StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 053 : Bardo Canoe - Transition

Two beings of Light, at your head and feet,
stand ready to guide you through the journey of your own death.
Are you ready?
You are seated at the bow of the Bardo Canoe,
the Boat of the Afterlife,
navigating the night-blue River of Remembrance.
You are drifting through the red shadows of the unconscious.
Be aware:
they are ready to provoke & devour you
as soon as you give them power.
The boat carries the totality of your life experience
within an akashic treasure chest
whose contents are holographically displayed.
You simultaneously re-enact all parts of your life-script
and you instantly know your Naked Truth.
All is revealed and presented to the ten symbolic judges
- aspects of your own soul calling upon you.
Now the inverted pyramid of Light opens into your New Abode.
Welcome to Consciousness as the Dance of Transition.
Life continues... always.

Images © 2007 by Aya