StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 086 : Gala Cross - Appointment

This is the Four-Square mandala
of the Earth crossing the galactic hub.
In sacred cultures, the Universe is seen as spun by the Holy Mother
around two musical threads stretched to the cardinal directions.
They cross-resonate at the Center to sound forth the Primordial Tone
and form the four mythical Pillars & Altars of Creation:
elements, ages, seasons, solstices & equinoxes...
and the four main types of spiral galaxies.
Upon this crucial canvas,
the appointed guardians birth the entire Tapestry of Life.
However, the Cross of Matter is nothing
without the magic fingers spinning it,
without the Circle of Spirit to revolve it:
this is represented here by the two Primordial Spirals in the background:
the star-filled spiral of Visible Manifestation
and the void-filled vortex of Invisible Return.
This Grand Cross in the Heaven
marking galactic and soul alignment
is the Appointment Sign to stand at the very Hub
of the universal Medicine Wheel of Life.

Images © 2007 by Aya