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Playback from StarWheel Mandalas users


Email feedback 2008:

  • Namaste Aya. Thank you for the gift of these out-of-this-world Mandala/StarWheels. Looking into them I am transported within the Centre. Cannot describe in words what I feel when I look. A volcanic eruption of total bliss and more. Wish I could touch one! Love Light Laughter, and coloured blessings. [A.]

Email feedback 2000 - 2007:


  • I felt like I was on a journey... Each one of your StarWheels invoked a Presence. [E. R.]
  • I had a dream a few years ago, and in the dream there was a beautiful, brightly lit up Ferris wheel, with TV screens where the cars would be on the wheel. In the screens, was StarWheel #79!... It was definitely the same picture, and the colors rotated and melted/morphed into each other.
    Since the hub was a cylinder emitting an array of stars (this looked like the essence of creation), I eventually looked up 'starwheel' on the web, and bang! Your website! When i saw StarWheel #79, I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED. [S.]

  • We are working with people who are crossing the Veil... We are searching for tools to assist this process... Your work will ease the journey of those who are in  great pain in the soul and the body.  [T. A.]

  • After a native American Sweat Lodge last weekend in Pennsylvania, as I was meditating before I went to sleep, I saw, with my eyes opened, a huge StarWheel hovering over me. It was similar to your Stella fortuna (SW #85), only it had more maya-like glyphs and lots of figures like tiny people (like your wheel). Some levels were spinning clockwise and others counter and some were still... [J.]

  • Your mandalas are like concentrated packages of light/information from somewhere very comfortably familiar... Your images, to me, represent very high level channel, hight tech and yet there is a sensation on a basic chi level from them as well. [L.]

  • I have been abruptly awaken from dream state (without any dream recall) and I am seeing in my mind's eye a mandala that is changing colors, brightness and shape, very intense and more detailed than any mandala I have ever seen but closer to a few I have viewed on your website than any others I have seen... I am a spiritual person seeking god and I know that these visions are of a place that exists in the spirit world. [D.]

  • Your StarWheels give me a feeling a home and my heart sings when I am in contact with this energy! [T. G.]

  • I just looked at the Ra image (SW #90) on my computer for about 20 seconds, and felt heart-doors opening and my mind and body adjusting... wow! [J. M.]

  • I feel (that) what you are doing is something very important; it isn'tjust art, it is remembrance of something we are... [R. K. M.]

  • Each of these StarWheels are mandalas for healing and peace but far more than that they are awakening geometric codes in peoploe's DNA. [J.]

  • Your artwork touched every aspect of my Being. [L.]

  • I absolutely love your starwheels. They are so beautiful and they open so many dimensions of awareness in my mind... I keep seeing some kind of turning vortex. [A. C.]

  • The starWheels are blueprints of the Transpersonal Cosmic Chakras and will help activate the Light Body. [E.]

Feedback prior to 2000:

  • Aya has witnessed a powerful new creative surge that could shape the art of the future: the 'neo-mandala formula' for evolving new science/art forms. Aya has produced a new 'art technology' needed to encompass the experience of holistic consciousness... The StarWheels have restored the imbalance between the 'art experience' and the spiritual depths of perception. [J. J. H.]

  • The acute sensory devices which you have developed to understand the various frequencies have much ability to heal... the information that is brought forth in the paintings is in many ways a set of matrices for the future and it may be 20-25 years before they are understood. [C. C.]
  • It is stunning work. I am a channel. I tuned in on it and I am not easily impressed. Yet this work I have been told is as cosmic a visual tool as we have on this planet. [E. C.]

  • The day after I looked at your paintings, I had to work in the morning with this wonderful new employee. As soon as we got there, I told her about your website and that she had to find a way to get on the internet to look at them. She had a dream as she was waking up that said: 'Star will tell you something that you need to know'. She told me about this dream after I told her about the StarWheels... I thought you would want to know about the cosmic forces working to get the message out. [S.]

  • I personally believe that, contained within the holographic energy of each StarWheel, is technological, social, cultural, historical and experiential information of consciousness from other realms and civilizations, each of which has had and has an active relationship to mankind, both in form and in consciousness. [R. L.]

  • Namaskar! I am a student of design, in Bombay, India. My interests are in 3D typography and I have been planning to design a 'Meditation Wall' ... My vision was to make a chant wall that senses your presence and responds.  Meditating of the wall would evoke the god of order, the god of rhythm, proportion and so on. I cam across the StarWheels website while surfing and when i saw the mandalas done by you I was thrilled... for here I found something that was based on a traditional idea yet so original and abstract. [S.]

  • Since today I have started noticing my visions coming back hooooray... they started to come back since i began meditating on your mandalas... [B.]

  • The StarWheels look like the mandalas of the future, very intense and dimensional and elemental. I LOVE them. [T. S.]

  • Two years ago, we did a very deep meditation... At the end, we were given  colored chalk and a piece of paper with the outline of a circle on it. We were then invited to draw what we had seen during the meditation. What I drew was shokingly similar to your StarWheel #73. [J. W.]

  • As I just gaze at these mandalas something in my heart softens and opens. [A.]

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