MM2 Preparing Yourself


Preparing Yourself for Mandala Making


1. In your own favorite way, relax and purify yourself. Use stretching, yoga positions, long and deep breathing, find your best inner smile and the place of peace, joy and quiet in your heart.

2. Create a feeling of sacredness in the space you are going to use to create your own mandala. Make sure it's clear from clutter & distractions, quiet and cozy, well lighted, and, generally speaking, conducive to a great creation.

3. Depending on your spiritual orientation, you might want to call on the Divine, Great Spirit and ask the assistance of your Higher Self, your angels, inspiring guides, spiritual masters...

4. Create the field of a Sacred Circle in, around and about you. Ground yourself within it and feel the beauty of that field. In a sense this is the energy space that is the source of the mandala you are going to create in the physical.

5. Listen within your heart to feel the overall purpose of the mandala you are going to create:
• Is this mandala going to be a universal mandala, like a symbolic map of the universe?
• Or is it going to be more like a personal mirror reflecting where you are at in your journey?
• Or are you facing a challenging situation and you would like this mandala to give you some direction and insight?
• Maybe you have the intention to create a healing mandala for someone you know and care about?
• It may also be that you do not feel a special purpose beforehand and that it will come to you as you proceed with the creation. Some people like surprises and enjoy discovering their mandala as they go along, step by step.

6.Whatever the situation is, keep listening from inside your heart.

7. Write down carefully, with full intent, your min intention for the Mandala you are starting. You can use nice color pencils/markers to enhance the quality of your intention as you write down.