Mandala Research Center

The Mandala Research & Conference Center
is envisioned as a facility dedicated to the "technology of mandalas", both as a traditional world-wide knowledge and as a promising format / model to image & support the collective shift to a new paradigm.
The dynamic processes of consciousness are best modeled by spiral mandalas (vortices).

A Mandala Data Bank
is planned for gathering and making available to artists and researchers the huge variety of mandala designs used worldwide by ancient as well as contemporary traditions. Audio-visual and written documentation would be accessible in the Mandala Library (books, slides, files, videos, movies, CD-roms, software...) Reproductions would be made available in traditional printing form and also as computer print-outs from the Mandala Image Bank.

Demonstrations, classes and hands-on workshops would be held in the Conference Center, providing an opportunity to meet with teachers, healers & groups of mandala practitioners.

A variety of explorative mandala research projects would allow the bridging of Tradition and Science and would bring about innovative applications.

Mandala research is also intimately linked with the knowledge of Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Arts which are currently rediscovered in the western culture. We are witnessing an ever-deepening and sacred understanding of how forms can manifest Spirit through resonance, rhythmic cycles, morphic archetypes, vortical energetics... and geometries. Re-discoveries about the Golden Proportion, the Platonic Solids and Harmonics... are a meeting ground for hitherto inimical researchers. 

The revival of Sacred Arts

Cymatics, as pioneered by swiss scientist Hans Jenny, is another promising field of research. Cymatics studies the genesis of forms and the synergy between sound, form, organic shapes and vibrational frequencies; it holds the potential of new creative applications in many domains of contemporary life.

Some may ask, why should we put so much emphasis on "mandalas" to the point of devoting a research center to study them and teach about them?

  • The answer is that, as discovered by many teachers throughout time, mandalas are an exceptional educational tool because they are directly modeling universal / cosmic archetypes. Creative inspiration, at the community and global levels, would greatly benefit from being exposed to the unification / integration aspects of mandalas.

Mandala designs, uses and effects involve a whole "science-wisdom" based on the principles of frequency propagation and harmonic resonance, on a cosmic scale. Traditional practices, like visualizations / concentrations on mandalas, are now dusted off and recognized as powerful technologies to modulate, shift, transfer, energize / de-energize the vibrational signatures sustaining physical, emotional, psycho-mental and spiritual patterns of creation & manifestation.

The Mandala Research and Conference Center is envisioned as a global educational instrument
to prepare the human species for a deeper understanding
and better creative applications
of its primordial Multi-Dimensionality.