StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 052 : Mother Sphere - Re-Union

A mini-planet, Mother ovum,
enshrined upon a pyramidal Father-field.
Appearing from beyond the dimensional threshold,
a supra-luminal Merkaba activates
previously dormant arrays of triangular codes
within the Human Temple.
Bright Arrows of Light are shooting across the horizon,
weaving new light grids of expanded consciousness.
Higher-dimensional holo-glyphs, carrying encoded information,
bubble through the global minds & hearts.
This is a time of Re-Union.
Gaia’s ovum, within the Earth’s evolutionary matrix,
is impregnated with seeds of galactic awareness
as humanity is learning to bond with higher star intelligence.
The Bride is welcoming the Bridegroom
and their hearts are becoming one.
  We are at the point of space-time overlap.
Hear, feel, and dance the Music of the new Spheres.

Images © 2007 by Aya