The 13 Moon Calendar


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The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is a planetary organization committed to the replacement of the irregular standard of the the Gregorian calendar with the regular standard of the thirteen moon, 28 day calendar. The deadline for this, long overdue calendar change is July 24, 2004.

A Culture of Peace through a Calendar of Peace

The 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar is based upon Dreamspell - a universal application of the mathematics and cosmology of the Classic Mayan Calendar and Prophecy of 2012 as deciphered and presented by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles.

Around the world, people of diverse beliefs and cultures are unifying with the 13 moon calendar as a global harmonic standard -
thirteen moons of 28 days, with one day to celebrate "Peace Through Culture" before each new year (July 26).

Introduction to the 13 Moon Calendar:

The Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar is a perpetual, harmonic calendar. It is called a Moon Calendar because it is based on the female 28-day menstruation cycle, which is also the average lunar cycle. The measure of the moon from new moon to new moon is called the synodic cycle and is 29.5 days in length.


However, the sidereal lunar cycle which measures the moon from where it reappears in the same place in the sky is only 27.1 days in length. So 28 days is the average lunar cycle.

In actuality the moon goes around the Earth thirteen times a year. This means that the 13 Moon calendar is a genuine solar-lunar calendar which measures the Earth's orbit around the sun by the lunar average of 28 days.


Thirteen perfect months of 28 days = 52 perfect weeks of 7 days = 364 days.

The 365th day is called the "Day Out of Time" because it is no day of the week or month at all. This day which falls on the Gregorian correlate date of July 25 is a day for forgiveness and for the artistic celebration of life and freedom.

The synchronization, or new year's date of the 13 Moon calendar is July 26. This corresponds to the rising of the great star Sirius. This makes the 13 Moon Calendar a tool for harmonizing ourselves with the galaxy.

This is not the first time people have used a 13 Moon calendar. The Druids kept a "tree" calendar, a count of 13 moons of 28 days each, plus one day. The Incas, ancient Egyptians, Mayans and the Polynesians all kept a 13 moon/28 day count. The Lakota Indians kept a 13 moon/28 day count based on the "keya", or turtle, since the turtle has 13 scales on its back.

One of the great advantages of the 13 Moon Calendar is that day/date calculations are amazingly simple. The first day of every Moon is always a 13 Moon Dali. The last day of every Moon is always a 13 Moon Silio. (Note: the old paradigm names of the days in a week are replaced by galactic names which describe seven primary plasmas - electronically charged particles which activate our magnetic field. Thus, each week has the following 7 days: Dali / Friday, Seli / Saturday, Gamma / Sunday, Kali / Monday, Alpha / Tuesday, Limi / Wednesday, Silio / Thursday.)

The Gregorian calendar makes day/date calculations very difficult because the months are of unequal measure so the days and dates of the week vary from month to month and year to year. On the new 13 Moon Calendars, the Gregorian correlate dates are found at the bottom of each 13 Moon date. Find your birthday, every year it will always be on the same day of the same 13 Moon week.

Time is a frequency - the frequency of synchronicity.

The 13 Moon calendar is truly unique because it is synchronized with the Harmonic Module, the universal 13:20 timing frequency. Originally used by the Maya, the most sophisticated timekeepers ever known, the Harmonic Module consists of 20 icons or solar seals and thirteen galactic tones, 1-13. The resulting 260 permutations combined with the perfect harmony of the 13 Moon calendar give each day a unique quality. The two cycles - 13 Moons/28 days and the 260-day Harmonic Module perfectly mesh every 52 years! Each year your birthday moves up one tone and ahead five icons. In the center of the Harmonic Module is a black pattern of 52 "galactic activation portals." See if you can find the sequence of 13 sets of four, counting from the four corners inward. Notice that the numbers of each set of four equals 28. 13 sets x 28 = 364, the number of days in the 13 Moon calendar!

In the 13 Moon calendar the obscurely named Gregorian months are replaced by names which correspond to a fourth-dimensional cosmology of time.

Each moon also has a totem animal.

By using this calendar your are truly changing your frequency. You are also participating in the Campaign for the New Time! Only by changing our calendar will we have a New Time - a time of real harmony and peace on Earth, where time is no longer money but Time is Art!


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