StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 055 : Vesica Ajna - Infinity


The Vesica is an almond-shaped opening,
a vortex formed by two inter-penetrating circles or spheres.
A Sacred Communion and fusion is realized
between the realms of Spirit (heaven) and Matter (earth);
a Living Vessel or womb nurturing and birthing Creation.
The chrysalis woven within the Vesica breaks open;
a new vision of life awakens & soars.
Two luminous wings on either side of the Solar Eye-disk
are a timeless symbol expressing flight & liberation.
The translucent mirror of Liquid Light is gently entered.
The Ancient Face of the ages reflects Itself
within the tranquil lake of consciousness.
Upon dissolving the shimmering illusion of appearance,
the opening third eye - the Ajna chakra -
clearly sees the One in all.


Images © 2007 by Aya