SW Collection for Sale

Co-creative sale of the entire collection
of original StarWheel paintings. 

LATEST! In order to fund the StarWheel Foundation's projects
(such as the StarDome Campus Eco-Village
and the StarWheel School of Sacred Arts),
the StarWheel Foundation has decided to offer
for sale / funding exchange
the entire collection of StarWheel paintings. 

Even though the original StarWheel Vision instructed us to keep the collection off the market place and save it for a future StarWheel Museum or StarDome Campus, we are now open to creative solutions whereby a largely endowed and visionary corporation or private party would creatively purchase the existing StarWheel Collection (108 pieces).
The purchase/exchange price will be on par with the future market value of the collection, once the StarWheels become known and applied as a world-wide technology of consciousness expansion.

A variety of options will be considered: the entire collection or only part of it; the original pieces or 1-to-1 museum quality prints on canvas; time-frames for exclusivity agreements; agreement to publicly display the collection and/or to give the images a large public impact...

A new type of business agreement

We are looking to establish a unique type of transaction with a highly conscious partner wanting to step way outside the usual parameters of business. We are approaching this vision as an exemplary exercise of the newly blossoming spiritual ethics of global business whereby:

  • the motivation is no longer greed but rather service, education and inspiration.
  • the understanding is that business can no longer be made at the expense of the customers or Mother Nature but can only be successfully sustainable if it helps the customers to expand their awareness and overall happiness and helps re-green the planet. Business AGAINST others (be they clients or competitors) is obsolete. Business WITH is in. That means intelligent co-operation.
  • the goal that business corporations are becoming way-showers, role-models that pioneer new evolutionary pathways in the name of all humanity.
  • the timeline is no longer the next quarter of the corporate report year but the next generations.
  • the target market is no longer a privileged segment of the population but the whole of humanity as a global family.
  • the vision of the corporation extends beyond individual products/services into universal products/services that directly support the expansion of the collective consciousness and embody the holographic quantum laws of the universe.
  • the corporation is an enlightened entity who understands that the highest business priority is to identify and RD the most efficient and most needed ways for humanity to achieve a spiraling golden evolution into its next highest consciousness levels.
  • the corporation engages itself in networks of empowering relationships with other conscious corporate entities, agencies, groups, individuals... who, together, form an exponential wave of planetary management based on a new global agreement of Celebration of Life.

This is the context of the business discussions we would like to engage with parties seeing the potential and understanding the educative value of the Starwheel Collection, in terms of a self-coherent system of vibrational templates wave-guiding the planetary evolution. A system unique in the galaxy!

The business agreement we seek is much more than the purchase of a product line based on an existing market value. We are looking for business partners who personally have had the spiritual experience of accessing or realizing the higher dimensional evolutionary templates examplified in the StarWheels.

As such, the StarWheels are beyond market value and are price-less. They are a new kind of money. They constitute a treasure trove of multi-layered data & insights into technologies of resonant frequency fields & life-styles of vibrational awareness. The Collection is akin to a new land replete with yet undiscovered raw materials.


We are offering here a partnership in exploring/manifesting
the possibilites imbedded in the StarWheel Collection. 

The StarWheel Foundation needs real estate,
as well as financial & technical resources
to implement and develop the educational projects
we are carrying in our Spirit Vision.
The world's collective consciousness needs a potent influx
of large scale mandala vortexing
to reformat itself and break into its next higher
cosmic quantum jump.

Let's play!

Please contact Aya
and team for questions.