StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 087 : Merkaba-24 - Ascension

The Merkaba of Awareness is open 24 hours a day:
the half-cycle of twelve cosmic hours
mirrors itself into twenty four and brings completion.
This Merkaba or vehicle of ascension is the one-pointed consciousness
encompassing the Whole
and yet delightfully dancing each step.
At the periphery, a new wave of beings wrapped up in their cocoons:
they experience metamorphosis while building their wings.
Twelve of them, in the real departure case of the Game,
succeeded in shattering their shells and, holding their hieratic toys,
they walk up the Ramp of Ascension:
one by one, they position themselves on the head of the Cosmic Serpent.
The lower gate of the female tetrahedron starts spinning
and propels them ever more inwards.
As the Grail-Cups pour into each other
the two currents of the River of Life,
the Merkaba pierces the Inner Eye.
The two spheres of Infinity merge again and we realize:
Nothing ever happened.

Images © 2007 by Aya