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January 2018 - The power of the StarWheels.

The power of the StarWheel mandalas (SWs in short) does not really reside in the physical attributes of their presentation (printing on canvas/paper/cards or projecting or displaying), nor in the highest quality of the colors etc... This is only the form of them. The actual power is in the symbolic, geometric, archetypal patterns of the designs that can be best perceived through the third eye of inner vision and intuition. The StarWheels are not addressing the daily human mind and trying to fulfill its expectations. They activate the energy and spirit bodies behind the mind. The SWs resonate with subtle and hidden frequency spectra below and beyond normal ego awareness.
A reproduction is only a launching pad for the viewer: it's up to the viewer to just walk it in a flatland way or to become a co-creator by
entering it and navigate it into the inner dimensions of consciousness. The SWs offer the potential of a transformational experience, a holy relationship for consciousness growth. They can become spirit partners and intimate soul lovers. It's up to You to propose.
Forms are always imperfect and transitory. When we keep our awareness and perception at the level of the material forms, we are unfulfilled. But forms can point to the formless: they can be departure points propelling us towards their source (and our source): energy, spirit and consciousness. This is the case of the forms in nature, including the human body, and the case of the sacred forms created by cultures connected with the cosmos: sacred art and architecture. This is the case of mandalas and the SWs.
Of course, a holographic animation field is apparently more immersing. Even a high quality "retina" display is more revealing - because the medium is light. Paper, canvas are all opaque media and reveal less. But, regardless of the medium, the real power of the relationship with the SWs, as a practice and a spirit journey, is to allow a harmonic resonance to happen, to let the design enter our heart, our consciousness and our spirit-soul... so we can eventually become the happy dance of life celebration...

A single glance or glimpse is sometimes how love happens...


September 2017 - The Peace Garden, Sedona.


I am a lover, a lover of the full Self.

We are all lovers,
Lovers of Life, of Existence, of the Universe.
  We bathe in the bhakti river
and swim in the ocean of cosmic love.

We savor the pranam, the raw juice of life.
  We pulse with shakti, the tingling, the quivering waves of love.
We are sensitive to the smallest smiles, precious attentions,
subtle signals and winks of our lover
- infinite life.

  We welcome human love as a dance of celebration,
as a prayer and as a meditation.
The face and names of the lovers change:
they appear and disappear.

When they are not in human form,
they show up in the most unexpected ways:
a butterfly sipping flower nectar
- this is us drinking amrita.
A cloud shape-shifting
- this is us witnessing thoughts.

A lover never complains
but takes everything - or the lack of it - as an act of love.
When love does not come from the expected direction,
we just widen our gaze and expand our hug
and we see love again.

A lover always gives without desire for return.
because giving is closer to source than receiving,
closer to the heart.

A lover keeps the gifts flowing,
so they are always fresh.

A lover never singles out an act of love,
but lives in a flow of love constantly resourcing,
springing forth,
w\ith no beginning and no end,
with no gaps in between.

Everything happens in love.

The waves and the stillness prepare for each other:

they woo each other and make love seamlessly,
for us to rest, in fullfillment of our Self.

Love is our own perception
and sees itself as Who we Are.

A lovers knows the difference between "I love" and "I love you".
Staying in "I love you" is narrowing love to an object,
human or spiritual.
it is like a half breath: being stuck on an inhale or an exhale.

The Breath of Love has to be complete:

in turn focusing on objects,
in turn returning to full infinity.
When we crave an object of love, our being has stopped:
we need to inhale again the love of infinity.

A lover sees each being - or the absence of each being -
as the presence of love.
A lover does not need proof.
A lover does not need a mailing address:
love comes from the whole and goes to the whole.

A lover is vaster than the old story:
someone loves and someone else does not respond.

A lover knows:
the universe always respond
and loves back.
And no love is ever lost.



Bali / April 2016

The Million $ Invitation

(On the airplane, somewhere between America & Asia. March 28th, 2016)

Everyone is playing their part in the larger,
infinitely vaster orchestra of life and consciousness play.
Whether we are conscious of our dance or begrudging it,
it does not matter to the universe at large:
the orchestration is so vast that it redirects anything
to perfect advantage and benefit for the totality of existence.
We, individual units, have the choice to make ourselves miserable
with feelings of loss and fear
OR to trust all changes and enter them excitedly:
“how is universe going to handle this one?”
By taking changes as stepping stones,
we are learning how to jump-start ourselves as co-creators with universe.

I am offering $1 million to whoever can put me in done-deal touch
with the upcoming buyer of the StarWheel Collection
– priced at $25 million
for the 108 unique expressions of the StarWheel Mandalas.

This buyer, whether private, corporate, national
or international EXISTS right now
and is looking for the StarWheel Collection
to come to their attention and care.
All we need is a bridge.
This bridge can be YOU!
Just like there is no question without an answer,
no problem without a solution
and no energy without its polarity,
the SW Collection buyer exists now
because the SW Collection exists.
It is that SIMPLE!

Check with your SPIRIT INTUITION
and see if you are part of this global, educational adventure
of co-creating an International school
for the benefit of the young generations landing
on our mother earth planet at this time.
A Green/Rainbow School of Life Celebration…
The StarWheel Collection and associated proactive educational resources
point to an organic, cooperative, playful, harmonious to self-other-nature,
community-hearted, oneness centered
and deeply supportive eco-village environment nested in a nurturing land…

The StarWheel Collection offers multi-dimensional flowers of consciousness…
Rainbow soap bubbles rising from the quantum foam… 
They were born to lift humans into spherical fields
of unity, dance and celebration.
They are role models of our love relationship to the Source of All,
All That Is, the Cosmic Mandala Hub.
They are re-embracing us in community and humanity togetherness.

Just like the Yoga Spirit cannot be entirely fulfilled by individual practice
on a squarish yoga mat
but has to eventually spill over to the whole variegated floor mat of life,
we are called to create ecologies of education, gardens, fields,
orchards, forests & oceans
– where learning, playing, being, sustaining, birthing, smiling,
surrendering, giving & receiving are woven together.
We are about to give rise to a new humanity displaying
flowering & fruiting as epiphanies of success
and replanting ancient & future seeds of this SHIMMERING NOW.
A humanity shivering with the new pulse of our co-creative delight.

THANK YOU all Players for opening your new wings.

THANK YOU Mother Earth for guiding our stumbling steps
into the next unfolding of humanity.

THANK YOU Omnipresence of Love for pervading us through
and re-weaving us into flows of continuous running waters.

THANK YOU Mothers & Fathers for your baby-sitting parental roles,
giving much of your life force to pass on the love code of life.

THANK YOU all Ancestors of this and other universes
for building the foundation of this collective universal Now

and being the giants basing our new global Acro-Yoga.

THANK YOU Brothers & Sisters, Children & Elders, Animal Tree & Plant people,
star & galactic beings and all beings in all realms, micro & macro,
for embodying the grace of Love joyfully celebrating itself.







[Golden Blue Moon of 2012]

We are invited
to empty ourselves to others


in beautiful mudras of anjali reverence
- bowing to our mutual infinity

in precise postures of energy activation
- unlocking the treasures hidden within

in spontaneous hugs of love
- awakening Sleeping Beauty in each other

in sweeping gestures of expanding auras
- opening our arms to the universal embrace

in heraldic dances celebrating the joy of being human
- between the green earth and the rainbow sky

in choreographic signatures of light traced upon the vast heaven
- and welcomed by remote galaxies

in sweet offerings of sacred tender gifts
- presented upon the shrine of every rice field

in flows of tingling prana currents &  sudden kundalini jumps
- tickling us in orgasmic foreplay with the Beloved

in overtone faery singing and deep throat drumming

- vibrating our spine as the cosmic monochord of harmony

in allowing for the pristine wonder of our inner child
- creating laughing games & plays of delight

in walking with fanned toes and fully grounded presence
- feeling mother earth heart-pulsing under our feet

in holding holy asanas of body recalibration
- consciously bonding with our large family of cells

in breathing with the wind & floating with the river
- as we let go of goals & desires

in sun-basking, moon-bathing and star-seeping
- enjoying raw nectars & elixirs in celestial company

in smiling to our ears whenever we catch the mind
- and loving it to provide such funny entertainment

in entering our lover with bursting passion
- as the on-going caress of creation

in watering this earth paradise garden
- with kissing action & now vision

These are the ways to become empty,
to meet others as ourselves
and to be ready when ecstasy comes in.



[Wedn-Day February 24th, 2010
Red Solar Earth - Galactic moon - Kin 217]

New Paradigm Time

Humanity is waking up to a new Paradigm of consciousness evolution, a much larger understanding of Who we are and Why we are here. The gist of this expanded dance is:

 We are not alone, separated from the other 8 billion human beings.
Humanity is not alone, separated from the rest of the intelligent universe.
We are harmonically inter-connected with each other and the entire universe
through myriads of webs & threads of supra-quantum light.
We are, in reality, living within a gigantic Source-Being
Who is essentially a Song of Love.

This time of NOW is extremely special. It has been prophesized by sacred cultures and will be remembered as the GREAT AWAKENING of Humanity. It is a time when we indeed have a unique opportunity: break away from millennia of past history limitations and finally stand free as universal beings, eager to launch together a constructive course of human evolution and ready to embody a new frequency of life, consciousness and reality.

The NEW PARADIGM is now explored at the frontier of contemporary science, as well as glimpsed and applied by an exponentially growing number of people. We have already learned that the earth is a living organism: Mother Earth or “Gaia”. We are now practicing holding hands & hearts with each other, as humanity, and learning to relate to the larger context of the Sun System and Mother Galaxy. And we are well on our way to re-embrace the universal Source-Being, “Cosmos”, as our own Self.

People are waking up all over the world and WE ARE these people. Even those who deny the awakening are engulfed in this tsunami of GLOBAL KUNDALINI: it is larger than any concept we may ever have in a human brain.

A new basic awareness is corroborating the traditional wisdom: everything is vibrating, everything is related, and everything is love.  We realize that we are vibratory beings in a vibratory universe, pulsating waves in a cosmic ocean. We realize the inter-dependence and oneness of the Sacred Circle and all our relations. We feel in our heart the overall love and benevolence underlying the universe and radiated by its Source, the Divine & Great Spirit. We start to understand that it is all working (and playing) through an exquisitely fine-tuned grand scheme of self-similar fractal holography, as we can put it best in contemporary terms.

On the cutting edge of knowledge, the universe is now explained as a holographically linked, multi-dimensional, conscious organism (“COSMOS”) that is infused, beyond the constraints of matter/space/time, by a primordial field of supra-intelligent energy/information. This Cosmic Field is defined by scientists as VORTEX-based, coherently whole, all-inclusive, scale-invariant, self-similar or self-referential, and non-local. Non-locality itself is moving spiritual experiences, like telepathy, from the quantum scale to daily life. Hello! The universe is no longer a chaotic, mechanical, gigantic and frightening tinker toy: it is again a magical garden, a dance of celebration and a magnificent choir.

The universe turns out to look, sound and feel like ancient traditions were portraying it: an exquisite holographic ORCHESTRAL DANCE where every note modulates every other note through infinite overtones, and every event & being modulates every other event & being. Each star is a flower. The fluttering wings of a butterfly affect the global weather and a fleeting human thought can change the world… Here, spirit consciousness is invited to CELEBRATE itself!

This is made possible by a primordial universal grid system
of HARMONIC ONENESS and cosmic resonance
set up by multi-dimensional cascades of FRACTAL RELATIONSHIPS
created by the Golden Ratio PHI and its manifestation the Fibonacci Series,

from quantum event to atom to DNA to galaxy.
This is what Sacred Geometry is meditating upon:
the pure principles behind the sustainability of the universe,
the TRI-UNITY love-dance of the Small, the Large and the Whole.
And this is why Sacred Geometry is coming up everywhere
as the fundamental knowledge of the New Paradigm.
Of course it has been here all along:
we are just only starting to open our eyes and our Heart.



 Awakening to a New Earth

Time has come, in the cycling of ages, for the establishment a peaceful, unified and enlightened world civilization on planet Earth. We all know it, feel it in deeper levels of our nature and our spirit, and many people are embracing this program as a new way of life and an overall purpose of their actions. The New Paradigm is organically and naturally growing on human consciousness. No matter their degree of evolution or their vibratory rate, the call of higher consciousness is felt by each and every human: it is a galactic wave.

Those who are still fearing the coming of this “Golden Age” are actually terrified to lose their grasp on what they mistakenly believe is their “identity”: their power over material possessions and, through them, their power over other people. They are the people who have been obstinately refusing to honor all signs of the presence of spirit in their lives, all promptings of the invisible realms and glimpses of the Great Mystery. They have the choice of remaining behind in evolution.  Yet, in subtle ways, we are these people: we all have some shadows of the old paradigm hiding in emotions or concepts and, subconsciously, we still enact them. All wisdom traditions have said it all along: because, each human is all of humanity, global peace begins within.

We are all in it together, team members of Spaceship Earth. We are here to support each other for the benefit of the whole. This the experience of inter-connectedness and fractal harmonics on a global scale. We no longer believe that we are the drop, the wave or the river: we know we are the ocean, this source we are coming from and where we are going back to.

Yes, there is a rapidly growing realization that, for generations, we have been programmed to perceive a very limited “reality” based on the pre-eminence of the physical body & the logical mind and the separation & competition between people & nations. We intuitively know that this is the cause of the spiritual misery and social loneliness plaguing people in westernized countries. Moreover, seeing the massive disappearance of bio-diversity coupled with the economic slavery of many, we also realize that we have been trained to blindly accept the exploitation of the earth and our global resources for the exclusive, short-term benefit of the very few, backed by absurd, greed-oriented corporations and military systems. The growing consensus is: this is enough!

The discrepancy between the obsolete paradigm of separation & selfishness and the excitement of glimpsing everywhere the new solutions & possibilities of “Paradise on Earth” is the factor driving all the current changes. People now do not look behind anymore because they no longer trust the past: instead, they consciously move forward, invent original solutions and recreate a new global reality based on the higher values of oneness, cooperation and limitless creativity and joy.

The obsolete power & control structure can be changed and is being changed, this is ineluctable. The crumbling of humanity’s prison and the collective exit from it to discover, in awe, the next level of freedom in consciousness can no longer be prevented.  The only variables are the bumpiness of the navigation and the timing involved in the transition. But, on the higher dimensional blueprint program, it is already “done” and a Galactic Celebration is ongoing. Purified humanity will soon be soaring as a galactic species.

The most important need at this time is to get up out of our small life bubbles and reach out to meet and know the hundreds million other humans who are right now SHARING the same goal of Global Peace and are, at this very moment (feel it with your telepathic sense), in their personal life and their public actions, enacting it. We have to remind ourselves to consciously merge with the collective consciousness of this larger being called “Humanity”… and start from there (yes, there is much more!). The scale of this Global Awakening is such that it is impossible for the individual human brain to grasp it: we have to jump out of everything we know and tune into a higher, universal level of intelligence. But we are learning: breaking out of the chrysalis is only the beginning, no longer the end. A new glorious realm of consciousness exploration & creativity is opening for humankind.

The StarWheels are windows into the coming Golden Age of Humanity. Meet them and use them as such. They are examples, yoga diagrams and spiraling playgrounds for expanding consciousness and re-inventing human  life on Earth.  Rather than engaging our logical minds, the StarWheels are playing with our Cosmic Creative Spirit, using the language of light-color-sound frequencies and grids of harmonic geometries. They are here to inspire you to devote yourself to the main purpose of life: PERSONAL & GLOBAL HARMONY.


Embracing the Great Awakening

At this time of global Now, we all feel that we are witnessing and co-creating a very unique moment of collective evolution: the transformation into a higher frequency of human consciousness. We live at the historical time of the GREAT AWAKENING: humankind (yes the 8 billion of us) is called to break way from the cocoon of babyhood and co-create, as a united species, an enlightened world civilization. We are called to demonstrate that we can live in Peace among ourselves, with nature and with other levels of intelligence in the vast universe.

Many beings of light, both visible & invisible, have come to role model  & share with us ways of love and compassion. Many teachings, signs, resources & solutions have provided an enormous support to help us move up the consciousness ladder. Now it is up to us to gather our spiritual courage, to fully support the new cosmic-level creative, enlightened leaders emerging in the young generations and, together, to re-invent and implement, from a grass-root level, new conditions of life on Earth whereby we honor & respect each other as incarnated souls.

This means daring to break away from the controlling & numbing power of established institutions and creating world conditions for meeting the basic needs of every human woman, man and child. This means re-designing and installing eco-friendly economies & technologies that respect the living Mother Earth and give her a chance to rejuvenate herself and us along. This means establishing creative systems of sharing material, intellectual, cultural & spiritual resources as “commons” of humanity. This means that all the inventive power that was going into supporting individualistic ego-based and elite-based systems of living (“how to compete against others and win”) is being re-directed into supporting the next larger whole system (“how can I work with others to improve the quality of life in my neighborhood, my community, my nation, the world?”)

Then a magnificent Renaissance of humanity, as a collective of cosmic citizens, will blossom and send rainbows to all the realms & dimensions of the cosmos. As we ascend in consciousness we are called to take our due place within the community of galactic civilizations.

This is the cosmic wish & hope that the StarWheel Mandalas are offering you.

“Humanity, our child, is growing well.
We are holding Earth in the galactic cup of Light”.


[Moon-Day January 18th, 2010
Yellow Spectral Sun - Resonant Moon - Kin 180]

Re-Creating Paradise

When I started my human life journey on earth,
I looked for the art & music
that would make my soul bloom

I looked for the wisdom science
that would inspire my cosmic mind

I looked for the global environment of community life-styles
that would make my eye twinkle
and my heart dance with love

... and all i could find were bits & pieces of dreams
scattered throughout times, cultures & places...

So, i stopped searching outside
and set out to co-create the arts,
the science and the community life-styles
that would give me my dream-life and fulfill my Being

The StarWheel mandalas,
the School of Sacred Geometry
and the vision of the Star-Dome Eco-Village-Campus
are the seeds i joyfully plant in this magnificent Earth Garden
as we all together celebrate the birth of Infinity
and dance the Light that we Are.


[Sun-Day May 24th, 2009  -  New Moon in Gemini    
Red Rhythmic Dragon  - Spectral Moon  -  Kin 201]

There is a SECRET and a MAGIC to Life…
Want to know?

No matter what!!!!!
No matter what!!!!!
… even and specially if you still believe that you can’t possibly do it,
because it’s too big, too beautiful, too far or too spiritual…

I repeat: you DO it!
And then, and then only, you will KNOW how to do it
in Beauty, Perfection
and with the elegant nobility of the Heart.


And the reason why this is possible now
is that the “you” who is doing it
is no longer the small human you…

You are now the Galactic You!
You are the Universe co-creating life on Earth!
You are the Universe celebrating Paradise
with 8 billion shining brothers & sisters.