StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 070 : A-Dia-Gaia - Re-Generation

The symbolic template of a cell,
Sacred Site of Life.
The twenty-faced icosahedron shell
implodes on itself and forms a vortex band
for the twenty amino-acids to play building blocks.
Left & right, an archetypal couple:
these upright guardians are the DNA base types:
single-ring “he” pyramidines and double-ring “she” purines.
Flagging their magical tools upon the blue & red heraldic boats,
the nucleotides temple dancers are preparing their entry:
base pairing,
they mate & launch the incarnation journey of the DNA helix.
On top & bottom,
the green chlorophyll & red hemoglobin molecules mirror each other:
the realms of creation are genetic kins.
The Galactic Spiral guides the genetic impulse
into the cellular core.
Life continues Herself.

Images © 2007 by Aya