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Unique Special Edition StarWheel paintings


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From the time of his spirit vision about the StarWheels, in 1985, French-born visionary artist Aya was told by inner intuitive guidance that the StarWheel neo-mandala paintings were not to be sold separately to clients or galleries, because the SW Collection needs to be kept together as a congruent set of energy templates. Taking this advice seriously, Aya declined individual sales of the StarWheel paintings and set himself up as a careful guardian of the growing StarWheel Collection, presently secured in a storage facility in Sedona, Arizona. This is also why the StarWheel Foundation is currently offering the SW Collection for sale, based on these two conditions: 1. To purchase the entire SW Collection as a set of 108 pieces. 2. To open the SW Collection to the world public by creating a StarWheel Interactive Museum.



In addition to the original StarWheel paintings, a dozen +1 StarWheels, throughout the years, were reproduced by Aya - airbrushed by hand on canvas and using the original stencils. The intention was to fund future educational projects of the StarWheel Foundation. These are the "Special Edition Originals" (or SE) described below and now offered individually as a special one-time-only release. It is very unlikely that Aya, due to his active schedule, will ever personally create any more Special Edition StarWheel.

These unique collectors' items are now available for the first time to private and corporate buyers or to museum facilities around the world. These rare StarWheel paintings are perfect to grace large walls in corporate headquarters, cultural facilities, universities, museums, healing centers and yoga studios... or private homes with cathedral ceilings!
These SW Special Editions, for sale by the piece, are money-raising assets offered for sale by the StarWheel Foundation. We are currently launching a fundraising campaign    to finance the purchase of headquarters in Sedona, AZ. Purchasing a couple of these SW Special Editions would secure the downpayment.

You may be attracted to purchase one or more of these originals not only due to their unique aesthetic appeal, but also to their hidden graphic symbolic codes which activate ease of manifestation, creativity and productivity. These codes reveal themselves on subtle and conscious levels to anyone in brief or long term contact with the StarWheels.

The StarWheel paintings as 'mandalas' are actually consciousness technology tools which act as broadcasting antennas for universal sacred geometries, and as 'harmonic triggers' which activate dormant levels of spiritual consciousness. The StarWheels infuse private, public or sacred spaces with direct cosmic resonance.

Published in Japan in the form of 3 decks of Golden Ratio size cards, the StarWheels are increasingly recognized as pioneering the visionary direction of future art in an emerging global civilization of conscious cosmic citizens. No longer mere amusement of the mind or the emotions, future art will regain the universal function of being a bridge between the material 3D dimension of human life and higher dimensions of spiritual presence - future art will have meaning and will use the vibratory power of resonance, harmony and archetypal symbolism to touch and awaken the deep inner levels of the soul and spirit. So do the StarWheels.

"The StarWheels are bringing into the 21st century
the perennial power of Spirit Revelation
imbedded in the ancient traditions of Sacred Art,
the world over."

When viewed with focused intention,
the StarWheels create powerful results.

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The 13 Original StarWheel paintings shown below
as "Special Editions"
are featured in the "StarWheel Mandalas" DVD. 
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You can also view the new video by Tritia Hamilton:
YOUTUBE link: http://youtu.be/6u7VS88-KJ4

Technical Notes:
Medium: acrylic pigments on canvas
Size: about six feet by six feet.

List of individual prices (in K = $1,000):

SW25SE "Toltec Shield" $145K
SW27SE "Galactic Record" $115K
SW29SE "Starkind Entry" $100K
SW43SE " Void Dancer" $110K
SW47SE "Star Kachinas" $115K
SW49SE "Aton Rose" $130K
SW51SE "Spiral Goddess" $165K
SW61SE "Labrys-13" $135K
SW75SE "Tetraktys Lake" $120K
SW83SE "Sheeva Lotus" $145K
SW90SE "Room-of-Ra" $135K
SW94SE "Sol-3 Mag" $120K

SW100SE "Tera Cube" $115K

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Series: Special Editions

All 13 StarWheel paintings below are the Special Editions for sale.

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