SW Hi-Tech Media Journey

Taking off on a journey through and beyond the StarWheels
as "flat-on-the-canvas" paintings,
here is a scenario of future uses of the StarWheel material.


These sequential steps are an outline for Initiatic Journeys / Evolutionay Trainings / Vision Quests... which are the real and upcoming forms of Entertainment (enter-attainment).

Level I: DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY (Computer Graphics):

  • 3D fixed-image angle-perspective views of StarWheels in full frame or in detail (sphere mapping).
  • 3D animation (continuous transforms). A sort of flying over and around a StarWheel as if exploring a new planet and making contact with its life-forms. When & if interest is triggered by a particular feature, additional programs allow to zoom-in (continuous or incremental) into chosen portions of the StarWheel and, at that new level, to experience live 3-D perspective transforms. The traveler-surfer would also be able to call upon:

    1. arrays of overlay grids and structural geometries...
    2. series of frequency pulses (on-off) to modulate the display, possibly linked-up with heart beats, breath, brain waves...
    3. banks of sounds/sonic effects correlated to an alphabet / hiero-language of shape-color...
    4. menus / filters of pre-programmed color sequences (e. g. rainbow sweeps), surface textures (e. g. five elements, grain density increments, ripple-wave effects...) or magnitudes (fractal nesting)...


  • 3D animation of inter-StarWheel transfers: a memory bank of correlated resonant codes within the entire series of StarWheels (resonant geometries, symbolic shapes, key colors...) would allow to zoom-in on some detail of a particular StarWheel and, by "quantum tunneling" through a color-frequency vortex, to translate/emerge into a window-detail (new land) of another StarWheel. This would be akin to pre-cognize a future step in the journey and to become acquainted with the Hyper-Level journey-game - which is the Meta-mandala of the matrix-code generating the individual StarWheels.



... Existing and upcoming set-ups of virtual reality (individual virtual suits or seated virtual theaters) as applied to StarWheel landscapes / environments / journeys...

Level III. STEP-IN TECHNOLOGY (Bubble Holography):

  • Simple space-filling spherical structures, large enough to be entered (or to be built around the traveler-player/group). This could be simple surround-screens used to project a StarWheel, from two sources (ceiling-floor, front-back)... It could also be more sophisticated laser-beam / holographic set-ups capable of creating the multiple-boundary / staggered layers of a walk-in field of textures and colors...
  • Vibrational-Field Holography (VFH - outer sensory): various configurations of live/pulsating frequencies. Each frequency packet / signature domain of the field has a specific experiential feel of and by itself. Example: sense-evoking frequency progression/build-up from outermost layer to innermost: tactile -- visual -- auditory -- gustative -- olfactory...
  • This would be a sort of synaesthesia convergence chamber. By moving their body (or parts thereof) in and through the frequency regions , the players would sense/experience entire ranges of emotional/mental/ energetic states... and would learn how to harmonize them. In a preliminary phase, VFH would use simplified StarWheel core-designs (StarWheel yantras). Later on, the capacity to re-create more complex and dynamic field architectures would make use of full StarWheel scans.
  • Morphic Network Holography (MNH - outer sensory): the layers/ membranes of MNH would be pre-formed by containment fields/ morphic baffles and channels (with magnetic/sonic boundaries...) that would be filled-in by flows of sensonic/organic material (liquid crystal/ liquid light...)
  • The structural geometries are the yang circulatory network system and the color-sounds sensonic quanta are the yin life-force flowing through. This is a living system holography (bio-holography) with components perceived as if moving through display models of energy fields... A flow-form holography experienced from the inside out. (click on From Inside Out)



This is direct and active involvment in modifying / co-creating a "StarWheel Hologram", through the use of advanced sonic / kinetic / magnetic sensors and feedback loops.

New forms of personal journeys / ceremonial quests, spirit choreographies would express the interface of personal / group energies with the StarWheels as a data bank of auric field matrices available in a real-size bubble holography form. Outer / Inner Healing modalities could be freely explored.


As always, this is the Ground of Being.

This is letting go of all manner of technology or desire to control,
create, understand or even experience / perceive...

Letting even go of the concept of a journey and,
by surrendering to the simple Mergence of Being,
recognize that we are

the Unmoving Journey.