Mystical Poetry by Aya

Honoring all Beings as the Beloved


In the spirit of Honoring all Beings as the Beloved
and in celebration of the Infinite Wonder of Consciousness,
we are sharing here some of Aya's mystical poetry.

The poems below are extracted from two anthologies:
The Soul Bird and Golden Love
Available in the StarWheel online store

©StarWheel Foundation

Contents: The Soul Bird

1. Beginning 12. Dancer 23. Only One
2. Bamboo 13. Complete 24. Know
3. All & Everyone 14. Full Blossom 25. Kiss
4. Joy 15. Family 26. Evidence
5. Question 16. Friend 27. Dreams
6. Music 17. Smiling 28. Cup of One
7. Catching the Sun 18. Goddess 29. Image
8. Playing 19. Mountain 30. Thank You
9. Lake of Light 20. Wake-up 31. Gaia Waha
10. Noon 21. Walk 32. Story Tree
11. No End 22. Glimpse 33. All One


1. Beginning 

I am resurrecting
Day after day
Did you know this never ends ?

In this my body teenage,
I had a dream that took me
Directly to my parents' room
With tears of frightened joy:
"Mummy, Daddy, I will never end  !"

They nursed me back
To more manageable human proportions
And told me reassuringly:
"This way, we will always love you !"

Ever since,
After each ending,
I start all over again.

2. Bamboo

Raised to the sun
Ballerine toes
Arched to the earth
I feel very close
To a bamboo soul

Flowering above
Root letting below
I empty
My wind-burnished culm
And hold tight to Quiet
In the bamboo grove 

Returning to nothing
Can we ever stop growing ?

3. All & Everyone

I am All and Everyone
And I am just Myself
I am completely present in all whirling atoms
Weaving the field for my body
To move in
I am totally present in each spinning galaxy
Tracing the road for my foot
To step on
I am entirely present in all the surfing waves
Performing the dance for my heart
To reach out
I am perfectly present in all beings
Who ever existed and will ever exist
I am every fleeting thought
In all the passing minds
On my many-colored worlds
I am deciding every move
For each grain of sand
On the windy beach
I am choosing whom
I will unexpectedly meet on the street
And which house is my house
Then I create the city
I am seeing my face reflected In all my eyes
And I am smiling my joy In all my faces
I already am what I didn't imagine yet
I am every star and every flower
And I remember the name
Of all my Children

I am All and Everyone
I am pleased

4. Joy

Lap  leaping
From world to world
From home to home

Will you take me for a ride ?
And show me how
To fill the hearts of men
And open their smiles
In a rainbow arc ?

Fill up your own heart
 She said
I still see some empty parts
Open your own smile
She replied
Stretch it over a few more miles
This is the secret
Of lap leaping
This is my secret
For you
O joyous listener

5. Question

I ask you for a womb
You even give me the baby
A seed being a soul child
This is the lineage
We are the parents

I ask you for a rose
You even give me the garden
And then the gardener
You also called the rain the seasons
The soil bountiful the rays from heaven
The circle of devas dancing
And singing:
How can a rose exist
Without the entire universe ?

I ask you for a resting cave
You give me a mansion
And then the whole dream
I bowed to the moon
I pledged to the sun
And entered the rainbow

You say:
Each one of us is all of us
How can I rest
When I see those streaming colors
Aureoling your face ?

I stop asking
You give me a question:
Who is Silence ?

You are my reply
I am the sound of your light

A world is our child

6. Music

When the music
Escapes you
Why try to catch it ?
Let it fly
Like a bird gliding
- It is time for the music
To go ringing the world
When the music
Dies in you
Why go into a panic ?
It didn't stop
It is just sleeping
In peace
- It is time for the music
To go dreaming the world
When the music
Wakes you up
And plays you like a harp
Welcome it
With gentle wonder
Invite each crystalline tone
To fill the high chamber
Of your heart
To resonate the deep canyon
Of your song
- It is time for the music
To go echoing the world
You are music
O children of the sound
Your breath is exquisite harmony
Your humming a divine choir

And I see
On the face of the earth

7. Catching The Sun

Catching the Sun
Is a very delicate
- but rewarding -

You first have to climb
A shaky old ladder
And therefore find someone
To secure it behind

Also you may need
To do some repair
As you rise along
And consequently move carefully
Slowly checking your way
Rung by rung

You then have to stop counting
Your steps
On your fingers
And trust your way
From star to star

Not even rushing to get there
On time
Not even trying
To be first

Forgetting completely
Your own very journey
And frequently loosing all your maps...

... oooops the ladder leaped
Welcome into the Sun!

8. Playing

O Great Spirit
I love when you are playing with me
Teasing me tenderly
And tickling
And tingling
Through my smartest games
Through my dearest dreams

O Great Spirit
I love playing with you
Count me in
Any time
And even if I complain
I don't really mean to quit

O Great Spirit
I trust you surrenderously
I can see your perfection
Beaming through
All playings
All toyings
And all beings

But O Great Spirit
How do you know
So exactly
The very moment
Of my weakest spot ?
You must love me a whole lot !

O Great Spirit
Thank You
For playing with me

9. Lake of Light

Today we went swimming
In the Sacred River
You know
The one rushing and gushing
To the sky

You don't really need a boat
And you can give your maps away
You only have to be
And let it drink you all
Until you roll purely clean
To the next resplendent shore

Today my fingers
Are streams of nudging fibers
And writing light codes
On the face of the Sun

My heart is an Ocean of many lakes
Filling up the crystal cup
With iridescent liquid light
Cascading for this sacred baptism

My legs are in cotton - but nevermind
I stand so firm
At peace
Because now
I know the man
And I know the woman
The sacred lovers my companions

Making love with the light
Thank you Scintillating River
Thank you Ocean of Light

10. Noon

The first bird song
In the morning
You are waking up
To sing Creation

The last ray of sunshine
Peeking through the forest
You are waving
A goodnight  kiss
From seeing eye to seeing eye

A moving hush
Across the clearing
Leaving no shadow
You are gliding peacefully
Upon life's carpet

The morning
And the evening
Meet at noon

The first you
Is the last you

11. No End

O friend
There is no end
To yourself

Yes you have done a very good job
At finding ever better hiding spots
Ever deeper exquisite fears
Yes you were a big success
At remaining small
Behind your wall

O friend listen
The impossible moment has come
You are
Deliciously free
You will never end
And you have no beginning

Life is your lover - now calling
For your embrace
O friend
Delight in life
Disappear fully in the heart of form
- It is your heart
Dive fearlessly into the womb of love
And melt within your own child
You are inside
Outside is you again

12. Dancer

O dancer
You touch the ground
So lightly
So swiftly
And yet you embrace it
So fully
So eruptively
What is your secret ?

O dancer
The ground disappears from under you
You move in emptiness

The seasons cycle through you
Like a sweeping eagle vision
You juggle with the tides
Like a full moon night

You curve the far horizon
Into your best cosmic smile
And choreograph the stars
Across the heavenly dance floor

Simultaneously you play
land & fly
Touch & go
Birth & die

O dancer
I know your secret
Dance has entered you
The dancer is gone

13. Complete

You have been here all along
At times hidden in disguise
At times peeking through the veils
And now so clearly present
So naturally home
In every dance of life
- How did I ever miss you ?

What a delightful joke
To be blind to All that Is
And to be so taken
By all that is not

With me
Of me
Within me
You are the Self
The dancer in many bodies

With you
Of you
Within you
I am the Self
The player in many forms
What a wondrous miracle
To disappear as two
And reappear as one

14. This Full Blossom

Sometimes we are alone
Sometimes we are together
We don't really decide
We don't really know why
It comes and goes
We are

We are together in stark aloneness
We are alone in naked togetherness
Can you see
It is the same
It all happens
Within the One we are

If you choose  not to choose
And prefer not to prefer
There you are always home
And there is no one else
But you in love
With love

Oh let me know what is
Beyond my denying it
And let me know what is not
Beyond my wanting it

Above all let me feel
Who is
Within us all

15. Family

What if
Your minimum size
Is infinity ?

When you drink
From the source of the universe
why thirst for a droplet
From the tiny glass of life ?

You are the tree
Why do you say
Your home is on a tiny leaf ?

O companion
Why purchase a puny birthday gift
When you live in the palace of bliss ?

You have no form
O luminous lover
This is why you come in all forms

You are infinity in me
I am your immovable journey

16. Friend

O friend
Take your heart
To the meeting of hearts

O friend
Take the time
To become
The source of time

And above all
O friend
Take your hand
Into the Hand
And walk
In delight
To the meeting place
Of the lovers

17. Smiling

My God
How do I keep a straight face
As I walk the streets ?

My head is sparkling
Cracking Into this smile
That curves around the earth
And reaches out to all humans

My arms are escaping me
Stretching out
Beyond my grasp
And extending up to hold your light

You turned my hands into a cup
A precious membrane
To receive with quivering reverence
Your subtle and so delicious
Nectar of Life

My love knows no limits any more
No likes nor dislikes
No shapes nor colors
Not even beauty any longer
But all creation
Without exception without condition

My soul is soaring high
Dancing and giggling
Wiggling close and far
Always within slight lover touch
Surfing your waves
Butterflying on your breath

My God
I don't want to keep a straight face
Any longer

18. Goddess

Our beloved daughter
Is born dancing
She knows
How to be One with All
And no-one always

Nurturing a Goddess seed
Is a sky-large pregnancy
The ancient art
Of Self-birthing

She says
I will show you
The ultimate desire
For no desire

You are
No beginning and no end
No birth and no death
Not even a wave of bliss
Or the longing
For the next wave of bliss

I will teach you
The consummate skill
Of journeying through life
Without leaving a trace
Or disturbing its waves

I am your child
I am Love within you
I am you within Love

19. Mountain

The mountain can never harm you
She is a friend
She just has another kind of face
But you will recognize her
- She is waiting for you

The mountain is watching you
Tiny dot
Climbing up the forest path
You left the valley behind
The noise and the clatter
And now you are alone
Facing the wountain

I know
Sometimes the mountain grows large
And it looks like
She is falling on you
She only means to teach you
How to be big
And perfectly peaceful
At the same time

Thank you
Mountain of joy
Thank you
Mountain of life
For showing us
How to climb
Within ourselves

20. Wake-up

When you wake up
Do not turn back to sleep
Saying: why did you disturb me ?
Your dream
Will never be the same

When you wake up
Accept to lose your dream
And all your spare dreamlets
Just jump into your new Gift
And make sure you totally lose foot

When you wake up
Don't fool yourself: It is the right time
And you have a job:
Forget your name
And rise

When you feel bliss
Rippling through your veins
Hasten: make yourself a tiny boat
And embark
On your thundering bloodstream

When you feel the Divine calling
Don't look around puzzle on your face
Or think: why did It take so long ?
Just leave your luggage
Right there
And go

You came with the calling
With the calling you return

When you wake up
Wake me up too

21. Walk

One hand in the Holy Hand
The other
In the myriad events
I walk
We walk

Stars shooting through my skin
I begin to disappear
O tell me, yes tell me:
Where do I stop
Where do you start
We are the sky

Our hearts in the Holy Heart
  Our bodies in the Holy Body
 We walk

In Beauty
We walk
In Peace

22. Glimpse

Sometimes it happens
Your universe cracks open
And before you can close it back
The Void appears

Ah well you will forget
But the void will remember
You have seen
You have been seen

So what
Just a natural unfolding
Universes are crackable by nature
But you will never be fast enough
To patch up the cracks
And erase all the glimpses

Let's face it now
The unknown
Is growing in you

How long will you resist
Making it
Your friend
Loving it
As yourself

23. Only One

You are looking everywhere
Where is my lover ?

- Is the mirror ever asking
Where is my face ?

You are running all over
Who am I ?

- Is the sun ever losing
Its own rays ?

You are

24. Know

My brother says
Avoid the void
You never know
You might fall forever

My sister says
Void the avoidance
Erase the fears
Turn the universe upside down
You never know
You might live forever

What do you say?
Shall we jump
Up and down
Or just know
And contain it All?

25. Kiss

An eyelash kiss
Across the street
A soft heart beat
Across the room

It is You
Meeting yourself
And You again
Tingling all space

Here and There
The same meeting
Then and Now
The same hugging

26. Evidence

For every butterfly
There is a flower

For every flower
There is a stem

For every stem
There is a root

 Who said you had no home ?

For every you
There is me

27. Dreams

One night
My bed rose
And went out the window
I followed
Trying to catch up

One day
My finger moved
And started to scribble
I approached
Trying to decipher

I did get my bed back
I did make my finger still
Where have they been?

28. Cup of One

The cup of One
The gardens of Many

Among the ten thousand flowers
I choose
To pluck

29. Image

Forceful face
Of the image-maker
Strenuous fate
Of the idol-builder

They go
You stay

Your house is built
With walls of beliefs
Opinions on your roof
They leak
On your borrowed furniture
Why paying the rent ?

Sweep your feet
On the doormat
And leave

When the road is curving
You might be tempted to run
But remember
You will always
On time

30. Thank You

Thank you for this life
Your life

Thank you for all the faces
You turned towards me
Thank you for hiding so well
I didn't even recognize
Your own embrace

Thank you for all the bodies
You danced with me
Thank you for showing me
I am dancing with myself

Thank you for teaching me
Every morning
Unique ways to wake up
Thank you for reminding me
Every night
To always create new friends

Thank you for making me
Take the right turns
At the wrong times
And still find you
Always present

O Source
Giver of All
Thank you for letting me
Be a little boy
With heart of shiny wonder

I am ready
For the wirlpool galaxy
Of your ecstasy

31. Gaia Waha

Polishing my heart's cup
It suddenly happens:

The Dance
And fills up the cup

No longer thirsty
I am the Fountain

The tribes of the Earth
Gather their colorful streams
And regrow the medicine rainbow-wheel

No longer enemies
They sing the dreams
And merry the rounds

The children of the Goddess
Faery jump and frolic laugh
In the soft lush meadows

No longer in school
They play over the golden dunes
Cavalcading the ocean


Will you hold hand
And walk the Beauty
Of this
Earth Mandala Garden?

32. Story Tree

Scales of ancient bark
Peel off the fallen tree
Sun-baked and rain-curled
They are the brittle fragments
Of Life's manuscript books
Bound in gold-embossed leather

Below is written
In palimpsest hieroglyphs
The story of the tree
Told by its historian worms
Their job is to squiggle
Between bark and trunk
And write long epic tales

It is the same story
For you and me
Between earth and sky
This atmospheric abode
Where life flourishes

We are the tree
We are the worm
We  are the earth
Growing amidst the star gardens

We are the Divine Being
Coloring in the Books of Life
Who is turning the pages?

33. All One

I am alone
Yet I am not
I have an on-going date
With the divine roommate
It's a sweet secret
Deep within my heart
We have a meeting place
I told her:
Won't you move in ?
Twinkling she said:
I am built in
I am your in-dweller
Won't you move in ?
I am your beloved
You carried me huddled in your heart
All those years
When you were looking half-tone
When you were feeling alone
I am the kiss the kisser
And the velvet lips of the lover
Let's enter the nuptial chamber
I am your kin friends calling upon you
And all their many friends
I am your neighbors
And all the strangers
I am the shaman the shawoman
And also your shadowman
I am your maiden teen
Your consort and your queen
I am the man woman on the road
And all the seekers
On the path
My love
How can I ever feel alone?

Contents:  Golden Love 


1. Beloved 7. Footprints 13. Mother Life
2. Beaming 8. Harmony 14. Silence
3. Blossom 9. Holy Pagodas 15. Soul Magic
4. Bounty 10. Infinity 16. Universe
5. Creation 11. Kisses 17. Will You
6. Disappearance 12. Meeting 18. Face to Face


1. Beloved

When you are battle-weary
O Beloved
And feel buried under the dust of the world
You can walk to my heart
And therein rest your tired feet
- I'll gently brush them with my hair
And anoint them with precious oils

When the birds in your soles
Can't fly anymore and stop, exhausted
Let them land on my heart
Let them feel the throbbing beat
And touch the loving pulse
- Soon they will bring back
Eager wings to your own steps

When you lean back on me
Your own very self
I will stretch to catch you
Wherever you are
- I'll wash your precious eyelids one by one
And bless them with my trembling lips

O Beloved
I cover your feet with kisses
Like a garden of roses


2. Beaming

I have seen You
Without your veils
Beyond your walls
With a beaming soul smile
And a singing softness in your voice

I know this is your majestic
And only

Will you let your lover
This entire world
See more of you
Being your full Love ?

Sacred dormant pathways
Marked by bird songlines
Are re-opened in the forest of self

Live ancestral jewelry
Long kept hidden by the grandmothers
Are revealed again
Can you see our spirit names embossed in gold ?


The light
Lands on the mountain
And shines on the next generation

All the way
Is the only way

3. Bloom

O my Lover
You are the Goddess
In this earth clad form
Modeling the mystical love of Self
The power Dance of Sky & Earth
The sacred Song of Bride & Groom
The cosmic Bond of Creator & Creature

I am the God
In this fiery clad form
Re-entering your eyes
And tuning them back
To your own Beauty

I see the queenly Goddess
In every woman you are
I see the whirling Princess
In every girl you are
I see the blessing Faery
In every child you are

I see the regal God
In every man I am
I see the charming Prince
In every boy I am
I see the merry Elf
In every infant I am

O my Lover
We are the return

Let’s leave
On the sandy shore of infinity
Holy & gracile footprints
Glistening white bliss pebbles
Hints & signals of Paradise

 We are not created
To keep or contain Love
 We are created to mirror love on each other
And amplify it exquisitely
It contains us all

4. Bounty

O Beloved

I am your precious wine
Sip me

I am the cup of your hands
Offer me up

I am your wing-like foot
Dance me
Across the starry skies

I am the sun and the moon
Within your eyes
See me
As your entire creation

O Beloved
How can we ever find
The extremities of love?

5. Creation

Because I am you
Why should I ask for a date

Because we are love
Why do we have to be lovers

The bond of awakening
Contains all the relating

We are the womb
The lovers were born from
We have been
Before love was even desired

We are
Each other's mysterious beginning
We are
Endless honeymoon

I see you singing me
In all forms
You see me dancing you
In all beings

How can I ever notice you
Until you disappear
In All ?

When all the creators
Are gone to rest
And all the creatures
Are gone to sleep
We are the One

 6. Disappearance

I used to delight
In gazing at your lovely face
And shouting your precious name to the universe
Yes I enjoyed playing hide & seek
With your charming smile

I used to look at your cherished picture
And invite you out of the frame
To dance together every moment
Of my life

O my love
You disappear as one single face
And re-appear in all faces
Of this blessed creation

O universal lover
I sometimes forget
The velvety sound of your maiden name
And hear you ushering your love
In all the names you shape thru my lips
As your kiss gifts
To this merry world

I even rejoice
In the dance
Of your disappearance
You are
My entire heart self

Did we ever meet ?
- We never parted

7. Footprints

O Be-Love One
I kiss your feet

The feet that took you thru all the well-trodden paths
And then carried you into new trails
Wildering adventures into the Unknown

The feet that graciously walk you
So you may be a pilgrim flower
Dancing upon the earth’s meadows

I kiss your footsteps
The winged ways you so lightly touch the ground
Caressing the skin of Mother Earth
And sending shivers cursing thru her veins

I kiss your footprints
The holy temples you leave behind
These sacred mandala impressions
Where your feet decisively outline the sandy soil
Embossing the seal of your presence
For all to see
May all beings who step into your footprints
Be forever blessed

I kiss the dust upon your feet
And the road gathering the dust
And the landscape where the road spirals up
And this whole planet hosting her many lands
O fair-footed one
How can I stop kissing you ?

I kiss the footprint of the raindrop
Patiently sculpting the ancient rock
The deposit of the snowflake
Layering the white virgin land
The windbreath cradling the baby leaf
And singing a lullaby to the blossoming buds

I kiss the smile shyly floating across the street
The unexpected hand stretched to help
The feeling of gratitude warming the friend’s heart
And the tingly flows of golden light
Pulsing all beings


O Be-Love One
Take a kiss from your hand
And place it on the sole of your feet
So that today
You may leave behind
An enticing trail of kisses
For all to follow
On the path of love

Walking upon your own self
You never move

8. Harmony

Your Song
O Lover Friend
Fills up the universe

All beings pause and rest
To the Presence

I am your music
You are my choir
We all sustain the worlds

Your song
O Lover Friend
Swells in my heart
Like a springtime exultation
Of juicy coursing sap

Your song
O celestial Muse
Is the heart fluffing laughter of love
It rings and cascades thru my dome sky
Fluttering my tingly wings
Playing upon my breath like a wind-harp
Shivering my dormant spine
Into a leaping deva
Stretching my skin
Into an opalescent prayer flag
And drumming hot rhythms all over my bones

Singing in silence
We touch all souls
And dance

9. Holy Pagodas

My skin cells
Are in erection
Like holy pagodas

The wind breath of spirit
Is blowing strong
Tickling and teasing my bodyscapes
Shaking my sacred grounds
And seeding
Heavenly piquancy

The inner tides ripple thru
Dissolving walls & boundaries
And somersaulting illusions

My cells are pirouetting alive
Like holy antennas
They talk back and forth
With our extended family
Across the universe

Love is blowing tonight
Jump in

10. Infinity

Even this
Your most beautiful name
O Beloved
How can I ever squeeze you into it ?
You are the Un-namable
Who is calling all names

Even this
Your most delightful form
O Beloved
Is un-graspable
How could it ever show All You Are  ?
You are No Form
Appearing in dazzling shapes

Even this
Your most radiant smile
O Beloved
Is un-catchable
It stretches across all creation
You are the Cosmic Faery
Smiling to all newborn

Even this
Your most blissful soul
O Beloved
Is but a glimpse of your full ecstasy
You are the All-Glowing
Maker of souls

Even this
The sweetest nectar on your lips
O Beloved
Will only quench human thirst
You are the Heavenly Spring
Feeding all streams & rivers

O Beloved
We are

11. Kisses

We are playing kisses
Soft cocoony kisses of light
Sending them back & forth & around
Apple foam kisses
Sky blossom kisses
Dew drop kisses
And many more...

Aiming kisses is a fine art
And sometimes we miss
We then have to quickly bend over
To catch them
And blow them back up in the air

Sometimes too we let them float out
With golden gentleness
Sparkly love bubbles journeying in the winds
We know - you and me
They will enter someone's heart
The sweet surprise of life
Kissing us unexpectedly
When we need it most

Sometimes - I am sure you noticed
Kisses take their time
They gather patiently
On some magical and secret cloud
They settle there for a season or so
And socialize with friends and relatives
They even take the time to form families
And bring in more kiss children
Oh the merry dances of the little kisses !

And then one beautiful day
When the air is dew fragrant and the sun is beaming smiles
They all jump on the breeze
And slowly descend
On lonely human hearts

Don't miss playing kisses
They are waiting for you to catch them
And pass them around
To all your friends

12. Meeting

I see You
Within your body
I see You
Without your body

I see your body
Within You
I see You
In every body

I can reach and touch You
When You are far away
When I come back
You already raced me Home

Whenever I call
Here You are
Whenever You call
I already answered

Whatever route I take
I find your footsteps
And the flowers you planted
Whichever way you go
There is my Presence
And the echoes of my songs

O Great Belove
Why journey anywhere ?
We fill in all directions
We are lovers in Creation

Let us embrace this universe
Until all hearts are pouring back
In the glorious

13. Mother Life

Life o Mother
I am your child
Growing by leaps and bounds
Delightedly discovering my own family
Meeting my very kin
Everywhere I turn

Here my sister this munificent crone
Here my brother this somersaulting toddler
Here all my relations
Entering the market place
In this morning sun glory
And smiling to each other
For the first time

Life o my bride
You fulfill all my wishes
I hear you softly whispering
It's all possible
O BeLove
Jump  in
And wish boundlessly larger
Speak the immensity of your hearta
Open wide your fountain of crazy desires

My womb is infinite
My milk a rushing river
My joy a vast ocean
love me

The wish of Life

14. Silence

May I listen to your silence ?

The rhythmic breath of the live stillness
Beating in your heart
The slender canoes
Traveling your mind's eye
In quiet hush
The filigree tinkle bells
Of your feather touch
On my soul altar ?

May I hear your love songs
Echoing across the lands ?

O listen
This is the melody
Of your smile
Looking at me

Am I seeing myself?

15. Soul Magic

In a vast magic
Visiting our hearts at will
And dwelling in each other's soul

Our bodies unravel their human stories
We laugh
And softly
Tickle their bellies

16. Universe

The mind says I bless
The heart says I bliss

The mind says I need guarantees of return
The heart says I’ll open up anyway

The mind says do eat substantial foods
The heart says let me fly

The mind says I am free
The heart says I belong to the Be-Love One

The mind says I’m not anybody’s partner
The heart says O my love

The mind says the universe is my mate
The heart says I am the universe

Both are right
Both are true
Both we are
Two in one

How did you know
That my name is Universe?

17. Will You

How can we say Yes
How can we say No

Light pulses on the blushing lips
Speechless we speak

The wedding ring
Is a large cloud circle in the sky
Immobile we ascend
The hearts leaped back
Into the one ocean
Secretly we thank
without asking
Before the question

18. Face to Face

My gaze is rising
In a celestial sundance
To meet the Light
Face to face

The appointed time is approaching
I am blushing

Meeting oneself
Can be very heart flopping
And certainly
Eyelash curling

It’s so enjoyable
And happy-able
To gaze into one’s own eyes
And to sing
O my Love

Going out with oneself
Going in with the Be-Love One
Being home

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