Studio Visits with Aya

About Aya:

Aya, a native of France, has been a resident of Sedona since 1997.

  • A scholar groomed in the finest French schools and author of many books, including the Manual of Sacred Geometry and the online modules Encyclopedia of Sacred Geometry.
  • A visionary artist creator of the StarWheel Mandala paintings, a unique family of 108 large-size mandala templates, airbrushed on canvas.
  • A minister, life style coach and spiritual healer.
  • The President of the StarWheel Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to resurrect, in the new global culture, the knowledge, wisdom & technologies of the Sacred Arts.
  • The founder of the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry and its online extension.
  • A mystical poet singing the Beloved in all creation.
  • A Sedona guide (former Jeep tour guide with "Earth Wisdom") who enjoys sharing the beautiful locations of this sacred land and co-create shamanic chanting in the Sedona wilderness.
  • A Yoga teacher of "Anjali Yoga", a yoga of Celebration.
  • On parle Français! 



• Visit of Aya’s Studio. In his house overlooking Sedona, Aya will share his experience about Sacred Art, his StarWheel Mandala paintings, Sacred Geometry, Global Education and the New Paradigm of Quantum Consciousness. See an original StarWheel painting face-to-face. This is a unique, informal opportunity to meet a cosmopolitan artist in his creative environment. Duration: 1 hour. Donation.


• Introduction to the StarWheel Mandalas. Meet with Aya as he spontaneously shares with you his journey with the StarWheel mandalas, the techniques he used and the spiritual meaning of these galactic star-maps of consciousness. Pick some StarWheels and ask Aya to decode their multi-level meanings for you.


• Medicine Wheel Ceremony.
Aya's studio. After an introduction to Sacred Circles and the Wheel of Life, we’ll learn how to build a simple Medicine Wheel and use it in a Blessing Ceremony. Includes a sage/juniper smudging and a personal Medicine Wheel reading. Donation.

• The Sedona Labyrinths.
Sedona has become a birthing ground for labyrinths. Virtually unknown 20 years ago, labyrinths have sprouted as contemporary sacred sites. The West Sedona 7-rings Labyrinth, on a semi-private property, was a joint venture between Gardens for Humanity and Aya. Walking the Labyrinth in meditation is a mini-pilgrimage to Spirit-Source.
See the page Sacred Labyrinths.
Near Sedona, on the grounds of beautiful Angel Valley Retreat Center, there is a stunning 11-rings labyrinth. The 11-rings is the exact replica of the medieval labyrinth in world-famous Chartres Cathedral, France.
In his studio, Aya can offer you a presentation to prepare you for these labyrinth visits. After studying labyrinths in his native France, Aya became a Labyrinth consultant: he has designed and co-created several labyrinths in the Sedona area: 7, 9 and 11-rings.


The 7-rings Laby.

The 11-rings Laby.

• The Sedona Stupa. In the oriental tradition of pagodas, chedis & dagobas, the Amithaba Tibetan Buddhist Stupa is radiating peace over the Sedona landscape. Erected at the foot of "Chimney Rock" (traditionally called "The Three Sisters"), the Sedona Stupa is thus replicating the harmony of nature, in a remarkable Feng-Shui demonstration. Circumambulating the Stupa is an active way to offer prayers for global peace and to understand its sacred power.
Aya can prepare you to understand the sacred architecture and living resonance embodied in the building and presence of the Amithaba Stupa.


• Sacred Geometry Multi-Media Presentations.
This is a mini-seminar on Sacred Geometry, in Aya’s studio.
The first part of the presentation is a series of hands-on demonstrations & practices with educational toys & tools.
The second part is a Power-Point show on a big screen: Introduction to Sacred Geometry or a chosen Sacred Geometry topic from the curriculum of  
All PowerPoint programs are packed with inspiring information. Duration: 3 hours. Minimum 3 people. Donation.

• StarWheel Wisdom Reading.
Using the full StarWheel Mandala spread (108 prints) or any of the 3 published StarWheel Decks (36 cards), Aya and his spiritual team will share their spirit wisdom in a personal reading. The reading is preceded by an aura cleansing and healing. Duration: 1 to 2 hours. Donation.                      Visit the page: StarWheel Reading by Aya