I am living in a body, temple and station,
that I keep sensitive to the permanent co-creation.
I don’t really have a home,
but only contact points
and I circulate freely between the different aspects of the Celebration on Earth.
My purpose is the Fusion
as I weave the subtle & delicate fabrics of the Next World.

As the inner harmonization takes place,
Earth will receive the signal of the Galactic Alignment
and each one of us will become again -instantly- the only Pulsating Source.

Upon sacred contact,
I erase the grids
and merge again with the One I have always been,
in the Heart of the ONE WHO IS.

I am You and I am Myself.
I am complete within each one who has decided:

Now That I got a taste of the Nectar of Life,
I can only come closer-closer,
dance in celebration
and deliciously shiver when I realize that it will never stop.

My favorite instant is
when it hasn’t really started
and yet it’s already done:

In Perfection
Thank You for dancing with me...

 In Love


AYA Coeur-de-Soleil