StarWaves, Frequency Weaving and Reality Perception

StarWaving, Frequency Weaving and Reality Perception.

The STARWAVES are the second generation StarWheels - translated into the vibrational language of waveforms. The StarWaves are applying frequency and wave transformations to the now classical StarWheel mandalas.

On a technical level, the StarWaves are made possible by the filter tool Filter > Distort > Wave function of the Photoshop software. The Spherize function (-100º / +100º) is also used at times as a departure point. [Note: to create the StarWaves we are mostly using the Photoshop CS2 software, whereas CS5 is used for the StarSpheres, because of its 3D animation capability.]

On perceptual and cognition levels, the StarWaves are taking the physical reality forms of the StarWheels and playing with transformations of their basic parameters:
• Frequency (number of "generators" / 1 - 999)                       
• Wavelength (1 - 999)                                             
• Amplitude (1 - 999)                                                     
• Scale, both horizontal & vertical (0º - 100º).

The parent-generation StarWheels are part of "classical reality", although the "sacred" reality of oneness, as perceived by the inner Third Eye: forms-colors-sounds-shapes inducing an introspection of awareness (perception returning to its source) and an infinite focus to center or origin. This sacred reality has perceptual (mandala structure of the human vision, harmonic scale basis of human audition...), mental (global archetypes...), consciousness (spiral and vortex dynamics of meditation, concentration, enlightenment and prayer experiences...) and historical roots (sacred geometry & architecture, religious ceremonies and rituals, symbolics...). Yet it is graspable by the human mind, a virtuoso in leaning on & constantly reinforcing familiar references while vehemently negating anything hitherto unknown or threatening its own status quo of "master controller". Watch how the mind is currently claiming the Classical Sacred: as the collective mind becomes used to the sacred, it also classifies it, references it and in brief trivializes it by making it part of the reality it "knows and controls". This is what we can daily witness in our own personal life and in the unfolding life of the global culture... (
cf Wikipedia entry for 'Sacred' and the abuse of the word in such statements as "gun ownership is a sacred right")...

...UNLESS we develop the freeing ability to become the Witness, the Knower, the Consciousness seeing the mind as a wonderful and skilled friend yet bound to the limited reality of mental intelligence and savvy trickery. This frees us to experience, by direct body, energy-body and bliss-body exploration, the infinite "unknown" lying beyond classical, physical and mind-controlled, reality. This liberates us as Pure Beings of Bliss smiling with compassion through the human journey. The intuitive, heart-based, "quantum-holographic" experiential access to the vaster, cosmic, inner reality is the threshold and "star-gate" that is beckoning to us and is opening us wider and wider. Yoga, meditation and other variations on the theme of "Be quiet and Listen inside" are showing us the way out of the old mind and its ego-identifications. And so do the StarWaves.

The StarWaves are a form of vibrational massage of our perception and awareness. They take the Sacred to a new level (Cosmic Sacred) where it cannot be referenced anymore by the mind and where its vibrational impact can therefore be fresh and invigorating. Yet it is based on the Classical Sacred (or vice-versa?) You can't really make any "normal" sense of a StarWave, even if you are an expert esoteric scholar - instead you just have to "like" it or "not like" it and rely on your body prompting you to dance & chant, your emotional intelligence wanting you to laugh or cry, or your heart & spirit wisdom intelligence making you feel "home"... You are invited to go beyond the past-sacred into the now-celebration-sacred.

The global perceptual awareness of humanity is indeed entering a phase of embracing the first glimpses
of vibrational reality, the more subtle, energetic context and matrix of the solid physical reality. We are learning fast to see between the nodes and hear between the musical notes... We are now engaging the entangled (unified) wave functions of perception and consciousness - or they are engaging us, from the auspicious moment we wake up from the conditioned perception of reality (mind-control and control-mind).

Note: The occasional contrast between the simple geometric form observed in some StarWaves and the wave image itself is to provide a friendly "bridge" and train the awareness to "jump the cliff".

The StarWaves are a new level of sacred art: Cosmic Sacred Art - direct engagement of consciousness as energy matrix, bee-line between brain and cosmos. The recognition of "homing" bypasses the mind. And, in this new process, the mind is recognized as a mere local, village-bound, tool. The universal tool is consciousness and the many-one infinity of it. Namaste!

The interesting, creative and educational, part of the StarWave exploration is that there is no "exact answer" or "one-and-unique" original, vintage creation. It is an open-ended creative journey. The StarWaves created by Aya are only his personal guidance and choice, based on his immersion in traditional sacred art and his primordial insight into the StarWheels. Everyone can create their own StarWaves.

In fact, the future StarWheel Museum & Exploratorium will offer Visualization Stations where eager explorers have access to 2D/3D/Animation/VR computing tools allowing them to discover and explore the renditions they create, possibly turning them into worlds to "visit" as avatars. This could become a new educational modality, with innovative series of "apps" offering multi-sensory renditions, sliding navigation of chosen parameters, fractal ratio scaling... as well as educational guidance on sacred geometry, archetypal googling, symbolics and historical-cultural references...

For instance, start from a sphere framework and play-animate-dance-sing its basic geometrical, mathematical, structural, biological properties: from 2D (a circle) to X-D (hyper-sphere), exploring the transition protocols of generative/golden fractality, harmonic scaling, expansion-contraction-creation cycles and singularity/emptiness - multiplicity/fullness breath pulses... Add the historical, cultural, symbolic, energetic, yogic, cosmological, spiritual and consciousness aspects of the circle-sphere: you have a new fount of scientific, artistic & perceptual innovation and awareness, apt to appeal to the new generations entering human bodies and returning "education" to its original purpose: learning the Play of Creation.