Mandala Making Notes

How to Create your own Mandalas

Upon request from budding cosmic creators intend on mandala making as a sacred art, Aya is offering here a few pages from his playshops "How to Create Your Own Mandala". Most pages are practical guidelines for Mandala Making, including the use of a Mandala Template. A few pages point to the bliss of Mandala Being. These notes and more will soon be compiled in a downloadable PDF e-book "The Mandala Maker Creative Companion". Kindly click on the links to access the corresponding pages.


The Practical Aspects of Mandala Making

Tools You Need
Preparing Yourself for Mandala Making
Step by Step Instructions
Symmetry Groups in a Mandala
How to Use the Mandala Protractor
Designing Star & Flower Mandalas
How to Integrate Sacred Geometry in Your Mandala
Mandala Making as Co-Creation
Additional Mandala Making Tips
Completing & Blessing Your Own Mandala

The Bliss of Mandala Being

From Mandalas Making to Mandala Being

Why Creating Your Own Mandalas?
Daily Use of Your Own Mandala
The Yoga of Seeing Mandalas
YOU: the Ultimate Mandala
You are Invited to a Date

Additional Pages by Aya About the Mandala Path

Sacred Arts in the 21st Century

The Revival of Sacred Arts
My Transformations with the StarWheels (by Aya)
Walking the Mandala Path
(An article by Aya in Spirit of Maat, January 2004)
What and (Who) are Mandalas?
Mandalas: a Family Gallery
Download StarWheel Templates to Color-in