StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 056 : Bi-Buddha - Bi-Unity

The cross-section of a soul-field Mandala.
The beautiful and wondrous mystery of God & Goddess.
Bi-Buddha is the androgyn within yourself.
You and your soul-consort.
Source flowering into manifestation.
: Two in One, One in Two.
Infinite rings of radiance emanating from a golden center:
the Heart of Compassion,
merging all realms, healing all wounds, and sourcing all light.
Two halves of a whole, two faces of the same,
Eye to Eye, embracing all as One.
You are and will always remain whole & complete,
an all-encompassing totality.
Within you the parts choreograph their own unique dance.
Where is the separation?
How can we divide the ocean?
O Traveler, if you see more than one self,
take your attention away from the outer rings of your soul
and abide within the Heart.

Images © 2007 by Aya