StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 041 : Djed Tetra - Stillness

Where is the hidden treasure?
No matter how attractive the merry spin, one remains centered.
Cycling through the 4 directions and the 28 moon mansions,
the human yo-yo dances along the spirit line.
The lingam is immersed in and through the yoni cup
and emerges as the sword of light.
Above, the "tcham" scepter regulates the cosmic flow.
Below, the "djed" pillar accumulates resonant energies.
The 6-handed clock of universal order revolves,
first star-wise, then counter-starwise.
At the very center of the hub, Stillness.
You are the Toy, the Play and all the Players.
You are the only Treasure.


Images © 2007 by Aya