StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 051 : Spiral Goddess - Creation

The Great Star-Mother lovingly embraces the Play of Life.
Creation is a most gracious Way of Being.
The Mother's infinitely fertile womb is ever delivering the universes.
From her bountiful breasts spring forth rivers of honey-milk
to nurture her many-colored children.
Every child is a universal partner:
love sees no difference.
Timelessly, the cycles of embryonic growth
bring the single ovum-seed to full babyhood.
Underground, the mighty cosmic serpent vibrates the yoni-lingam:
sun rising over the moon mountain.
The Spiral Goddess has myriad faces: some are familiar & pleasant,
some are surprising & frightening... but all are Perfect.
She is in turn the ravishing maiden,
the bountiful mother
and the all-seeing crone.
She freely gives all forms and freely takes them away.
Birth & Death happen within Life.

Images © 2007 by Aya