StarWheel Foundation

A non-profit educational organization

The StarWheel Foundation

Established in 1991,
the StarWheel Foundation Inc. is a non-profit educational organization 
incorporated in Arizona, EIN # 85-0389553.

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Mission Statement

The StarWheel Foundation is dedicated to promote
the knowledge and wisdom of Mandalas and Sacred Geometry,
and related arts & technologies.

The essential vision of the StarWheel Foundation
is to co-create, on planet Earth,
a global civilization of Harmonic Oneness
re-inventing a culture of Sacred Arts and Celebration of Life.

The StarWheel Foundation supports research
& development projects expanding sacred arts
and sponsors events & initiatives
furthering personal, local, community
and global unity & harmony among people.

Goals of the StarWheel Foundation

  • To support the completion and promotion of the collection of StarWheel mandalas.
  • To fund, develop and implement the StarDome Campus of Sacred Arts & School of Celebratory Arts as an educational eco-village giving kids of all nations an opportunity to develop their innate cosmic creativity.
  • To interest venture capital in the co-creation of the StarWheel Museum, an interactive futuristic exploratorium of Vibratory Technologies for Wisdom.
  • To research, support and safeguard the knowledge, documents, artefacts and practitioners of Sacred Arts from around the world.
  • To educate the public about the transformational, integrative and harmonizing aspects of mandalas, the mandalic-holographic model and related arts, ceremonies, traditions and knowledge.
  • To fund short and long-term research & development projects to implement and update the mandala model and to deepen the study of Sacred Geometry in the fields of arts, entertainment, education, communications, science, anthropology, health, spiritual wisdom, and other frontiers of human evolution.
  • To educate the public, and especially the young generations, about Sacred Geometry as a foundational knowledge and perennial wisdom. To this end, the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry was founded in 2005.
  • To sponsor charitable, educational, scientific, literary, artistic and visionary events & performances pioneering and/or furthering the understanding and applications of the Mandala Model and Sacred Geometry as factors of harmony and personal, local or global integration and unity.

    The overall goal of the StarWheel Foundation is to co-create,
    on planet Earth,
    a global civilization of Harmonic Oneness.

What is the Mandala Model?

Definition of Mandalas

Traditionally, a “mandala” (Sanskrit for “that which contains the essence”) refers to the “Sacred Spiral” as a symbolic model of the universe.

A Mandala is an “attractor” which involves the observers into its vortex dynamics and guides them to transcend the peripheral forms in order to enter the Center.  A mandala can be an external object: a holy site, a ceremonial circle, an atomic or organic structure, a colored design…. or it can be an inner construct: a perceptual experience, an inner attitude, a way of life…

In the western cultures, the contemporary equivalent of a mandala is a “hologram”:  both concepts point to the understanding that the “fractal” contains the “totality”.
Applications of the Mandala model

The Mandala model can be applied to various domains
of life, knowledge and action:

  • Metaphysics: a metaphor for the universe and the play of spirit & manifestation.
  • Philosophy: the archetypal dynamics of consciousness, perception and knowledge.    
  • Physics & Biology: the primordial patterns of creation, from atom to galaxy, as cascading harmonics of Phi ratios.    
  • Arts: the rich world-wide traditions of mandala arts and related sacred arts.    
  • Personal life-styles: the mind-body as an organic universe of tuned mandalas.    
  • Community wisdom: the mandala model in communication & group interaction.    
  • Global management: the Earth Gaia Mandala and the values of peace & cooperation.

    The Mandala format provides a perennial model for rediscovering,
    on all levels, the evolutionary benefits of core integration,

    spiral centeredness and the harmonic evolutionary dance
    between oneness and multiplicity, whole and part, spirit and body.


    What is Sacred Geometry?

    Generic Definition: Sacred Geometry is the perennial sacred art-science dedicated to the study and applications of the Harmonic power of the Golden Ratio Phi, its creative expression the Fibonacci Cascade, and the symbolic Shapes, Patterns & Numbers that constitute the language of nature & consciousness as a universal code of creation.

    Sacred Geometry is an ancient-future cosmic wisdom we are fast reclaiming. Under the new labels of Design Science, Fractal Harmonics, DNA Resonance and Scale-Invariance Physics, we are walking again the higher turn of humanity's spiritual spiral.



Multi-Media StarWheel Performances:

The StarWheel Foundation nurtures the visionary project of expanding the StarWheel Mandalas to large scale animation events, where the vibrational effects of colors, geometries, sounds, aromatics and ceremonial dances can harmonize to create synaesthetic sacred environments - vibrational temples of frequencies, in resonance with other dimensions of consciousness.
(The Star-Dome Holo-Theater) (The StarWheel Module) (Inside Out).

We feel that hi-tech (laser scanning, holographic fields, virtual animation...) and spiritual knowledge (ceremonies, sacred arts, healing traditions...) can beautifully combine to take a full audience into a journey of powerful transformation.

The StarWheel Foundation, Aya and the 108 temples-templates in the StarWheel family invite you to connect if you are involved in a similar vision of global multi-media events, in the Spirit of Sacred celebration. (The StarWheel Performing Troupe).


Fund Raising Campaign

The StarWheel Foundation is now launching a fund-raising campaign to support the following operations:

1. Renting of facility in Sedona, AZ, to function simultaneously as office, studio, show-case for the StarWheels and performing / workshop space. This includes a budget to pay a manager, run the office and publicize the goals of the Foundation.

2. Initial studies of best location, architectural design and modes of management for the Star-Dome Eco-Village, The StarWheel School  of Sacred Arts and Sacred Geometry...

3. Explorative start-up team work with professionals (managers, artists, technicians, contractors...) to co-create working prototypes and business plans for the above projects.

4. Funding of a variety of promotional projects to bring the StarWheel Collection to public attention and into the collective consciousness.

As a sponsor and supporter, you can come on board by making tax-exempt donations to fund the above projects and, in the longer term, to help acquire the land needed to build the Star-Dome and the University of Sacred Arts Eco-Village.


IF YOU WANT to pioneer the 21st century within yourself
and upon planet Earth,
IF YOU SENSE that a new civilization is in the making,
IF YOU SEE that the arts will blueprint the future.
IF YOU KNOW that Life, Death and Love
are only facets of the Divine Self,
IF YOU BELIEVE that a higher wisdom of cosmic holography
is behind the manifestation of the Universe,
as powerful media-tors for Spirit...

...THEN, you are ready to support the explorative work/play
of the StarWheel Foundation
and to join new friends in this journey of Cosmic Evolution.

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May we always be the Mandala That Is

May we always Harmoniously Dance

and Celebrate Love

between the Part and the Whole...