About Creative Inspiration

An Essential Yoga of Living

The Flowering of In-Spiration

As an artist, I learned the true value of inspiration by cultivating it in the creative process of birthing the StarWheel mandalas, over a period of twenty years. Here are some glimpses collected while walking the blossoming fields of inspiration.


Learning how to feel inspired is a very essential skill in the art of living. It is of a larger and higher import than a simple ego desire to fulfill some human need or follow some fashionable trend. It is coming from inside out rather than outside in. It is a skill that needs to be recognized, honored, cultivated and facilitated as the primordial gift we can grace each other with. It is the dancing ground of the global celebration of being one humanity.

Feeling inspired is akin to being pregnant with a new baby seed. In that sense, we are all mothers. When inspired, one enters a new sphere of being. There is a definite, very sensorial and sensual (orgasmic) feeling of excitement/incitement surfing through the emotional body and engaging a full attention: one's priorities shift and suddenly nothing is more important than follow this in-spiration, regardless of other engagements and urges like food or sleep. It is like being in love, but instead of embracing an external partner, it is hugging a potential child within.
Instantly there is connection with the universe as we switch to an immediate mode of being in the moment of now, without even wanting to "waste time" thinking about how and why. Once you are in the River, who cares about watching it from outside?

Creative inspiration, weather for art, music, dance, writing, a new project or sharing healing has this abrupt power of unifying the body-mind-spirit into a full presence. Creative inspiration IS a beautifully human yet essentially spiritual state of integrated consciousness: the limited ego is bypassed and one surrenders to a larger, universal flow of creativity. The usual time-space serial concerns of ego survival just drop. The beauty of inspiration is that, without even thinking about it, without  painstakingly searching for it, it just appears full and complete: a new order of being has come, a new musical octave of frequencies is resounding throughout the now integrated consciousness.

In the Western cultures, inspiration is familiarly described as this anticipative sense of feeling "butterflies" in the belly, when a breakthrough is suddenly glimpsed as attainable and one feels capable of anything. Somehow, "energy" is surging and whether we are open enough to let it all through or we contract and allow our conditionings to put up filters & barriers is a measure of our spiritual openness, in proportion to the amount of "ego emptiness" we have established within. But, inspiration is a fuzzy concept in the Western cultures: it is not connected to the spiritual realms, associated with direct inner intuitive guidance or understood as the result of the circulation of energy in the human hologram.

Certainly "Inspiration 101" is not taught in schools to the young generations who are left to figure out by themselves what it could possibly be or feel. It is usually presented as a happenstance event, oftentimes confused and mixed up with misinterpreted ego drives or social programs of "doing something creative". Inspiration is valued but kept in the unconscious levels. The trivialization of inspiration has made it an experience out of conscious reach or control, something like "luck" that we talk about but that comes in and out of life, thus doing or undoing our creative careers. We say it comes when we are "fortunate" and, when it is not gracing us, we try all sorts of ways and adjuvants to "trick" inspiration. In the West, people are at the mercy of creative inspiration rather than being taught how to activate and enjoy it.

By contrast, the cosmic evidence that creative inspiration is the primordial ground of our being has long been recognized in the oriental yogic & mystical traditions
: the state of integrated, unified and creative consciousness we Westerners sometimes glimpse as creative inspiration HAS ALWAYS BEEN HERE. It is the ground of being and can most certainly be learned and cultivated as an art of being in order to immensely upgrade the standards of personal and collective life.

Eastern yogas point to locations in the subtle human anatomy where this innate power of universal resonance (the cosmic in-spiration) blossoms and irradiates. The Taoist tradition describes the various dantian (literally "elixir field") as located at the top of head, forehead, heart and lower navel, with priority given to the belly/navel dantian (the "golden stove" or "hara" in Japanese), considered to be the center of physical balance and the seat of one's internal energy or qi.
The navel dantian corresponds to the manipura center (third chakra) of the Hindu yogic tradition, considered to be the power house of the human energy system and the reservoir of prana radiating outwards to the entire body and auric field. In the Hindu yoga schooling, the Manipura chakra is one of the flowers blossoming when the cosmic life-force (Kundalini) pierces the shell of human separation and floods human consciousness with universal sunlight.

These hubs of energy receive priority attention in the oriental programs of wholistic health and whole-being expansion: they are worked upon to open them up to an optimal reception and circulation of "inspiration". Being inspired is no longer a strike of luck, it is the organic harvest of a conscious choice about purifying oneself and gathering one's attention into harmonic self-integration and self-similarity with the universe.

I have a personal name for inspiration: I call it "fielding" - when one feels merging with the unified field of being. It is much larger than art creation: it is entering the river of loving light sustaining life and all manifestation. It is like becoming the stream of the sunlight and dancing everywhere at once within it.

Fielding can be just embraced in an endless and beginningless immersion, and yet with an infinite cosmic resonance, or it can be consciously pointed to a place of materialization as when being an artist or inventor or the actor of any lifeplay. Then, whatever attention focuses upon becomes imbued with this primordial creative power: one IS the sun. This is the source and fount of all creativity when the human vehicle fulfills its purpose of being by gently turning into a transparent bridge for light mirroring itself throughout the universe. This is the real purpose of consciousness: bringing the coherence of harmonic relationship to the background plasmic field of the cosmic ocean. This is the ascensional transmutation of "chaos" into "order", the churning of the mandala from periphery to center, the vortexing of the Medicine Wheel of Life where one stands at center and encompasses all directions.

In the case of the StarWheel creation process, this feeling of "fielding" was first experienced in the context of artistic creativity as an "outlet" and led to the birthing of many mandala children. It just was the best way to be I knew and each StarWheel was yet another approximation of the pure feeling of being an infinitely radiating source of light. And progressively, the cosmic life-force became less focused on the "object" of mandala creation and more inwardly reaching inner layers of just being and becoming the mandala itself by self-radiance. Then one can choose to create art, music, dance or any visible or quietly subtle enactment of the universal presence. I believe this is the blossoming process we are all enjoying in these times of global kundalini inspiration upon this garden Earth paradise. 


The SPIRALING RESPIRATION of the cosmic life-force.

It is the art of INSPIRALING oneself.


With each breath,