StarDome Eco-Campus

Sacred Arts School and Community Project

The StarDome & the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts
A new approach to Global Education

"A Green Life-Style and Sparkling-Eye Eco-Village"

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the School of Celebratory Arts
& the Costa Rica Retreat Center

StarWheel 109 "Li-La-Nai"

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2003 "StarDome" Mission Statement

The "StarDome" is Aya's vision of an educational Art Campus
and a vibrant, creative and blissful eco-community.
A meeting ground and green oasis
for young people from around the world
who want to share their shiny eyes and loving hearts
and re-invent paradise on Earth
with their bright cosmic minds.

An essential part of the "StarDome" project is
the "StarWheel School of Sacred Arts",
an interactive, multi-media and pluri-cultural campus
centered on the creative experience of the Mandala
and the harmonic atunement to Sacred Geometries.

The StarDome is the functional integration of:
1. A Central Dome (home of the Mandala School,
  the multi-media theater and research areas)
2. Inner Gardens (for organic gardening, playgrounds
and a living foods life style)
3. A ring-shaped Gallery & Exhibit area
(for the StarWheel Collection
and other rotating sacred arts exhibits)

(see perspective rendering below)

The main functions of the StarDome are:

1. To host the StarWheel School of Mandala & Sacred Geometry Arts

2. To display, in the peripheric gallery, the collection of StarWheel mandalas, presented in an interactive & educational context: StarWheel Mandalas Webseum

3. To offer a variety of mandala & sacred geometry resource materials: Library & AV-Digital Database, Multi-Media Research Center

4. To showcase a yearly program of mandala traditions exhibits:
Interactive Museum-Gallery

5. To host, in the amphitheater, mandala ceremonies and sacred arts performances as well as innovative & futuristic events of a multi-media / holographic nature.

6. To bring together a team of performers (musicians, ceremonialists, dancers...), (the “StarWheel Troupe”), and to develop a series of Sacred Celebration Events to be taken around the world.

7. The StarDome Project is part of a community vision described here: The StarDome Community Vision and Manifesto for the Earth Mandala



Statement by Aya (January 2003)


Since the original vision of the StarWheels in Christmas 1984, I have dedicated my life to the birthing of this colorful family: 108 mandala paintings to date. The vision called for 12 series of 12 = 144 pieces that would be "teaching templates" for the new generations of highly gifted cosmic beings entering "life on Earth".

In the unfolding of this journey, I now feel that time has come for the manifestation of the educational context & facility I call the StarDome, and for the implementation of the StarWheel School of Mandala Arts.

Time has come to share with children, teenagers & art students the sacred creative experience of the Mandala and the mystical resonant atunement to universal sacred geometries.

Time has come to dance and celebrate the infinite glory of Who We Are.

As the parent of a large mandala family, it is my direct experience that the center of the Mandala IS the center & the Source of consciousness itself. This is why the "mandala experience" is the core learning and the primordial geo-metric & cosmo-metric template for organizing our educational curriculum at the StarDome School. The Mandala powerfully mediates the lesson of this  earthly voyage: the harmonious dance between Oneness & Multiplicity. Upon the radius of the Sacred Circle plays the Golden Ratio Phi.

Radically new learning environments will be created to match the potential of the new human pilgrims endowed with glorious abilities from higher realms:

  • Exploratoria offering sensory-rich stimulations and interactive sets where the pupils can explore & pursue their creative calls, at their own pace, while finding the guidance & support they need.
  • Experiential ceremonial settings where the wisdom of ancient traditions meets the immense possibilities of future consciousness.
  • Training grounds for tasting the wealth of the sacred arts knowledge safeguarded through millenia of earth & galactic history.
  • Playgrounds for interacting with others and inventing / re-inventing the life-styles that allow to "walk the Earth in Beauty", physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually. The exploration of being "self-in-relation" is primordial to our times.
  • Natural settings where the observation of plants, animals, stars and life cycles allows the understanding of the myriad manifestations of the universe as harmonic resonant inter-dependent parts of a coherent whole: the universal orchestra of creation.


This Vision is offered to the Children,
They are the Gentle Hope of the World.


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and its 3 main components


The Vision of the StarDome


The vision of the StarDome Sacred Arts Eco-Village is born out of the desire to contribute a more creative approach to perceiving the "arts" and relating to them as bridges to spirit.

In contrast to traditional & sacred cultures where art is woven into the very fabric of life, the arts, in the western cultures, have been increasingly separated from daily life activities & concerns -to the point of being consigned to the mere status of "commodities" or objects appraised for dollar amounts and delivering a portion of "fun", away from "normal life".

Bridging this gap between art, life and spirit is the educational purpose of the StarDome Campus for Sacred Arts.

We believe that the ancient body of "Sacred Arts" holds precious keys to the co-creation of our global future. The younger generations ask for tools & models enabling them to create lives of meaning, service and oneness with themselves, with others, with nature and with the universal spirit. This is the original goal of a "uni-versity".

This is our goal as well.

By focusing on the model of the mandala, the StarDome Campus for the Sacred Arts offers an experimental ground to explore the potential of oneness inherent in this primordial archetype bridging time, space & cultures: the Living Circle of Life.

By guiding the awareness and perception of the students to the universal knowledge of Sacred Geometry and  its music-like resonant harmonics, the StarDome School prepare the young leaders to come from the whole, from the global view first and then attend to the more specialized details of living & organizing life on earth, both personally and globally.

A multi-function educational campus

The StarDome Sacred Arts Community is envisioned as a multi-function facility serving various groups of our population:

  • The public at large. The StarWheel Gallery shows the collection of StarWheel mandalas, presented in an interactive & educational context as vibrational pulsating landscapes addressing all senses.
  • The Mandala Exhibit Spaces showcase a yearly program of mandala traditions & wisdom from around the world.
  • The School's Amphitheater also offers a program of public mandala & sacred arts performances. (These public services will charge a fee for admission.)
  • Sacred Arts Practitioners, Artists & Researchers. The Library and AV-Digital Database offers a variety of resource materials for documentation & inspiration purposes. The Multi-Media Research Center is a meeting ground and hands-on laboratory for technology-oriented researchers/artists to meet tradition-oriented practitioners.
  • The students attending the School of Sacred Arts. Full-time or part-time students will not only benefit from all the resources offered by the StarDome University, as well as have priority interaction with the teaching staff, they will also be asked, as part of their curriculum assignments, to serve as guides for the general public. Certifications & accreditations will be on par with national levels of higher education.
  • A Children and Kids School will be a pioneering experiment in co-creative education, taking the insights of Rudolf Steiner,  Maria Montessori and other pioneers to new levels adapted to our times, so as to bring a blossoming support to the young beings now coming into earth incarnation from higher dimensional realms.

The StarWheel Foundation

The StarDome Project and related programs & visions are sponsored by
the StarWheel Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
Established in 1991 and presently incorporated in Arizona,
the StarWheel Foundation is dedicated to educate the public
about the spiritual & transformational benefits of mandalas,
sacred geometries and related arts & technologies.

The main objective of the StarWheel Foundation is to support
the on-going creation of the StarWheel mandalas
and to raise funds to acquire a land in Arizona, USA,
to build and develop the StarDome and other facilities & programs.

The StarWheel Foundation welcomes creative suggestions,
contributions in expertise or skills & all tax-exempt donations...
so as to make this eco-village vision a reality for all to enjoy.

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