StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 076 : Golden Chalice - Quint-Essence

Merry Meet
with your magical faery crown:
the Penta-Mandala,
a perfect Quint-Essence weaving of Golden Ratio pentagrams.
The 5-pointed star represents the completed human:
feet, arms and head centered around the pentalpha flower of the heart.
Traditionally, pentagonal symmetry is shown
in the transversal cut of the apple,
the mythical golden fruit of revelation, knowledge & immortality.
The Pentad is the principle of cosmic genesis
manifested in the phi-ratio DNA vortex-helix.
Pentagrams are forever nesting as self-similar images:
they perpetuate their own nature in endless fractal harmonics.
The Golden Geometries engage us into Infinity,
the permanence of Spirit through continual change.
Over 60 earth nations currently flag
the ceremonial power of the pentacle star.
Bright Blessings
to the Star-Gate crown within every being !


Images © 2007 by Aya