Happiness.
Many is One.

(SW #25)


  The vision of ancient Toltec elders offering up a Sacred Shield
engraved with the star knowledge of their parent galactic culture.
A circular keyboard for star-tribal music.
A beveled hologram for time-line surfing.
A navigation compass for precise atunements & flights of resonance
between light frequencies, space-time & dimensions of consciousness.
The wisdom of four previous worlds converge
towards the pyramidal center: Now.
Twenty is four becoming five. Five is one.
Sun-moon rising and setting are portals
for spherical time to spiral forward into center.
Twelve points to thirteen.
An invitation to re-enchant the power
of conscious mudras & ceremonial dances:
trace out the glyph-keys and activate their inner sonics.
Re-creating a global culture of Star Ancestry.

(SW #26)


An ennead body of universal intelligence.
Nine: a pyramid of triads. Fruitful Horizon.
Nine knots on the taoist stick.
Realizing ourselves as cells of the Whole Being,
our minimal body is now planetary.
The Guardians of Nine speak of consciousness cycles:
emanating from One and returning to One.
Embracing all the cycles of life’s journey.
Multiples of nine radiate out the completion principle.
After collective harvest, gathering back to family home
to count one’s riches and prepare the next season.
Under the Lake, the Mountain of the Sun.

(SW #27)


A master golden disk from the star archives,
template for evolutionary Cycles.
You and the Pyramid.
You are on top of the Spiral Temple looking down at your ancient past,
and then you are at the bottom looking up at your upcoming future.
77 steps were taken, 77 steps are awaiting:
some small, some big, all a Living Face.
The story of a galactic race, from root to seed,
playing out their unique magical parts
for the fleeting time of a universe.
From age to age,
harmonic alignments within the cosmic spiral
bring the players to remember Oneness.
Like the snake biting its own tail,
Evolution returns to origin.

(SW # 28)


A chromo-sonic cymatic mandala
whereby color geometries shift into sound-waves - and inversely.
Bridging the 40 octaves frequency gap between hearing & seeing,
one can listen to the visual music emitted by shapes & forms.
The 3 dots at center are the basic triad: light - sound - pattern
involved in creating manifested reality.
As we merge the 3 points into a single focus with one-pointedness,
the separate sensory channels are unified in synaesthesia:
seeing & smelling soundscapes, tasting forms & touching rainbows...
Awareness is the harmonic oneness
underlying all sense Perception.
Can you surf these waves of colors ?
You are Light pouring through all of your windows.

(SW # 29)


  This StarWheel heralds a collective Rite of Passage:
the entry of local humans into their global spirit inheritance.
The quarantine of isolated life-on-earth has officially ended.
Earth Mother is lighting up all her grid-vortices,
while her human guests are holding hands in a ceremonial merry-go-round.
Now it is time for larger awareness:
humankind is growing up into star-kind.
Beyond earth life, many more realms are revealed.
Higher players have gathered to uphold the Earth play ball
and help to co-create & guide the new collective destiny.
Glorious evolutionary codes are coming into fast activation.
The stars are reaching back
into the eyes of the sky-gazers.

(SW #30)


At any crossroad there are options.
Be on the lookout for signs of your perfect destination.
Sometimes, we only know for sure the very next step:
this is enough to start walking. Move.
After Discrimination, time for trust & commitment.
If there are no clear signals, then allow yourself to stop
and become the crossroad, open-ended.
In each direction, a great leap and a new world;
up and down the ego-soul highway.
O Friend, you already arrived.
As you cross the vastness of creation,
can you tell me how large is ecstasy?

(SW #31)


Octave shift records & activates a new frequency octave,
a New Paradigm.
This shift is a transformation on many levels:
cosmic, planetary, and personal.
A thundering clap or a flashing glimpse
and the former life-octave is suddenly overlaid
by the new resonance
arcing through the horizon of the Universal Body.
The familiar yet outdated masks are released
and recede into the background of consciousness.
Time stands still and space is non-local
- we are existing everywhere at once.
The spiral vortex of creation strobes in the new codes -
a time of Expansion.
At the very instant of the Shift, you can see, feel & hear
the infinite overtones of higher & lower octaves of awareness.
There is no end to Yourself as the moment is asserting its full Presence.
In essence, the Shift does not happen at a specific time,
it is just realized as the ongoing, graceful Event.
Stay there.
You are the Octave Maker.

(SW #32)


A top view of the Time-Gate Pyramid,
The Door out of Time.
The three glimmering faces of past, present & future beckon at us
while the fourth quadrant at north shifts open to reveal
the very First Time.
No time is all time.
The 11 radial cartouches are the hands of the 3-D watch,
ticking away the daily activities of waking hours.
The 12th hour of noon & midnight breaks the clock open.
The overseer being with golden eyes is You, the Time-Creator.
O Friend, the impossible moment has come:
you have always been
and will be forever.

(SW #33)


The cosmic Egg of Self
perfectly nested within the sphere of universal creation.
Essence within the myriad forms.
Man-Wo-Man, as the primordial androgynous being.
Perennial Atlas is holding at arm’s length the yolk of Self,
well grounded in evolutionary creation through the first chakra-gate:
two legs, two arms and head form the “5” of humanity,
while the grounding line adds the “6” of Cosmic Human.
The path of the Spiritual Lion is a perfect Balance between
macrocosm & microcosm, male & female, void & manifestation.
Ten other pilgrims prepared the way
by holding their geometric higher body
in contact with the ovum-self.
The membrane has been pierced: the egg is now fertile.
This is the opening of the Royal Road
from Sacrum to Atlas to Light-Source.

(SW #34)


Approach this StarWheel with a time-honored ritual:
circumambulation of the sacred site.
The directional highways, colors & cosmic frequencies always lead to Center.
Four primary elements are the square foundations
grounding the Temple.
Learning to walk through and with Fire, Water, Earth & Air.
By progressive refinement, there is Entrance to the inner courtyard.
The washing of feet while crossing the ocean.
The fluffing of wings while jumping off the cliff.
The volcanic eruption while burning at the stake.
The loving moisture of the soil while sprouting new buds.
Many purifying rounds are the pilgrim's steps to the Holy.
Suddenly, the frequency signature is keyed.
The Spirit door opens wide.
Now, You are the Temple.

(SW #35)


Blossoming by the root...
Hanging upside down.
The Holy Fool, the daring one, choosing to explore
the global origins beyond the limiting individual patterns.
The Call of Source resounds within the heart of humanity,
activating bold evolutionary insights
and overriding the organized rows & cycles
of previous knowledge.
A soul-signal to let go of the past
and prefer true freedom to wordly security.
This is welcoming the Unknown and entering its unexpected Splendor.
The laser light of Spirit beams through, reaching the center core.
The Body of Radiance takes over the Dance of Life.
The Root is the Crown.
Now you are blossoming at will,
in all seasons.

(SW #36)


Alternating polarities and their ultimate Union
at the moment of perfect balance -
when Ecstasy bridges the worlds.
This is the tantric key to creating sacred couples,
as well as the key to the mystical Inner Marriage.
The infinity sign is a universal symbol reminding us
to continually dance with and balance the polarities of life & energy.
This is the double alchemical vessel
within which the apprentice alternately dissolves
& coagulates the raw human nature
until the final Conjunctio is reached:
the merging of opposites.
As the infinity hourglass unifies male & female, mind & heart,
light & dark, past & future,
one steps into the Power of the Present.
At the electrifying point of contact between the two spheres of Self,
the subtle loving touch becomes a full embrace,
and the whole family is born.

(SW #37)


A Star-Gate temple for planetary attunement.
Opening the door, reality unfolds.
In the four corners, the dimensional lid is pulled aside
to reveal this ancient altar of star-communion.
You are the new altar.
Radiating Golden Light floods the double pyramid of time.
The columns are You seeing the Beloved as Oneself.
Global synchronous Activation: a new era.
When you search for a treasure, you become the treasure,
and you enter yourself with offering hands and a pristine heart.
New suns dance at your fingertips.
Fullness of non-existence.

(SW #38)


A vibratory harmonic design for life celebration.
At center, You the Cosmic Dancer,
widely open to incoming vibrational waves.
The frequency modulations converge to radiant light.
Looking at the Beloved with her own eyes,
we sing our noble silence.
Trees are rejoicing.
The primordial bindu-drop hovers above the vessel-cup.
Face to face, the strings stretch and resonate:
tones and overtones.
The cosmic orchestra sends melodic Songs in the four directions.
Conducting music in the three worlds,
you fly above the starscape.

(SW #39)


The sacred wedding of divine-human Integration.
Angel is reaching down to U-man,
U-man is reaching up to Angel.
Spanning the wavy realms of red, orange & yellow,
and opening up the heart center,
U-man upholds in offering the crescent moon of life.
The holy altar welcomes the Spirit Pearl
- this Jewel-Island in the midst of the Golden Sea.
Angel, reaching down through the heavenly frequencies,
radiates higher light into the Pearl’s apex
and activates the Blessed Communion.
Two sparkly eyes are bridging the star realms.
Upon the fulcrum of Self,
life engenders life.

(SW # 40)


Every sphere of life and consciousness contains a higher one.
Each new day sums up and refines our entire life.
Each new experience carries a priceless potential gift.
This is the subtle art of Transmutation:
awareness endlessly welcoming Itself.
As we embrace our shadows to bring out their light,
the hot-colored fires burn the old likes & dislikes
and we learn to die gracefully within a larger womb.
The double snake of separation is re-sealed into a wedding ring.
We live together in a vast magic:
visiting our hearts at will
and dwelling within each other's souls.
Change is most irrevocable.

(SW #41)


Where is the hidden treasure?
No matter how attractive the merry spin, one remains centered.
Cycling through the 4 directions and the 28 moon mansions,
the human yo-yo dances along the spirit line.
The lingam is immersed in and through the yoni cup
and emerges as the sword of light.
Above, the "tcham" scepter regulates the cosmic flow.
Below, the "djed" pillar accumulates resonant energies.
The 6-handed clock of universal order revolves,
first star-wise, then counter-starwise.
At the very center of the hub, Stillness.
You are the Toy, the Play and all the Players.
You are the only Treasure.

(SW #42)


An archetypal being hovering within a beam of Pure Light.
In the four directions are posted instructions for staying in the beam:
Simplicity, Oneness, Heart focus and Freedom.
The natural Simplicity of letting all life in.
The grace of not seing separation: there is no side inside.
We have been home all along, in exquisite Oneness.
In the Heart, there is no longing:
how can you miss yourself?
The Freedom of walking within oneself in the morning,
drinking from source at noon
and, in the evening,
resting as One in the Presence.

(SW #43)


The Dancer within You is invited to be free,
to let go of all binding attachments:
material, emotional, mental, spiritual and more.
Boldly allowing your inner wings to unfold, without resistance.
This is Dancing the Void.
It is time now - jump in!
In each moment, make sure you honor your own death,
for great opportunities & gifts await you beyond the fears.
Gladly surrender all your needs & desires,
and your heart will taste an ever deeper peace.
Welcome the emergence of your shadow,
for it is proof that you are in the sun.
Invite the silence of the absence:
it is only a fuller presence.
By falling through the Void we learn how to fly.
Surrendering with grace brings true Power.

(SW #44)


A ray of life force seeding biology,
from golden light to planet core.
The primary triads are counter-rotating,
braiding the Ki garlands of nature.
Fulgurant Fecundation from the larger body of being.
All is a Face inviting reverence.
The masks of the previous instant peel off
as you pierce the whirling membrane.
Holding the child to perfect maturation,
you murmur sweet lullabies heart to heart
and hang in the sky all the destinies to come.
Creation stirs and giggles,
standing ready to dance.

(SW #45)


Entering the inner eye,
You are Presence, regardless of size, body or age.
Quantum foam bubble or cluster of galaxies:
same encompassing loving intelligence.
Bodies create baby bodies, universes nurture new universes:
we are perennial parents.
Tree, river, flower, bee, pebble, cloud, star: all family.
One ecstatic song: I Am.
Seen from a higher perspective, it all makes sense:
oceans are tears of joy, seeds pulsing planets.
The mystery of Permanence: no-time no-space.
Hug yourself.

(SW # 46)


In the Garden of forms,
babies are born and, in the womb of time, become elders.
Seeing the birth of their offspring,
the grandparents pass away,
fulfilled to be continued in future generations.
The Infinite Spirit coalesces into minds & bodies,
and you become a name looking for the Name.
The basic geometries & patterns of creation expand into complexity
while the timeless core-essence
implodes and ascends in the beam of Self.
Seeing itself from the four corners of its all-perceiving Eye,
the Self lovingly cascades around
and beams Omni-Presence through all cell walls.
The Barge of Life sails inwards now and,
at the mid-gate of zenith, stands still.
No more waves.
Return to Conception.

(SW # 47)


From their stars reflected on sacred mountain tops,
the Kachinas hear the call and come visit the human tribes.
Invisible messenger spirits on the road of life,
they are the beings of Before and After.
They bring us glimpses of the larger universe:
Altair-Aquila, Kachina of the Tokpela West.
El Tanin-Draco, Kachina of the Tokpa South.
Almach-Andromeda, Kachina of the Kuskurza East.
Merope-Pleiades, Kachina of the Tuwaqochi North.
Four worlds have passed, four cycles of learning.
During the Vision Quest,
you stand at Source.
Now, you are the Emergence,
gloriously pregnant with the fifth world.
Heeding Guidance from on high.

(SW #48)


Four seed-beings in the hallways of manifestation.
One suddenly dives into the pool of Creation
and the wheel of space-time starts spinning.
Destiny is also called Fortune.
Juggling with the creative pulses of light & sound,
you are searching for the Promised Land,
stopping here and there for a taste of life’s sweetness or bitterness.
Ultimately, seeing beyond realms & experiences,
you realize that All is One.
The Wheel spins faster,
the umbilical cord stretches ever more
and you embrace the whole of creation.
The Egg has hatched
and now you are the immemorial womb again.
You: Creator-Creation.

(SW #49)


TThe Greek Fates were said to weave human destinies on their looms.
They were filling in the karmic blueprint provided by and for each soul.
This StarWheel is such a matricial loom,
a frequency map designed to harmonize human life and spirit.
Who are the Fates?
They are the various Decision makers within you.
When life brings up its many and confusing options,
who is deciding within you and how?
O Friend, your many faces sit in a peaceful sacred council
and, in a single voice, come to this common agreement:
you are your own magnificent destiny.
Weaving your own fate
is being both center and periphery as One.

(SW #50)


A symbolic image of the Buddha in an interactive mode.
Less as yet another holy icon to worship,
more as an invitation to fully transcend form.
Leaving all agitation at the periphery,
enter the Sacred Gate and move into Center,
utterly still.
The Heart of the Buddha is You,
the center point of the cosmic compass.
Your focused awareness is the radius
which spans all creation and re-enters Source.
The white dove alights and mates with the black raven.
The embryo flowers within the nest.
The Original Face opens up into a vast inner smile
and sees, with perennial eyes,
the emptiness of even the holiest of forms.
The beautiful soul-bird soars through the Tree of Life
and flies into the vastness of Pure Being.

(SW #51)


The Great Star-Mother lovingly embraces the Play of Life.
Creation is a most gracious Way of Being.
The Mother's infinitely fertile womb is ever delivering the universes.
From her bountiful breasts spring forth rivers of honey-milk
to nurture her many-colored children.
Every child is a universal partner:
love sees no difference.
Timelessly, the cycles of embryonic growth
bring the single ovum-seed to full babyhood.
Underground, the mighty cosmic serpent vibrates the yoni-lingam:
sun rising over the moon mountain.
The Spiral Goddess has myriad faces: some are familiar & pleasant,
some are surprising & frightening... but all are Perfect.
She is in turn the ravishing maiden,
the bountiful mother
and the all-seeing crone.
She freely gives all forms and freely takes them away.
Birth & Death happen within Life.

(SW #52)


A mini-planet, Mother ovum,
enshrined upon a pyramidal Father-field.
Appearing from beyond the dimensional threshold,
a supra-luminal Merkaba activates
previously dormant arrays of triangular codes
within the Human Temple.
Bright Arrows of Light are shooting across the horizon,
weaving new light grids of expanded consciousness.
Higher-dimensional holo-glyphs, carrying encoded information,
bubble through the global minds & hearts.
This is a time of Re-Union.
Gaia’s ovum, within the Earth’s evolutionary matrix,
is impregnated with seeds of galactic awareness
as humanity is learning to bond with higher star intelligence.
The Bride is welcoming the Bridegroom
and their hearts are becoming one.
  We are at the point of space-time overlap.
Hear, feel, and dance the Music of the new Spheres.

(SW #53)


Two beings of Light, at your head and feet,
stand ready to guide you through the journey of your own death.
Are you ready?
You are seated at the bow of the Bardo Canoe,
the Boat of the Afterlife,
navigating the night-blue River of Remembrance.
You are drifting through the red shadows of the unconscious.
Be aware:
they are ready to provoke & devour you
as soon as you give them power.
The boat carries the totality of your life experience
within an akashic treasure chest
whose contents are holographically displayed.
You simultaneously re-enact all parts of your life-script
and you instantly know your Naked Truth.
All is revealed and presented to the ten symbolic judges
- aspects of your own soul calling upon you.
Now the inverted pyramid of Light opens into your New Abode.
Welcome to Consciousness as the Dance of Transition.
Life continues... always.

(SW #54)


In ancient cosmologies, the sturdy, fertile, wise & long-lived turtle
is said to be the Prototype and Bearer of the Cosmos.
This StarWheel, like the symbolic turtle,
conveys global stability and universal order.
The primordial Foundation:
four powerful feet anchoring, like cornerstones, the four poles of creation.
  A firm back upholding, nurturing, and sustaining the Axis of the World,
between head above and tail below.
Turtle Medicine.
As we walk in Balance & Integrity,
aware of our connection with the dome shell of the sky
and the sacred ground of the earth,
we create Harmonic Coherence.
Entering and embracing the primal rhythm of expansion & contraction,
we dance in resonance with the seasons.
Ancient Music is playing upon the Isle of Self.

(SW #55)


The Vesica is an almond-shaped opening,
a vortex formed by two inter-penetrating circles or spheres.
A Sacred Communion and fusion is realized
between the realms of Spirit (heaven) and Matter (earth);
a Living Vessel or womb nurturing and birthing Creation.
The chrysalis woven within the Vesica breaks open;
a new vision of life awakens & soars.
Two luminous wings on either side of the Solar Eye-disk
are a timeless symbol expressing flight & liberation.
The translucent mirror of Liquid Light is gently entered.
The Ancient Face of the ages reflects Itself
within the tranquil lake of consciousness.
Upon dissolving the shimmering illusion of appearance,
the opening third eye - the Ajna chakra -
clearly sees the One in all.

(SW #56)


The cross-section of a soul-field Mandala.
The beautiful and wondrous mystery of God & Goddess.
Bi-Buddha is the androgyn within yourself.
You and your soul-consort.
Source flowering into manifestation.
: Two in One, One in Two.
Infinite rings of radiance emanating from a golden center:
the Heart of Compassion,
merging all realms, healing all wounds, and sourcing all light.
Two halves of a whole, two faces of the same,
Eye to Eye, embracing all as One.
You are and will always remain whole & complete,
an all-encompassing totality.
Within you the parts choreograph their own unique dance.
Where is the separation?
How can we divide the ocean?
O Traveler, if you see more than one self,
take your attention away from the outer rings of your soul
and abide within the Heart.

(SW #57)


The River of Creation is within you and all beings.
Sitting on the royal throne, you look behind the horizon.
Braiding bright garlands of sacred elements,
you are shaping roots, branches and bountiful flowers,
hanging a new leaf, petal or fruit every golden turn of growth.
Spiral levity of the sap turning sun & moon into life:
from root to crown, you ascend the tube of light.
Now, balancing flower gardens on the roof of your head,
you stand in regal power,
moving with gentle breeze and graceful dance steps.
O Friend, glorious Tree of All Life,
you are Naked Water dancing from earth to sky.

(SW #58)


the mountain of life,
there is a celestial city.
Within the city, a sacred dome.
At apex is displayed the crystal floor layout,
an interactive frequency pattern for spiral dance.
Levitation is the focal vortex point of golden harmonies,
as the cup of one pours living waters upon the gardens of many.
Every day there comes the appointed time to heed creatures' prayers
and to compassionately re-arrange creation.
The cloud ships are covers for angelic messengers
to play hide and seek.
Standing up, the landscape shows the entire universe,
a flower that keeps opening
until the next cosmic seed season.
Smiling wisely,
the moon plays yo-yo with the mountain.

(SW #59)


Temples and shrines have deep evolutionary roots:
they grow everywhere,
each one unique.
You are temple and shrine: always a Ceremonial offering.
You enter the split gate of the temple
to walk into the light,
you make live offerings to the shrine
to nurture auspicious love and gratitude.
At the windows, the holy host smiles.
One head, two feet, six arms: nine.
Outside the gate, hilarious ancestors.
Descending into the roots, the cup is turned around;
ascending to canopy,
you become the Triple Sun.
Morning and evening meet at noon.

(SW #60)


Meet Inakan, Muniya, Ataran, Tuanin, Kumila and Sunikor:
six dolphin beings in their kin holo-pod.
Being oneself and being a family, in attuned synergy.
Dolphins have been swimming the oceans
far longer than humans have walked the lands.
They have developed a harmonic relationship to the galactic waters
and a playful dance of Togetherness with creation.
Compassionate elders, dolphins are gently pushing on our ego bubbles
by displaying the ancient wisdom of life-in-oneness.
Look, you too can walk the human path with dancing beauty.
You too can flex your life in graceful curves & leaps,
singing together with the Spirit-Soul.


(SW #61)


A thirteen-ring Cross-Labyrinth,
the sacred path of Pilgrimage.
Questing for the Inner Treasure.
The traveler’s staff is topped by a labrys,
the twin ax symbolizing our dual nature.
Many pilgrims are lining up in front of the entrance:
only one - the Real You - will successfully cross the threshold,
in perfect alignment with the Pathway of Light,
the Cosmic Axis of the spinal column.
On either side of the center labyrinth,
you zoom in on many colorful encounters
as you enter your inner journey
and start meandering through life’s experiences.
Upon the way, one has a choice:
to identify with the passing objects of ego-gratification
or to focus upon Realizing the Totality.
This is an invitation to walk again the Sacred Labyrinth,
this wondrous adventure from the outer edges of awareness
into the sanctuary of your own Holy Land: the Self.

(SW #62)


Six pulsing streams echoing forth
from the light consciousness of a star-teacher.
Spinning at harmonized frequencies,
the graduated codes are sweeping galaxies
with the next dimensional body-mind Transmission.
In the six directions, viewing chambers
for visiting humans traveling the universe
and wishing to glimpse star action on higher realms.
The pulsar being is a galactic beacon
broadcasting simultaneous rivers of soul lessons.
In Essence,
the gifts of teaching flow endlessly from You to you.
Have you ever heard
the You-bird calling ?

(SW #63)


Alpha, Omega & You.
A magical Trinity.
Two as Three in One.
Alpha & Omega are the perennial Lovers.
You are the archetype of Love prompting them to unite.
At first, you find yourself at the bottom of a seemingly huge pyramid,
Alpha, the first letter spelled by the evolutionry Book of Life.
The seductive serpent of duality uncoils,
shaking the ground beneath your feet.
You cycle through many incarnational scripts.
At the endpoint of Omega, fully awakened,
you meet and welcome your cosmic partner:
the first you is the last you.
The Twin Lovers are holding hands in unison.
As the crown flowers, a golden field is your throne.
Now your arms are open in a full embrace.
You stand high & large,
a star-filled cathedral
overlooking and encompassing the tiny human pyramid.
The Beginning and the End are the mystical Completion within You.

(SW #64)


On the background of the Void,
a primordial seed is turning into a new pristine universe.
Creative manifestation of the Word-Logos,
showing up as the face of the Ancient of Days.
The cell-mantra differentiates into harmonic resonant waves
and grows the fractal gardens of organic life.
The one family link is Sentient Consciousness.
Wherever you look, you meet yourself.
However far you move, you are still home.
In the diagonals, the symbolic landing of the Holy Pyramid.
In orbit, the sacred garland of 4 times 21 plus 4 = 88 Names.
Sunwise & Moonwise, the churning of the Cosmic Womb.
Within each Breath,

(SW #65)


Three spheres & stages of spirit Manifestation:
from the pyramidal light scripts encoding the soul's journey
to the sacred crown gateway birthing the spirit vessel.
Four corner spirals symbolize the continuous vortexing
of Light, Energy & Form.
In outer orbit, pilgrims proceed headlong through the incarnational round:
diving in & ascending again, they display, on their sacred hara-shields,
the dance of inter-penetrating shiva-shakti triangles.
In the east-west wings, three orbits show the pulses of the cosmic design:
geometric primaries, double spirals and emergence of multiple tribes.
Within all forms, the bindu-dot of consciousness is ever secretly present.
Within all beings,
the divine eyes are ever longingly shining.
Beyond all appearances,
the universal spheres merge again into Source.


(SW # 66)


Looking into the eye of a dragon
reveals many amazing worlds.
No blind spot or complacent exception.
Direct access to You as reality.
The vesicas are the multiple petals of human life
perceived from this dragon perspective.
Who is the dragon?
It is the power of raw life
vortexing through the necklace pearls of creation.
The dragon will keep doing its job: terrorizing you,
until you dare to dive into the pupil of your very own eye.
Riding your own dragon
is indomitable consciousness.
Fearlesness is entering ever larger wholes.


(SW #67)


A brain yoga labyrinth template.
As a meditation, just let your brain quietly rest & relax.
As a yoga practice, imagine being at the center of your head:
you now move your attention in a circular motion,
first clockwise, then counter-clockwise.
You can also expand the circles outside your body
or spiral them closer to the center of your head.
Explore various rhythms and circuits for this brain jogging.
Your aim is to find a heavenly, evenly balanced dance.
Clearing the fog, the sun dawns.
Top-knot convergence.
Welcome to the Circum-Ambulation of your brain temple.

(SW #68)


A Tora Wheel with encryption access panel.
Rota Orat Taro Ator:
twelve hexadic seals to spin the tetra-star.
Stella Octangula: primary merkaba.
The tetrahedron is the simplest volume of the universe;
twined, it forms the 3D star-tetrahedron
whose 2D projection is the Star of David or hexa-star.
The full human shape is inscribed in the tetra-sphere
and mirrors the structure of the universe:
Cosmic Eve Wedding Cosmic Adam.
All meetings have a secret meaning.
The banquet can only begin when all the guests have arrived.

(SW #69)


The Pentagram is the traditional symbol of human beings
embodying their spiritual destiny.
Five is the nuptial ratio creating perfect relationships.
Emerging from the harsh right-angled experience of the 3D cube
and the bodily focus on the sex emotional center,
the Cosmic Renaissance Human rounds up into the original sphere
centered on the PHI ratio navel power center.
Awareness of the human body-mind golden proportions
speeds up the perfect nesting of the DNA spirals.
The sacred penta dance of our body temple
  cascades in the blueprint of humanity's larger consciousness.
The PHI Proportion is the universal constant
for our Golden Fractal Cosmos.

(SW #70)


The symbolic template of a cell,
Sacred Site of Life.
The twenty-faced icosahedron shell
implodes on itself and forms a vortex band
for the twenty amino-acids to play building blocks.
Left & right, an archetypal couple:
these upright guardians are the DNA base types:
single-ring “he” pyramidines and double-ring “she” purines.
Flagging their magical tools upon the blue & red heraldic boats,
the nucleotides temple dancers are preparing their entry:
base pairing, they mate
and launch the incarnation journey of the DNA helix.
On top & bottom,
the green chlorophyll & red hemoglobin molecules mirror each other:
the realms of creation are genetic kins.
The Galactic Spiral guides the genetic impulse
into the cellular core.
Life continues Herself.

(SW #71)


The Offering of a Sacred Prayer
over the Chalice of Life.
Circum-ambulating the cube, one navigates upon many vessels,
filling and emptying many colorful cups.
At the appointed time, one drops within unexpectedly
and embarks upon the Spirit Vortex
on a tour to the inner treasures.
The Trinity of Self
- body, mind & spirit -
dances the dodeca Grids of Light.
Fellow soul adventurers tumble their way through dimensions.
The heart of the cube is a Golden Lotus Sun
held up as the Holy Jewel.
You are Grail,
Vessel of Light.

20:12 KIN
(SW #72)


Offering up a Global Flower of Celebration
whose fragrance rejoices the Universe.
The luminous Hosts of Heaven and the human guests of Earth
are communing at the Round Table.
Within the House of Many Mansions,
we are invited to a long prophesized house-warming party:
the Galactic Family welcomes its new members.
The human species is ascending into a collective focus
of Peace and Respect for Life.
The higher-dimensional frequencies are being precisely attuned,
like musical chords before the concert.
Our dear mother planet Gaia-Earth
is now seen, perceived & revered
within a much larger web of reality,
a kin community of consciousness.
Blessing the event from the four sky corners,
the Gateway Constellations bring in the four basic elements.
The Quintessence is Loving Light.
Tears of Joy upstream the Milky Way.

(SW #73)


All traditional wisdoms affirm it:
Life and Consciousness are sourced
within a Triad of primordial energies.
The Triple Spiral is the playground of creation,
prior to any manifestation of numbered forms:
Self, Other and Source.
When the Sacred Wheel turns,
Triskel 3 blesses the wedding between She and He.
The Original Name echoes back to Itself,
an infinitely coherent cascade of harmonics.
Each face of the Tri-Unity is uniquely wild, yet unconditionally loving.
Trinity is the continued Return to Oneness,
after the experience of duality.
A new Child emerges from the Egg of Creation.

(SW #74)


A Temple without walls,
wide open to the Sky of Self.
All around, the ogival Rose Windows
are tuned to harmonic hues
and pour higher chromatic light
upon the earthly congregation.
The Consecration is offered over three successive altars:
rectangle, square and circle.
At the transept, the Holy Labyrinth teaches the Spiral Dance.
Stripped of all familiar beliefs,
a white-robed applicant crosses the threshold of initiation.
Pilgrims enter as bodies and leave as cocoons of Light.
The tri-une Cosmic Lotus calls upon the Earth-Sky flowers.
Devotion to Self,
Cathedral of Light.

(SW #75)


Tetraktys 10 is the fourth triangular number.
Pure harmonics upon the musical scale.
The monochord flowers: One, Two, Three, Four.
The wind blowing, ride the sound.
The sail is swollen by your own breath.
Enter the grids of dawn, with awe, for a maiden flight.
On cue, the sky opens up to reveal akashic destiny:
filigree arabesques weave a pillow for your soul.
Harmony is your own name.
The music of the spheres moves upon the lake of life.
You choreograph the trajectories of your inner stars:
each step is a song,
every thought a symphony.

(SW #76)


Merry Meet
with your magical faery crown:
the Penta-Mandala,
a perfect Quint-Essence weaving of Golden Ratio pentagrams.
The 5-pointed star represents the completed human:
feet, arms and head centered around the pentalpha flower of the heart.
Traditionally, pentagonal symmetry is shown
in the transversal cut of the apple,
the mythical golden fruit of revelation, knowledge & immortality.
The Pentad is the principle of cosmic genesis
manifested in the phi-ratio DNA vortex-helix.
Pentagrams are forever nesting as self-similar images:
they perpetuate their own nature in endless fractal harmonics.
The Golden Geometries engage us into Infinity,
the permanence of Spirit through continual change.
Over 60 earth nations currently flag
the ceremonial power of the pentacle star.
Bright Blessings
to the Star-Gate crown within every being!

(SW #77)


Atla and Rama. The roots of this age.
Harmonizing the ancient conflict: a higher spiral blossoms.
Circling the square, sphering the cube.
A larger view brings full understanding:
the two sons come to Embrace as One.
Quantum vedic technology: learning from cosmic nature.
Atalanta rising. Brahma landing.
We hold a global field of loving compassion
and safe-guard all gardens of life.
A galactic third party is watching the earth ship:
the destructive children are given innocuous toys.
This is us teaching ourselves.

(SW #78)


A propitious shrine
to the Thrice-Blessed Buddha within.
99 avatars practice the Sacred Art of Being.
They receive and radiate the primary Light Matrix,
weaving Left, Right, Above and Below into Center.
En-compassing reality.
The Golden Beam
is anchored into the Buddha’s heart
and curves around to lovingly hug an entire universe.
The Center is everywhere, the Periphery nowhere.
Two polar rays of manifestation
issue forth from the Buddha’s hands
and bring the Creative Spirit into the myriad worlds.
The Golden Ratio is a 3-terms Relationship:
You, the Other, the Whole.

(SW #79)


Looking down at the Kunda Root Wheel,
the playful mating ground of Mother Earth and Cosmic Sky.
The six directions set the Sacred Stage
for the undulating dance of landing and ascending.
Matching their steps in perfect Alternation,
Shiva & Shakti become the Sun & the Moon.
Weaving their light,
the fields spin and counter-rotate.
As fine as the fiber of the lotus blossom,
the Jewel-maiden Kundalini coils around 3 times
and then shoots up in a fiery spiral.
Searing Star,
she opens up all the Chakra-doors.
The Crystal Lingam
is always Home.

(SW #80)


A ray of pure light cuts to center core.
The egg-module is poised,
available for direct exit out of the merry-go-wheel.
Are you ready?
Will you climb on the bridge and stand up shouting:
I am now beaming myself up?
In balance, earthy water meets airy fire.
Moonwise, windows on a soul’s lessons:
playing and juggling with mirrors & seals of consciousness.
At the point of overlap, there is always a choice:
returning to the familiar circle or dancing upon the next spiral.
Power of Desire.

(SW #81)


Spinning a cross can be exhilarating.
 Keep on the whirling hoop path
by moving along your center of gravity.
Adjusting directional pyramids opens up doorways.
The keys to enter are cascading scale ratios.
Humans are small players facing the gates of heaven:
wise serenity follows hasty young arrogance.
Temples do fly when polygons re-enter their cyclic origin.
In inner now, tables of instructions are awaiting discovery.
Knights & Princesses, make Patience a ladder:
the King & the Queen in you are your spirit lineage.
Timely inheritance.

(SW #82)


  Welcoming the shift after completion of any cycle.
Seven, the opportunity number:
perfecting the harmonical components of a whole.
The sacred union of sun & moon for kundalini ascension
and the blossom-birth of a lotus being.
Reverence to the wise virgin born from Source.
Any event is more than a step by step linear unfolding:
it is simultaneous weaving of a nest of resonance.
Do allow the synchronicites to call & respond.
Hepta-star: growth beyond any expectation.
Without beginning there is no ending.
Spontaneity Now!

(SW #83)


The emerging Lotus of Creation, between two Cosmic Breaths.
The seven petals represent the 7-limbed Shiva-Sheeva
in its Divine Dancer mode:
the poised head,
the four arms of creation, preservation, destruction & awakening,
and the two feet of incarnation & ascension.
The symmetry of the mandala suggests Total Tranquillity,
while the interplay of the colors points to Total Activity:
the two seeming opposites are one:
  the Inner Source, Heart of Shiva.
Sitting on the paired Thrones of the World,
the King of Yang is the master of the male, fierce & violent dance,
while the Blue Queen
blesses the gentle lyrics of Tenderness and Love.
The whole of Universal Creation is only a flower,
though vast to the human scale:
in time, it will be quenched by the Ocean of the Void.
To contain & enact all aspects of life
is realizing the divine fusion of opposites.

(SW #84)


In Vedic cosmology,
the Bindu is the Seed and Spark of creation,
holy drop and quantum source-point
within the Cosmic Yoni-womb.
Measureless unit, the Bindu comprises an infinite space,
enrobing and disrobing forms with geometric garments.
We are Bindu,
the body-less un-bounded Divine
touring the Universe and seeding Beingness.
The Axial Beam
is the pervading presence of pure consciousness
writing the scenario of Loving Compassion & Awakening.
We are the Sacred Dot,
witnessing all action and all non-action.
Seeing the Self in all Beings
and all Beings in the Self.
Wholeness is unity from inside out.

(SW #85)


The StarWheel of Fortune maps out the natural cycles of life & energy
honored and celebrated by all sacred traditions.
Stars & galaxies, planets & moons,
kingdoms & queendoms of nature, people & molecules...
all players in this Dance of Life
are in resonance within a global Matrix
of harmonic Co-Respondences.
The Sacred Medicine Wheel turns, inexorably:
one can try to resist it
or one can gracefully flow with it.
Morning East, house of the rising sun & Spring equinox,
is the time of sprouting growth celebrated at Easter.
Midday South, place of the full sun & moon,
marks the brightest day of Summer solstice
and the flowering motherhood.
Sunset West celebrates the Harvest moon ocean of the croning equinox.
And, in Winter, the Earth buries the energies
and nurtures all seeds in the depth of the longest night.
Wisdom is knowing
how to be in the perfect place at the perfect time.


(SW #86)


This is the Four-Square mandala
of the Earth crossing the galactic hub.
In sacred cultures, the Universe is seen as spun by the Holy Mother
around two musical threads stretched to the cardinal directions.
They cross-resonate at the Center to sound forth the Primordial Tone
and form the four mythical Pillars & Altars of Creation:
elements, ages, seasons, solstices & equinoxes...
and the four main types of spiral galaxies.
Upon this crucial canvas,
the appointed guardians birth the entire Tapestry of Life.
However, the Cross of Matter is nothing
without the magic fingers spinning it,
without the Circle of Spirit to revolve it:
this is represented here by the two Primordial Spirals in the background:
the star-filled spiral of Visible Manifestation
and the void-filled vortex of Invisible Return.
This Grand Cross in the Heaven
marking galactic and soul alignment
is the Appointment Sign to stand at the very Hub
of the universal Medicine Wheel of Life.

(SW #87)


The Merkaba of Awareness is open 24 hours a day:
the half-cycle of twelve cosmic hours
mirrors itself into twenty four and brings completion.
This Merkaba or vehicle of ascension is the one-pointed consciousness
encompassing the Whole
and yet delightfully dancing each step.
At the periphery, a new wave of beings wrapped up in their cocoons:
they experience metamorphosis while building their wings.
Twelve of them, in the real departure case of the Game,
succeeded in shattering their shells and, holding their hieratic toys,
they walk up the Ramp of Ascension:
one by one, they position themselves on the head of the Cosmic Serpent.
The lower gate of the female tetrahedron starts spinning
and propels them ever more inwards.
As the Grail-Cups pour into each other
the two currents of the River of Life,
the Merkaba pierces the Inner Eye.
The two spheres of Infinity merge again and we realize:
Nothing ever happened.

(SW #88)


Portrait of a galactic family:
humans, angel presences and stellar beings.
A hierarchy of cosmic Intelligence.
Purush is the universal body of creation.
Adam was just admitted to kindergarden.
There are many grades to re-discover
and many life books to re-open.
At galactic core, penta-wheels exchange precise light codes.
Lining up, students wait for their incarnational turn.
Earth squares herself on the radius of the moon.
Emerging from the earth-moon classroom,
the souls of hu-man & hu-woman stretch
and enter the zodiacal round.

(SW #89)


The Trisula is the symbolic trident,
the triple channel
reminding us of the trinities in life and energies.
Three flames on the life altar.
One Face.
A spirit-size yoga posture with arms open to the sky.
It is also the Sacred Ladder,
an incandescent Sephiroth Tree,
  and heavenly merkaba leading to many celestial cities.
Each sphere generates the other through the Vesica heart.
The Yi-Ching hexagrams offer many changes,
all leading to Center.
All passing circumstances are kept in life’s corners.
Nothing upon my left hand,
Nothing upon my right hand,
Nothing in center.


(SW #90)


The Room of Ra is the King's Chamber.
You are the King - and the Queen -,
re-united on the Sacred Throne,
at the center of the universe.
From your Eye of Ra, this is your spherical view
on the prolific Gardens you illuminate.
As the Sun-Source Aton-Ra,
your only purpose is to give out freely
the clear true Light that sustains Life.
At South, the now-friendly mask of Apophis,
the vibratory serpent guardian of the Kundalini.
At North, the symbolic Sekhmet,
the cat & lion Goddess,
daughter of the Sun God Ra
and mistress of the Dragon-Snake.
In the realm of the Solar Gate,
in the Heart upholds the Cosmic Tree.
Rising out of the night,
you cross the Grids of Dawn,
heralding a new Self.

(SW #91)


Shower of galactic petals emitted by the Inner Universe.
Do you happen to live on one of these galaxies?
They will fade.
Consider coming back home.
With rhythmic pulses of light,
celestial choirs sing the perpetual chant of creation
and seed new universes.
Each snowflake is unique.
This moment.
Life looks at you. Can you smile back?
After all the questions, a child is born,
as an Emanation of Source.
The apex of light is gently bestowed
on the crown of the blessed.

(SW #92)


Love has come from the ocean of spirit
and calls in all directions: where are you?
I created this precious universe to display myself:
find me o delightful lover!
I placed a pearl in this dusty world
and the whole place became a jewel.
Let go of all the faces and become faceless:
 there is my home.
Wondrous lover, bury your head deep inside my heart.
Just like light jumps out of the sacred languages,
you are now the prayer of the people.
Love has come and never left,
in Majesty.


(SW #93)


Hexa-vajra: triple scepter of spirit power.
A fulgurant diamond seed sprouting from the lotus flower.
See yourself as this cymatic display:
a flash picture of your crown chakra expanding,
wave after wave of pulsed light tinglings,
gracing you with the plenitude of a higher awareness.
A shout of joy. It’s bliss juggling time.
No more mind: stay in the center of the flowering,
with full loving grateful trust.
You a happy bubble in the geyser of life.
Let us leap and see
how large is ecstasy.

(SW #94)


A magnifying technology for tapping Zero-Point Energy,
calibrated in a six-dimensional pyramid complex.
Attunement to the pulse of the universe is a great spiritual lesson.
Star-Tetrahedral physics induces trans-dimensional power.
Each star branch builds up proportional harmonic cascades
to be fused in the central energy chamber.
The geometries resonate in polarized cycles
scaled to star magnitudes.
Harmony is the essential key to soul-spirit.
Poised at the cusp between two ages,
humanity is starkly reminded:
the highest technology is consciousness-based.
At the sovereign place:
Loving Compassion.

(SW #95)


Wisdom in the four directions.
Each Buddha holds up a higher medicine:
the golden being offering a bridge to the inner temple.
True Healing is conscious access to the light body,
when you are flying out of your small self.
Like a bowl of clear mountain water,
you stand at center, receiving the vibrational imprint:
colors, geometries, chants and dances,
plus a drop of the Ocean of Beauty.
Each direction is the only direction.
In front of you, footsteps like sacred writings:
you are following your own Self.

(SW #96)


Stars in the fields, flowers in the skies.
Two wings of the Spirit Bird. Only one garden.
A cosmological map of the One engendering the One.
At bottom, within the teepee cone of power,
a pilgrim offering up human life to the light.
Many realms and celestial spheres to visit,
each one leading to a larger Universality.
If you walk over the crystal bridge between the worlds,
and bathe your soul in the golden sun ocean,
you will find the inner heavens
governing the worlds below.
The sky door opens: you are welcoming yourself.

(SW #97)


Three: the center of One.
Bountiful yoni-gate of the Cosmic Mother.
The lingam beam of light pierces the ovum of creation.
Two equilateral triangles form man & woman:
they enter the star-tetrahedron.
9, 99 and 999 names of the Mystery.
1, 11 and 111 seed mantras.
The Golden Mean is a tri-unity relationship:
the small is to the large as the large is to the whole.
Fractaling Oneself is the Golden Communion:
give to others the same Love & Beauty
that you & others are receiving from the Whole.
Mediation of the void.

(SW # 98)


A mandala rendition of Zep Tepi,
the primordial Egyptian Flowering,
a time said to embody a now lost universal knowledge.
Indeed, the closer to us, the weaker the Egyptian culture
as if seeded by a higher civilization
whose wisdom got slowly forgotten.
Ancient cosmologies witnessing a living and harmonic universe
are keys to humanity's future cosmic sciences.
In Zep Tepi, life is a holographic symbol field
converging on a golden penta-hedral grid of light
and based on a universal canon of proportion and measures.
The wings of this attuned brain are flying in unison.
All aspects of life are consciously enacted as sacred offerings.
Humans are opening up again to the infinite divine embrace,
in true Origin.

(SW #99)


A merry-go-spiral temple chamber.
66 steps before standing ready to enter
the vortex point of sacred Emergence.
16 quadragrams modulate the geomantic aspects:
double dot is double dash yin, dot is dash yang.
 Triangles and squares are energy letters.
12 are the faces of spiraling beings, 4 are the access gates:
people, solitude, way, communion.
Emerging from the vortex gate of creation,
one spiral being allows abandonment to center.
Is it you?
At white sun noon, Joy in zenith.

(SW #100)


2-D projection of an ancient flat-top pyramid temple,
the sacred mountain at the center of the world.
The open-sky upper platform is the holy cross-roads
for inner & outer higher-dimensional contacts.
Do you remember?
The cosmic mountain is the throne of conscious royalty:
humans ascend, light beings descend.  
In the diagonals, energy bodies are evolving from baby to angel.
In the 4 directions, scripts of symbolic rituals.
Entering the mountain-temple, there is the holy cave,
the Heart governing the spirit winds.
Exit from manifested cosmos
is Transcendence.

(SW #101)


The breeding place of the Sun’s light.
Seven ages of progressive Evolution.
The luminous cross of knowledge bridges all boundaries.
At center, forms & names disappear:
only the point containing all.
Pulsing your perception in and out,
you can attune to a heart-like cosmic beat.
On the journey within, corners are rounded up:
a cyclic return to center always precedes each step.
Light is loving, sweet and infinitely abundant.
You are light upon light.
Illumination & darkness, wisdom & ignorance:
one being.

(SW #102)


The World Tree of Creation.
Being where one belongs is living the cosmos.
The world tree symbolizes the holographic nature of the universe:
roots drawing nourishment from the primordial underground elements;
trunk connecting, like a safe bridge, earth & sky;
branches displaying the flowers & fruits of higher realms.
All in balanced inter-connectedness: feet, heart and head.
Phi-ratioed Communication between parts and whole.
Archetypal template, the Tree is the self-climbing soul ladder.
Two birds watch over the original seed.
Before birth, You.
After death, You.
Growing yourself as a tree,
you are one with the web of creation.

(SW #103)

New Beginning

Dawn: a moment of awe & New Beginning.
Souls are birds perched on the canopy of heaven:
they glide along sun’s rays to enter the earth experience.
32 plus 1 degrees of light initiation.
Night and day: the wedding of two suns.
Like twin flowers in a mirror: a halo of radiant grace.
Vertical & horizontal infinity: the two spheres merge.
Each thought of peace & loving harmony
goes around the universe as a radiant corona of glory:
you are instant light rising beyond your face.
Being the same love,
sharing the same breath.

(SW #104)


A rosetta stone from ancient archives
bearing witness to the bubbly language of liquid light.
Non-linear quantum reading of a 3D book:
the attention is spherical, cascading through densities of light.
Same glyphs, many simultaneous meanings,
all morphing to match-respond perception.
Interactive dance with the living cosmic library.
At center, the cup of pure offering:
focus there and you have read the book.
Omni-vision is seeing the whole in every single part.
To see truly, irradiate your inner light:
looking at nothing, one sees everything.

(SW #105)

Star Love

Among the myriad star beings,
one star shoots down and reveals her lovely presence.
Cross-section of a star beam reaching out to you.
Descending the stairs of the heavenly palace, the bride appears.
Holding hands for this inner wedding,
allow the star princess to dance in spiral patterns.
Hold her petal-arms by symmetrical groups of 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
and make full Love with each body of your star partner.
 The cartouches show delightful yoga postures to share.
Between you and your star lover, self beauty.
Entering the palace together,
you are welcoming your own light.

(SW #106)


A traditional lotus flower cymatic design.
Hold a crystal bowl of pure water at heart level
and sing the waves into vibratory patterns.
Be this Serenity.
Peace upon Peace.
The buddha figure slowly rises out of the sacred bowl.
You are rising out of the buddha.
Who is rising out of you?
Bands of light are scanning your being,
as you unfold your wings for soul flight.
Bodies are musical choreographies of harmonic waves.
Welcome to the perpetual choir of being.
Going to heaven you hold the earth.


(SW #107)


A glimpse of imploding into the vast Void,
as familiar realities collapse and boundaries dissolve.
You have no form o luminous lover:
this is why you come in all forms.
Steles embossed with colorful symbols
display the rich sagas of identities, roles and plays.
O Friend, embrace this love dance of fullness and emptiness.
We are together in stark aloneness;
we are alone in naked togetherness.
Can you see?
It is the same.
It all happens within the One we are.
What if your minimum size is infinity?

(SW # 108)


Here are the fundamental musical scale harmonics
re-folded unto themselves to form a symmetrical egg sine wave pattern.
The Harmonic Series is a natural vibrational physics phenomenon,
expressing the intervals of a body's Natural Resonance.
Harmonics endlessly and instantly radiate.
Overtones fill up the macrocosmic space.
Undertones fill up the microcosmic space.
This is traditionally called the Music of the Spheres.
Hearing music is listening to the Void between sounds.
Creating life is opening to the Emptiness between actions.
The Egg of Creation contains the primordial cosmo-genesis tone:
its tonal harmonic family bridges the worlds.
You are not just a passive dweller in the universe:
you also hold it in your arms,
as the Monochord of the World.
O Friend,
play this Source Music,
sing with it
and dance it ecstatically.