Sacred Arts in 21st

Art in the 21st Century



The whole contemporary scene of "art business/galleries" and "artistic culture/education" is due for a tremendous shake-up. It is my purpose, along with other visionary and spirited artists / scientists, to help induce the birth of new levels of art-entertainment able to express, guide and manifest the SACREDNESS of LIFE. Sacred entrainment: jump on the new blazing bandwagon!


By "sacredness", I mean the deeply moving feeling that all daily "human" circumstances are intimately linked to and embedded into an "invisible" matrix of higher-dimensional energies breathing life into them. To regain a sacred status, art, science and daily life have to become again rainbow bridges to the spirit realms, have to be enticing & innovative playgrounds calling everyone to explore the frontiers of creativity and consciousness beckoning from our pristine inner self.


Art is a Spiritual Path

As a visual artist, it is clear to me that I am to refrain from using my canvas as a landfill to dump my ego-based fantasies or confusions. Nor am I to disguise as "art" a clever attempt to ride on some media-created fad. Rather, I feel the essential responsibility and soul-seated call to turn my canvas into a live pulsing temple, with a twin sacred flow:
  • Provide an ascension pad for sharing and launching sacred inspiration. If my artwork does not in-spire others to BE their very best and to attune themselves to their very own inner source and ultimately to the Source of All, then I am not ready yet to show my work in public but I still need to work on myself.
  • Provide a landing pad for higher-dimensional presences / beings / nodes of awareness / frequency signatures to match this human vibrational reality and bring in gifts of knowledge, wisdom or love-beauty.

In the course of artistic creativity, a catharsis process occurs periodically: that is the use of some art medium as a way to shed an old skin and to clear up some energy blocks preventing further growth. This is less than sacred art: only preparatory exercises to facilitate direct access to the next level of inspired creativity. As it is now, a lot of modern / contemporary art is publicized and marketed at this preparatory stage. And many artists, deluded and encouraged by the current models of "art & culture", are attempting to cash on the products of their personal clarification process by calling upon a misdirected art market to validate and buy their "masterpieces".

In the last two centuries, sacredness has been mostly stamped out of art by a western culture intent on reducing all life to controllable & exploitable boxes. And, because of the far-reaching mind-programming power of contemporary visual arts and advertising, the message of the dominant art culture is still overwhelmingly stating:  fit into the mold of remaining small and unawakened to your in-born spirit infinity. Just play with the shimmering facets of your body-based ego. Artists and art schools are great unconscious supporters of the overall uni-dimensional status quo: they are turning art into catalogued objects / commodities while soul creativity soon becomes an academic specialty cleverly discussed by uncreative experts.



Update: this old tide is now starting to change. Sacred values such as the activation of higher emotions, the feelings of spirit "awe" or child-like wonder, the experience of inner joy and bliss, inner journeys to other realms, the encounter of higher-frequency beings, the fulfillment of offering compassionate service to others, the peak-experience of universal communion... are newcomers on the 21st century global scene and are starting to be recognized in art, therapy, education, well-being and life-styles. These aspects of the emerging new paradigm are increasingly accepted and in the process of becoming highly sought-after expressions of living life on Earth. 

As the evolutionary cycle is completing its loop, western art is now rising to its challenge: to regain its nobility of being a spiritual path. In the historical context of two eras colliding / two paradigms bypassing each other, the choices are now clear for any artist pursuing the integrity of their life: am I to be a sacred artist following the path of my inner spirit creating art imbued with unique awakening power or am I to follow the path of ego gratification and crank out fashionable but soon forgotten pieces?



Let us posit a sure criterion of Sacred Art:
does this art/music/dance/ceremony puts you in touch
with the ecstatic joy within your spirit-soul,
to the point that you forget everything else
and get up to dance and sing?


Artists are Global Shamans / Shawomens


My personal experience has led me to know that the co-creation of the frequency fields involved in colors, sounds, shapes and motions in space is a highly powerful (and sacred) business that brings along the need for personal integrity and spiritual responsibility.

In the past (as well as in some contemporary un-westernized cultures), art was reserved to some shaman-priests/priestesses, i. e. those in charge of bridging between the visible worlds and the invisible domains: would-be artists were to apprentice under a master until they had become masters of themselves and therefore of their art. Until recently, art was a specialized path of initiation and the creation of art objects was an essential part of a spiritual training about the "magical power" of shapes / sounds / colors / dances... and their combinations into rituals & ceremonies. Tibetan art is a beautiful example of an art consciously kept "sacred".

History has accelerated in the last two centuries and even more obviously in the last two decades. Because technology has been providing better and cheaper access to the production / consumption of audio-visual frequencies, we have been deluged with perceptual data that add up to an overall pollution. This sensory overload eats up the sacred silence of non-perception and no-mind which, in my spirit experience, is the fountain of creativity and the source of well-being.

But just as the pollution of the eco-environment is triggering a collective awakening, the meaninglessness and triviality of many contemporary art products is also triggering an exploration into the sacred meaning of colors / shapes / sounds / motions... as a higher evolutionary language speaking in words of "frequency holograms" and using the grammar of inner-dimensional consciousness.
Sacred art (visuals, music, dances, ceremonies...) is like the petals
of a multi-dimensional flower reaching into the earthly human realm.
Sacred artists are the gardeners of these flowers.
We all are the Garden.

Through Sacred Art, humanity is re-mandalized

Mandalas, as circular designs, are a powerful way to guide perception back to consciousness. Who is perceiving?

Mandalas carry, within their very own structure, the summary of cosmic evolution: the round trip journey from the center to the periphery and back. The circles and spirals used in the two dimensions of mandala-art are projections of the spheres and vortices observed in the 3-D processes of nature and life. And, in turn, the sphere and the vortex are projections of a higher-dimensional dynamics. Thus mandala designs, although flat and frozen on a 2-D plane, retain a direct line with the core energies of the Universe. They are "sacred".

In the process of doing my artistic homework assignment, i. e. unfolding the series of StarWheel neo-mandala paintings, I came to realize that it is not a mere coincidence if mandalas, as cultural prototypes, are re-emerging at this time to be woven again into earth history and etched anew unto human evolution. This is part of the reactivation of a cosmic language / creation code more fundamental than DNA itself. The "western brain" of humankind is being re-centered and re-patterned in order to wake up to the sacred Beauty & Oneness of Life. Humans are re-mandalized. Sensory experience is re-mapped unto the hyper-mandala of the galactic spin.

Art is Celebration of Life

Artists - not only in the visual arts but also in music, theater, poetry, dance and the multi-media - are coming to a point where the only way out of self-compromise and boring stagnation is to engage wholeheartedly in a journey of personal transformation.

Artists are called to turn themselves and their own life journey into their primary piece of art and thus to inspire others to do so as well. As a visual artist, my on-going and essential canvas is my life and my relationship to others, to the universe and the Source of it All. Success, as a mandala artist, is to turn my very life into an open and pulsing mandala flower, exchanging fragrances with other flowers blossoming upon this earth garden.


All artists, like all human beings, are ultimately perfecting the art of Being. All art forms and their various degrees of beauty and awakening power are stepping stones to qualify for and display the simple peace of cosmic beingness.

As a pre-requisite, artists have to be humble and to just let go. Let go of playing the role of "artists". Let go of being at effect (i. e. acting and reacting) within the patterns and games of the old worldview. Let go of the arrogance of feeling separate and superior. Let go of the anxiety of competing against others and surviving at their expense. Let go of all the brainwashing of being a discarded & dark fragment of light cut off from the infinite sun radiance.

Instead, artists have to practice trusting their inner vision and guidance.
Practice being of service to others.
Practice learning how to empty their vessel.
Display unconditional compassion.
Practice joyfully playing with the whole of creation.
Be Happiness.



Then artists can indeed be PIONEERS & LEADERS of EVOLUTION.
The XXIst century is the time and the Earth is the place.

All across the spectrum of what is called "Art & Entertainment",
a cosmic call is resounding:

Drop the lie and look for the Fountain of Creativity.
Then bring others to the Same Source
and, together,
dance the mandala of Being