Earth Paradise Solutions

A Mandala Garden of Eco-Peace & Spirit Flowers

The Earth Paradise Garden

We present here some of the many new inspiring solutions
for co-creating a world of Peace, Cooperation & Beauty.

Mother Earth

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Retreat Center project "Purna Vida":


Global Artists!!! World Paradise Mandala Contest!
Create (and ask the children & kids in your life to create)

and send us
(we'll give you an email for image file + instructions)
your most inspiring mandalas

on the theme:
The Earth Paradise Garden

We will publish them here!


An Abundance of Global & Local Solutions 

Here are offered introductions and links to some of the most globally realistic,
efficient, creative, inventive, life-respecting and spirit-honoring SOLUTIONS
that alrerady exist to turn this beloved Earth into an Earth Paradise!  ....
and many more fabulous solutions to come
and delight into...

Please send us suggestions & links
to add to the many solutions & great tools we already have
and prompt all of us to act & implement these new ways of global spirit happiness.

Call for the Earth Mandala
The Golden Relationship - A Manifesto for our Times

Doing the Dream: the Bright Future of Communities

Gathering the Women - A Grass Roots movement for World Cooperation
The 13-Moon Calendar - A global movement to adopt a New Time
Raw Spirit Festival


Forum on Global Issues

We present here an anthology of articles, book reviews, informations ,
links and pointers
pertaining to current global issues facing all of us
as One Humankind upon beloved planet Earth.

The Story of Cochabamba - Reclaiming water as a basic human right

Corporate Personhood - Revocating the abusive rights of corporations

Rachel Corrie - March 17, 2003 - A Heroine of Global Peace
A World Children Advocate - The life mission of Gregory R. Smith