StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 065 : A-Ka-Sha - Manifestation

Three spheres & stages of spirit Manifestation:
from the pyramidal light scripts encoding the soul's journey
to the sacred crown gateway birthing the spirit vessel.
Four corner spirals symbolize the continuous vortexing
of Light, Energy & Form.
In outer orbit, pilgrims proceed headlong through the incarnational round:
diving in & ascending again, they display, on their sacred hara-shields,
the dance of inter-penetrating shiva-shakti triangles.
In the east-west wings, three orbits show the pulses of the cosmic design:
geometric primaries, double spirals and emergence of multiple tribes.
Within all forms, the bindu-dot of consciousness is ever secretly present.
Within all beings,
the divine eyes are ever longingly shining.
Beyond all appearances,
the universal spheres merge again into Source.


Images © 2007 by Aya