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The StarWheel Collection

of Mandala Paintings by Aya


A native of France with an extensive academic background from humanities to political science, Aya started his professional life as an Attaché to the French Embassy in Singapore. But a powerful inner guidance soon led him to travel the world as a spiritual pilgrim before immersing himself in his life work: creating a family of higher-dimensional templates called the StarWheels, and sharing the transformational power of the Sacred Arts. The name AYA is a yantra gateway geometry, an affirmative mantra sound and a ceremonial dance of celebration.

Presently residing in Sedona, Arizona, Aya inaugurated in 2004 the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry, as an educational branch of the StarWheel Foundation.  Classes, seminars and multi-media presentations  teach how to re-discover Phi Harmony, Coherence and Beauty in nature and personal / global life. The curriculum is based on Aya’s 4-volumes Manual of Sacred Geometry.

Aya’s global vision and commitment is to gift the world with new paradigm models of life-styles, economies, politics, arts and culture that are life-enhancing, eco-sustainable and compassion-based, thus contributing to the newly emerging cosmic civilization on re-enchanted Earth. As a mystical poet, yogi and passionate lover of Light, Aya is focusing his inner joy & delight on Oneness with Source and all creation.

The StarWheels

The StarWheels are a unique collection of large airbrushed paintings designed in the specific format of mandalas and borne out of a spirit vision during the 1984 Winter Solstice, in Santa Monica, California. The vision was 12 series of 12 = 144  StarWheels or vibrational templates specifically tuned to facilitate the global transformations human consciousness is currently experiencing. Website:

These neo-mandalas are living holograms that can be navigated through inner vision or physically entered as room-size 3D frequency fields through hi-tech spherical holographic renditions.

In various locations (Santa Monica, Santa Fe, the Colorado mountains and Sedona), 9 full series of StarWheels (108 paintings) have been birthed so far, covering over 4,000 square feet. Starting with series II, the size of the originals is 6’ by 6’. The medium used is airbrushed acrylic pigments on canvas, through multi-layered stencils. Entirely designed by hand and based on Sacred Geometry principles, each StarWheel comes with a title, a keyword, a hieroglyphic translation (Picto-Koan)  and a symbolic description (Sutra)… and many depths of consciousness-expanding archetypal and activation codes.


 The StarWheel Foundation

Established in 1991, and presently incorporated in Arizona, the SWF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN# 85-0389553) dedicated to educate the public about the transformational, integrative and harmonizing power of mandalas and related arts & media. The programs of the SWF include:
  • The completion of the collection of StarWheel Mandalas.
  • The Sedona School of Sacred Geometry.
  • The acquisition of a land / property as a home-base for the various educational and research projects.
  • A projected Interactive StarWheel Museum to open the StarWheel Collection to the world public.
  • A projected StarDome Campus of Sacred Arts to offer the young generations a creative multi-cultural environment to re-invent & manifest current and future ways of harmony for person / community / planet.
  • R & D to study & document the Sacred Arts Wisdom & life-styles from around the world.
  • Explorations in cutting-edge holographic & immersive frequency technologies.
  • Sponsorship of educational events pioneering personal / local / global Harmony, Peace and Balance.
  • Creation of a synergistic team of performers for a StarWheel Troupe touring the world.
  • Co-creation of economical, political and cultural new paradigm models.
  • R & D to study, update and implement the mandala model in all fields of human endeavor

    Business Opportunities and Projects

Aya has lived as a recluse for the 20 years it took him to create the current collection of 108 StarWheel paintings. From the beginning of his vision quest, Aya decided to stay outside the art market in general and the gallery system in particular. He deeply felt the need to create his art pieces with a minimum of external influences, be they financial, cultural or aesthetic. And, with an almost yogic discipline, Aya produced a large painting (6’ x 6’) almost every two months.

Now, after twenty years and with over 108 sacred art paintings in storage, Aya feels that the time has come to share this transformational work with the world at large.


Aya and the Board of the StarWheel Foundation are currently inviting offers, partnerships, marketing contracts, product development deals, co-creative agreements and suggestions in a variety of Starwheel-related projects and opportunities. Aya and the staff at the SWF are available for professional meetings & discussions re: making available to the world public the StarWheel Collection of Mandala Paintings.

Kindly email us

if you feel a call to be involved in any of the following projects
or have been looking for an integrated educational global vision
to support with your expertise, resources and creative spirit.

We are looking forward to meet venture capitalists, innovative investors, adventurers of spiritual business, philanthropists, public & private parties involved in education through the arts, visionary architects & planners, business people wishing to apply their skills to make a difference, gardeners of spirit, compassionate beings concerned with the future of next generations, public personalities wanting to support a positive cause, organizations & institutions dedicated to global service… and all people walking & dancing the Beauty of Life…


Large Scale Projects

1.  Co-creative sale of the entire collection of original StarWheel Paintings. 

Even though the original StarWheel vision instructed us to keep the collection off the market place and save it for a future StarWheel Museum or StarDome Campus, we are now open to creative solutions whereby  a largely endowed and visionary corporation or individual party would purchase the StarWheel Collection under the condition of making it accessible to the public in a compatible museum-type facility. The purchase price will be on par with the future market value of the collection, once the StarWheels become known and applied as a world-wide technology of consciousness expansion.

2.   Venture capital opportunity to fund & develop an Interactive StarWheel Art Museum.

An innovative combination of exploratorium, display gallery, multi-media immersion environments, experiential games & pluri-disciplinary tutorials, the StarWheel Museum is envisioned as a world-wide promoted, public access hub for entertainment, education and research about the color-sound-geometry vibrational nature of the universe.  
The Museum will offer the best multi-media technologies, both traditional and cutting-edge, to support the expansion of human consciousness into the realms of quantum intelligence & enlightened wisdom.
We are seeing a state-of-the art facility, with futuristic architecture of a circular shape, in a well-known & heavily visited area supporting arts & cultural activities, like Sedona, AZ.  With the proper location and a world-wide promotion, the entrance & entertainment fees would rapidly pay for the initial investment.

3.    Individual Sale of the 13 StarWheel "Special Editions":

During the course of creating the original StarWheel paintings, Aya has hand-airbrushed, using the primary stencils, a dozen +1  duplicate paintings, dubbed “Special Edition Originals”.
Due to the fragility of the stencils, some StarWheel can’t even be reproduced.  And, due to his increasingly busy schedule, it is unlikely that Aya will ever have the time to make a Special Edition of any more StarWheel mandala. Thus the Special Editions currently offered for sale are quite unique and are collector’s items that could specially interest corporate gallery curators.
Their symmetries, colors, designs and aesthetic appeal have the potential of transforming perception & consciousness as well as bringing relaxation, improved communication and a sense of natural beauty in the private, public or work spaces.

Other Business Projects & Opportunities

1.  StarWheel Cards publishing.       

The StarWheel Cards (9 series of 12 mandalas each) are available for publication as art or greeting cards to be chosen from the StarWheel collection of 108 hi-res files. They can be published as paintings only (with the title) or as “wisdom Cards” including the original keyword and description by Aya. 3D or perspective computer renderings of the original StarWheel images are welcome and could become new and popular lines of art cards.
Upon agreement and contract signature, the chosen files will be forwarded to publishers world-wide, with exclusive rights per country or groups of countries for an agreed upon time period. The financial agreement could be a flat purchase price or an agreed upon percentage of net sales, backed up by bank guarantees.  
We are looking for publishers of StarWheel Cards in Europe, the USA, South America and Japan.

2.  Book publishing.

•    We are looking for a large publisher wanting to create a glossy coffee-table art book showcasing the StarWheel Collection: full images, details, computer renderings… with an appealing story line.
•    The StarWheel Coloring book is also available for publication: over 100 pages of line drawings spanning 8 series of StarWheels: complete mandalas, outlines, core designs, details, studies. These designs are highly original, thus differing from to the flurry of simplistic mandala books on the market.
•    The StarWheel “Picto-Koans” are blocks of 9 hieroglyphs describing each StarWheel. in an iconic right-brain way. Thus, close to 1,000 original symbol codes are available for publication in a variety of ways: thumb browsing booklets for artists and graphic designers, graphic language elements catalogs, book featuring the Picto-Koans along with the small images of the corresponding StarWheels…
•    Two anthologies of mystical poems are ready for publication: “The Soul Bird” is a selection spanning twenty years and paralleling the creation of the StarWheel mandalas.  “Golden Love” is a mystical Celebration of the Beloved. We are looking for a creative and visionary publisher who would be wanting to integrate poetic texts and inspiring images.
•    As the 101 classbook of the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry, the Manual of Sacred Geometry could be published as an updated and computer reformatted edition. The rising interest in Sacred Geometry provides an eager market.

3.  Poster Printing.

Selected images from the StarWheel Collection, specially if rendered in 3D perspective, could be profitable and popular products, enhancing the lines offered by large poster companies.

4. Computer Animation Market.

Potentially new image sequences can be produced with the latest computer animation software to be used in movies, video clips, advertising…

We are looking for young creative and innovative computer wiz artists wanting to explore the potential of 3D and image animation / navigation inherent in the StarWheel collection.

5. Image Lease Market.

Image bank agencies could purchase the use of the whole or part of the StarWheel Collection for direct marketing or resale, under contract conditions, of the StarWheel images. Applications are many: music cd and dvd covers, book & magazine covers, reference images, websites, advertising graphics…

6. Giclee and Limited Editions.

The StarWheel Collection is available on the online store website as 1’ x 1’and 2’ x 2’ prints and will soon be available as Limited Editions.
The images can also be contracted worldwide for reprint as Giclee (small or large size), for licensing fees to be agreed upon, by a variety of online or regular publishing companies. The Giclee prints offer a unique exposure to Aya’s mandalas.  The StarWheel Giclee collection of 108 images can be displayed as an exhibit on its own or as a reference portfolio in museums and art school or libraries for consultation by visiting artists and patrons.

7. Sacred Geometry Protractor.

We are looking for a company specialized in school educational tools to co-create a new design tool: the Sacred Geometry Protractor ™.

8. Educational / Teaching lectures & tours by Aya.

Aya is available for classes, seminars and presentations about Sacred Geometry, the StarWheel mandalas and sacred arts events such as mandala making or labyrinth construction. A typical weekend integrates all the various aspects of Aya’s work and provides a unique creative experience.


Contact us

Mail: StarWheel Foundation / Aya
P. O. Box 3714, Sedona, AZ 86340