StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 084 : Sri Bindu - Wholeness

In Vedic cosmology,
the Bindu is the Seed and Spark of creation,
holy drop and quantum source-point
within the Cosmic Yoni-womb.
Measureless unit, the Bindu comprises an infinite space,
enrobing and disrobing forms with geometric garments.
We are Bindu,
the body-less un-bounded Divine
touring the Universe and seeding Beingness.
The Axial Beam
is the pervading presence of pure consciousness
writing the scenario of Loving Compassion & Awakening.
We are the Sacred Dot,
witnessing all action and all non-action.
Seeing the Self in all Beings
and all Beings in the Self.
Wholeness is unity from inside out.

Images © 2007 by Aya