StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 063 : Alpha Omega - Completion

Alpha, Omega & You.
A magical Trinity.
Two as Three in One.
Alpha & Omega are the perennial Lovers.
You are the archetype of Love prompting them to unite.
At first, you find yourself at the bottom
of a seemingly huge pyramid, Alpha,
the first letter spelled by the evolutionary Book of Life.
The seductive serpent of duality uncoils,
shaking the ground beneath your feet.
You cycle through many incarnational scripts.
At the endpoint of Omega, fully awakened,
you meet and welcome your cosmic partner:
the first you is the last you.
The Twin Lovers are holding hands in unison.
As the crown flowers, a golden field is your throne.
Now your arms are open in a full embrace.
You stand high & large,
a star-filled cathedral
overlooking and encompassing the tiny human pyramid.
The Beginning and the End are the mystical Completion within You.

Images © 2007 by Aya