SW Commissions

Custom SW Mandala Paintings

StarWheel Personal / Corporate Mandala Commissions
(known as "Star-Shield Mandalas")

Each Star-Shield painting is individually created by visionary artist Aya as a "spirit map" mirroring & empowering your Sacred Journey, or unifying in a sacred Mandala Logo the goals & aspirations you envision for your corporation / business / service.

In the process of designing your personal Star-Shield / Mandala Logo Aya tunes into your spirit essence & gives form to the sacred geometry matrix and color frequencies encoding your Life Pilgrimage or business. You can then use your Star-Shield as a hologram to integrate into your present awareness, healing, protection, guidance & inspiration.

Practically, if you live in Arizona or plan to visit Sedona, a meeting will be arranged to get acquainted. We may share a lively conversation or just commune in meditation. If you live outside of Arizona, please send, with your application, a hand-written letter giving your name, birthdate and a brief history of your spirit journey or of your business.  A phone conversation will then be arranged.

Smaller Star-Shield / StarWheel commissions are usually personal pieces of atunement. Larger StarWheel commissions (6' x 6') are live interactive & energizing additions to large living rooms, reception halls, healing centers, meditation temples as well as public & corporate buildings.

The Star-Shields come in three different sizes:

Mini-size (2' x 2') - $ 3,500

Medium Size (4' x 4') - $ 6,000
Large size (6' x 6') - $ 15,000

(The mini-size 2' x 2' Star-Shield can be ordered mounted
either on regular square frame or on round beveled frame.
A "Tibetan Tangka-style" option is available for a supplement.)

The full amount is due upon ordering.

Shipping is additional (full frame or canvas only).
Allow 9-18 weeks for delivery
depending on the size of commissioned work.

The Star-Shields are airbrushed on 100% acid-free cotton canvas with acrylic pigments.
During their creation, they are mounted on a square wooden frame.
Customers receive email images documenting the progress of their pieces.

Large sizes can be shipped rolled up in a mailing tube and remounted upon reception.

Give yourself or a loved one the Sacred Gift of a Star-Shield !

Please contact Aya & Team

Aya Productions
P.O. Box 3714
Sedona, AZ 86340


StarWheel Advance Subscriptions

The StarWheel Foundation & Aya Productions
are now offering the opportunity
to sponsor the StarWheel Vision with an Advance Subscription
to limited numbered originals
of an upcoming series of the StarWheel paintings.
Series X, XI & XII.

Current subscription price: Contact us.