AYA Logo


Sacred Geometry blueprint behind the AYA logo signature.

AYA is a sound of AFFIRMATION: AAAAAAA  IIIIIII  AAAAAAA... as well as a geometry of symmetry & harmony: two upward-pointing pyramids ("A") supporting and guarding the grail-cup of a downward-pointing pyramid ("Y"), with the root of the "Y" being the grounding line.

Here are some comments on the geometries:

  • AXC and DYB = two upward-pointing YANG pyramids. Stylized "A" letter.
  • HIE = downward-pointing YIN pyramid. Stylized "Y" letter.
  • All 3 smaller pyramids have a slope angle of 51.5º, making them proportional to the Gizah Great Pyramid.
  • The two isosceles triangles within the smaller pyramids are inscribed in 3 x 2 rectangles (basic Golden Rectangle).
  • AOB = larger pyramid, extended from AX and BY into apex O. Slope angle = 51.5º.
  • Circles (1), (2), (3), and (4) are in Golden  Ratio (Phi).
  • Pyramidion is 1/24th of the side length of the large pyramid.
  • If AC = 1, CG = 1/Phi (length LK traced down on AB at G, forming the golden cut). PN = 1, ON = 1/Phi    ES = 1, SO = 1/Phi
  • Radius circle (4) = height of large pyramid.
  • Circle (3) and circle (3') form a Vesica Piscis figure.
  • Square OSQN = Phi gnomon of square OERP.
  • Top level of "Offering Cup" ~ Phi section of large pyramid.

Let us re-invent NAMES that are vibrant SOUNDS in time,
harmonic GEOMETRIES & DANCES in space
and a PRESENCE of Light & Oneness beyond space-time.