StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 047 : Star Kachinas - Guidance

From their stars reflected on sacred mountain tops,
the Kachinas hear the call and come visit the human tribes.
Invisible messenger spirits on the road of life,
they are the beings of Before and After.
They bring us glimpses of the larger universe:
Altair-Aquila, Kachina of the Tokpela West.
El Tanin-Draco, Kachina of the Tokpa South.
Almach-Andromeda, Kachina of the Kuskurza East.
Merope-Pleiades, Kachina of the Tuwaqochi North.
Four worlds have passed, four cycles of learning.
During the Vision Quest,
you stand at Source.
Now, you are the Emergence,
gloriously pregnant with the fifth world.
Heeding Guidance from on high.


Images © 2007 by Aya