StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 061 : Labrys-13 - Pilgrimage

A thirteen-ring Cross-Labyrinth,
the sacred path of Pilgrimage.
Questing for the Inner Treasure.
The traveler’s staff is topped by a labrys,
the twin ax symbolizing our dual nature.
Many pilgrims are lining up in front of the entrance:
only one - the Real You - will successfully cross the threshold,
in perfect alignment with the Pathway of Light,
the Cosmic Axis of the spinal column.
On either side of the center labyrinth,
you zoom in on many colorful encounters
as you enter your inner journey
and start meandering through life’s experiences.
Upon the way, one has a choice:
to identify with the passing objects of ego-gratification
or to focus upon Realizing the Totality.
This is an invitation to walk again the Sacred Labyrinth,
this wondrous adventure from the outer edges of awareness
into the sanctuary of your own Holy Land: the Self.

Images © 2007 by Aya