The StarWheel Picto-Koans

Dear friends co-creators of this omni-verse,


You are about to encounter the "Picto-Koans"
matching 108 StarWheel mandalas. 
The same hieroglyphic sacred stories are printed
-but in very small size-
on the back of each StarWheel Wisdom Card:
series 1-2-3 viewable at:
  StarWheel Wisdom cards
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On this page, you see and meet the Picto-Koans
in their original design size -
that is 700% larger than on the Wisdom Cards.
And they are the perfect size for coloring fun and wild navigation rides!

Stay tuned for the collection of Picto-Koans in 3D
Check some samples on the 3D StarWheels page

What are Picto-Koans?

(from Japanese ko-an - a public proposition):
"A paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks
in order to abandon dependence on reason and to gain sudden enlightenment"


In a similar manner, but using pictograph designs instead of words, the StarWheel Picto-Koan designs are intended to speak to the intuitive, imaginative, mystical parts of us and to activate abilities for higher-dimensional iconic communication.

Each Picto-Koan  is composed of a modular grid of 9 hieroglyphic units.  Usually, the center hieroglyph is a mini-key representing the entire mandala.  The other hieros may hint at graphic elements of the mandala image, or they may illustrate the description / keyword.  Some spirit teachings implied in the StarWheel may also be extended & complemented by the Picto-Koans.

These Picto-Koan stories are open-ended
and can be entered from any direction.

The StarWheel hiero-graphic language is intended to act as a bridge between the direct experience of the mandala image and the alphabetic, more mediated message of the sutra-description.   These hieros are a symbolic interface code -a frequency matrix translation- allowing an easier transition between the rational mind "making sense of the mandala" and the Infinite Spirit Self (who IS the mandala maker).

The Picto-Koans are offered in 2D, yet they have a larger presence in 3D.  And here you want to go into your psychic interactive mode.  Browse through the book and allow yourself to stop at the hieros attracting you: these "familiar hieros" beckoning to you are like large size 3D temple architectures that you are invited to step into and explore, in a multi-sensory vision quest.  Feel how your intuitive soul emotions may be pulsed & activated and how to best attune to your personal ways of spirit journey.

About Sacred Languages

Spirited traditional cultures all have a sacred language.  Not to engage the rational mind, but rather to engage the vibrational fields and energy bodies.  Sacred languages are vibratory technologies of consciousness providing their users with spiritual keys to directly find their right & meaningful place in the overall scheme of the cosmos. They are an integrative knowledge whereby each fragment contains the harmonics and the heart of the Whole.

A hieroglyph, traditionally, is a doorway into an essential energy process of the conscious universe.  Each sign is a resonant fractal of the whole as number, color or form in space, musical note or chord in time, fragrance or dance in space-time.  Each unit of the sacred language is a window into, a magical communion with the realms of Mother Nature & Father Sky and all other intelligences the soul is attuned to.  Speaking a letter-glyph is experiencing its echoing  power throughout creation and dancing its life-story to a full audience.  Uttering families of glyph-sounds ("words") is entering the web of infinite dances activated by the ritual yantras, mantras & ceremonies that nurture and guide individual / community  life and dreamtime.  

The sacred language is vibrationally related to music modes, architecture & social structures, customs, "art", "science", etc... Within the context of a sacred language, no activity is just "worldy", disconnected from the Sacred Hoop of Life, but becomes part of a spiritually creative & imaginative energy-scape: higher / inner "reality".

In these contemporary post-Babel times, most earth languages do not converse any more with the pervading Presence of the Universe.  Yet, I believe that the collective cycle is bouncing back from its extremes of ego-individuation & spirit separation: we are now globally called to climb again the ladder of Integration & Oneness.  A  key to this global hi-D jump is to learn from ancient cultures and to understand the gift of their "language" wisdom:

... how to let Oneness play throughout all aspects of Life.  

As the collective consciousness moves into new frequency ranges, it is timely, I believe, to co-recreate a global sacred language: a cosmogonic language of light & pictographic communication -the telethought holograms of pulsating lights, sounds, geometries and body dances that sustain creation codes & spirit telepathy.  We are called to gather the remnants of sacredness still alive and, starting from the core-source of Spirit Oneness, to progressively re-birth a sacred Language Mandala in order to sustain the new vibrational grid templates of our emerging global civilization of Love and respect for Life.

The new global sacred language can & will evolve, in an organic way, alongside all other existing types of languages & communications.  But grow it will...  to weave a common ground of Oneness where humankind can again play at being Infinite...


Happy Dance,
Aya Sheevaya

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