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The Online School of Sacred Geometry is Aya's current project:

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3D rendition of StarWheel #91 "Ter-Ne-Ter"
by Gerard van Schip.

What (or Who) are the StarWheels?

The StarWheels are a unique collection of 6' x 6' mandala paintings created and airbrushed on canvas by French-born visionary artist Aya. Revealed in 1985 from a spirit vision in Santa Monica, CA, these "neo-mandalas" offer a harmonic spiral hologram of 12 series of 12 = 144 bio-designed Temples of Light. Since 1985, over 108 StarWheels have been birthed as a happy family.

"The StarWheels offer a tantalizing glimpse
into the galaxies of consciousness
whirling within our being." 

Essentially, the StarWheels are Beings of Radiance, from higher-dimensional realms of consciousness.  They have chosen to embody in these mandala forms in order to boost with their Presence & Knowledge the human consciousness on planet Earth. As Inner Oversoul Friends, they help us to unveil, share and activate the Love Field sourcing all reality.  As Vessels of Superluminal Wisdom, they guide us through the quantum oceanic adventures of Cosmic Creation. 
As 2D and 3D energy-field geometries, the StarWheels can be practically used as life-force boosters, levity wave-guides, implosion yantras, healing templates, Feng Shui & Geomancy maps or soul & stargate tuners. The StarWheel images can also be contemplated from the pure no-mind consciousness and entered in communion as doorways into Primordial Infinity.

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The New Paradigm

What is the StarWheel Foundation?

Established in 1991, the StarWheel Foundation is a non-profit educational organization whose goals are the following: 

  • Support the completion of the Collection of StarWheel Mandalas (the remaining 3 series = 36 templates).
  • Research the transformational applications of the StarWheel templates and related arts & technologies.
  • Fund the StarDome Campus of Sacred Arts & Media as a green design educational eco-village.
  • Sponsor events pioneering local and global Celebrations of Life.
  • Introduce the Mandala Model & Golden Geometries of Harmony as part of the new planetary paradigm of consciousness. 


In order to fund the StarWheel Foundation's projects,
the StarWheel Foundation has decided to offer for sale

the entire collection of StarWheel paintings.
Patrons guided to invest in this unique-in-the-galaxy collection
of vibrational images wave-guiding the planetary evolution,
please visit the page:

StarWheel Collection for Sale


 StarWheel #109 Li-La-Nai

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All materials (images + texts) are © Aya
and the StarWheel Foundation (1988-2008)

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May wonderful tinglings of light & bliss
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Below is the latest series of StarWheel Mandalas: Series IX

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