StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 083 : Sheeva Lotus - Totality

The emerging Lotus of Creation, between two Cosmic Breaths.
The seven petals represent the 7-limbed Shiva-Sheeva
in its Divine Dancer mode:
the poised head,
the four arms of creation, preservation, destruction & awakening,
and the two feet of incarnation & ascension.
The symmetry of the mandala suggests Total Tranquillity,
while the interplay of the colors points to Total Activity:
the two seeming opposites are one:
  the Inner Source, Heart of Shiva.
Sitting on the paired Thrones of the World,
the King of Yang is the master of the male, fierce & violent dance,
while the Blue Queen
blesses the gentle lyrics of Tenderness and Love.
The whole of Universal Creation is only a flower,
though vast to the human scale:
in time, it will be quenched by the Ocean of the Void.
To contain & enact all aspects of life
is realizing the divine fusion of opposites.

Images © 2007 by Aya