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Welcome Friends of Cosmic Harmony!

The Sedona School of Sacred Geometry is now online:

We offer online & download access to the 16 PowerPoint modules
of the Introductory & Intermediate Levels,
as well as
LIVE Seminars in Sedona, Arizona.

The Sedona School of Sacred Geometry is a global
educational project of the StarWheel Foundation,

a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, established in 1991.

The Sedona School of Sacred Geometry was founded in 2005 by artist Aya, creator of the StarWheels Mandalas. Aya felt it was time for him to share with the world his main contributions to the emergence of a New Paradigm of expanded consciousness on planet Earth:
- A life-long experience of intuitive & visionary art creativity in the areas of Mandalas, Universal Symbols, Geometric  Patterns, Iconics, Color Activation, Visual Music, Maps of Consciousness and Wisdom Traditions. This has resulted in the StarWheel Collection of 108 neo-mandalas and the corresponding 108 Picto-Koans & Sutras.
- An extensive academic background as a scholar trained to synthesize inter-disciplinary information and research. This is a useful skill at a time when boundaries between disciplines are disappearing and when wisdom of the whole supersedes  specialized knowledge of the part. A great hunger for a more unified understanding of the cosmos (both outer and inner) is arising and this is reflected by the mounting interest in Sacred Geometry as a foundational knowledge and a perennial wisdom.
- A personal life journey of spirit pilgrimage, yogic life-style and meditation, searching Self and exploring the world wisdom traditions with the intent of Walking in Beauty, embodying the Loving-Kindness and the pure Light of Spirit, and co-creating a new global Paradise-on-Earth.


 The Sedona School of Sacred Geometry website:

In the website, you will find the Vision Statement of the School, an Introduction to Sacred Geometry and the New Paradigm, and the current online School Programs: access to single PowerPoint modules Intro & Intermediate Levels (16 modules), the Intro Package, and the Certification Package. Print-outs of the SG modules are also available in book form.

The site offers study material organized in a
3-level curriculum leading to Certification by the School of Sacred Geometry. In the future, a Teacher's program will also be offered. The entire curriculum consists of twenty four PowerPoint modules, plus study & practice material for Certification students.

  • Level 1. Introductory Sacred Geometry: SG 101  through SG 108
  • Level 2. Intermediate Sacred Geometry: SG 201 through SG 208
  • Level 3. Advanced Sacred Geometry. SG 301 through SG 308


The site opened in March 2010 with the first 8 PowerPoint modules
of the Introductory Level (over 1,000 slides and 2,000 images).
The next 8 modules of the Intermediate Level (SG201 through SG208)
are now also accessible (over 1,100 slides and 3,200 images).
The rest of the curriculum will be made available in harmonic timing.

Home Study material

Students signing up for the Intro or Certification package receive access to the 8 PowerPoint modules (SG101 - SG108): they can view each module online (through ispring) or download the Powerpoint files on their computer and view them later at their convenience (need Microsoft Office).

Note that the now classic Manual of Sacred Geometry (500 pages) is still available as well as the classic DVD.


The 24 Online PowerPoint-based Education Modules

 Sacred Geometry Introductory Level: 8 Modules

  • SG 101    Intro I         Sacred Geometry: Universal Order & Beauty
  • SG 102    Intro II        History & Traditions of Sacred Geometry
  • SG 103    Intro III       Sacred Geometry: A Grand Tour
  • SG 104    Intro IV       PHI, the Golden Ratio & The Fibonacci Series
  • SG 105    Intro V        The Golden Rectangle & Golden Spiral
  • SG 106    Intro VI       Pentagons, Pentagrams & the Penta-Modules
  • SG 107    Intro VII      The Five Platonic & 13 Archimedean Solids
  • SG 108    Intro VIII     The Vesica Piscis: Cosmic Womb of Manifestation

Sacred Geometry Intermediate Level: 8 modules

  • SG 201    Interm I        The Monochord, Music & Cymatics
  • SG 202    Interm II       The Power of Archetypal Numbers
  • SG 203    Interm III      Sacred Geometry Resurgence in Science.
                                         (Two parts: SG203A & SG203B)
  • SG 204    Interm IV      PHI in the Human Body, Biology & DNA
  • SG 205    Interm V       Sacred Geometry in Nature: Plants, MInerals & Animals
    (Two parts: SG205A & SG205B)
  • SG 207    Interm VII     Sacred Geometry in Architecture, Sacred Sites & Green Design

Sacred Geometry Advanced Level: 8 modules

  • SG 301    Adv I         Golden Cosmos: Planets, Stars & Cosmology
  • SG 302    Adv II        Sacred Geometry in Art, Culture & Creativity
  • SG 303    Adv III       Universal Symbols: Geometric Knowledge
  • SG 304    Adv IV       Labyrinths: A Mini-Pilgrimage to Self
  • SG 305    Adv V        Mandalas & Yantras
  • SG 306    Adv VI       Languages & Gematrias: Sacred Communication
  • SG 307    Adv VI       Sacred Geometry in the Healing Arts
  • SG 308    Adv VIII     Science of Harmonics & Consciousness of Harmony

Upon completion of the 24 modules (Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced) offered online, a Certificate of Graduation will be offered by the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry. Partial Certification is available for each cycle, starting with the current Intro Cycle.

Postgraduate seminars on current Sacred Geometry research,
discoveries & updates will be organized upon demand.

LIVE Sacred Geometry Seminars are currently offered in Sedona, AZ
The 7-8 Weeks Sacred Geometry Seminar is scheduled once or twice a year.

Click here for the 7 weeks Seminar in Sedona

Personal or group Coaching / Instruction / Advising can also be scheduled.

IF you are interested in pursuing a Class / Certification / Apprenticeship
with the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry

 Contact us here