Mandalas: A Family Gallery

Mandalas, both ancient and contemporary, can be classified into three broad categories:
universal mandalas,
personal mandalas
and special-purpose mandalas.


UNIVERSAL MANDALAS are meant to convey a general sensory impact of the sacred relationship between the Cosmos and humankind’s collective con-sciousness. Universal mandalas are a compact ("carry-on-board") representation of the universe made available to all human beings, regardless of their culture. They are using the global language of archetypal symbolism and thus transcend geographical or historical singularities.

Universal mandalas are mapping out the sequence of initiatic steps to be taken by consciousness in its collective evolutionary journey: they are simply showing to the species the way to the Centre.

Universal mandalas can be 3-D or 2-D projections of 3-D: they can be a place to enter, as a temple, or they can be an image of a transcendent place or state to access, as a painting or design. They can be a human-size model of the Cosmos used for initiatic rituals, or they can be a flat road-map offered to the pilgrims who then have to walk it.

PERSONAL MANDALAS are designed to be the representation of an individual’s "primary hologram" - the spiritual frequency matrix pre-encoding and guiding a spirit’s journey into their earthly body experience. Personal mandalas are the blue-print of the Being dwelling inside.

Personal mandalas are a form of spiritual portrait or "spirit horoscope". They differ from astrological horoscopes in that the astro-chart focuses on the script of the incarnated personality (birth data & subsequent influences) whereas the mandala "holoscope" brings into focus the energy matrix involved in the evolution of the spirit being itself, a much broader configuration of cosmic identity. Astrological charts are a detailed aspect of the larger understanding captured in personal mandalas.

A personal mandala will allow the user:

  • to understand & explore the unique harmony, multi-dimensional simultaneity and magnificent beauty of their spirit Self.
  • to assess the current state of their life-energies by comparing them at a glance with a higher-octave template: their personal mandala.
  • to keep a steady and caring focus on the original purpose of consciousness mani-festation: fusion with the Source-Radiance. As a compact device (placed in your memory or just kept on your altar), a personal mandala will be a faithful reminder of the Essential Intention.
  • to draw immediate strength and additional centering / integration in those times of confusion and scattering. The structural and matricial power of a personal mandala will be available as a familiar blueprint for coalescing back into Peace.

With a personal mandala as a map, the life journey of an individual is placed in its larger context: the consciousness journey of the spirit-being.

SPECIAL PURPOSE MANDALAS are result-oriented. They are designed to empower the user and activate the implementation of goals. If, for instance, the goal is to get rid of an addiction, a special-purpose mandala will display a specific (talismanic / yantric) diagram best apt to heal the addictive behavior.

Special-purpose mandalas will allow the user:

  • to focus, structure and clarify attitudes with respect to a goal, need or desire.
  • to amplify & wave-guide the power extended to a specific goal envisioned.
  • to "keep the energy going" , even if the conscious mind is busy somewhere else. Special-purpose mandalas function like radionic antennas. They are designed with a focus-spot at their center: this is where the user places a written or symbolic repre-sentation of a goal. Thus they "broadcast" by keeping a resonant interaction between the antenna pattern and the goal pursued.
  • to program the projection and application of energies. Special-purpose mandalas have the ability to store and time-release intentional power.
  • to affect distant healing: by placing a picture of oneself or of someone else (who agrees to the healing) on the focus-spot, a co-created healing is amplified.

Special-purpose mandalas are powerful & sensitive devices and therefore they do require from the users a clear and balanced understanding of the universal laws of Love and Service.

This is why mandala teachings give first priority
to the energy work with universal and personal mandalas.