StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 046 : Self-Cascade - Omni-Presence

In the Garden of forms,
babies are born and, in the womb of time, become elders.
Seeing the birth of their offspring,
the grandparents pass away,
fulfilled to be continued in future generations.
The Infinite Spirit coalesces into minds & bodies,
and you become a name looking for the Name.
The basic geometries & patterns of creation expand into complexity
while the timeless core-essence
implodes and ascends in the beam of Self.
Seeing itself from the four corners of its all-perceiving Eye,
the Self lovingly cascades around
and beams Omni-Presence through all cell walls.
The Barge of Life sails inwards now and,
at the mid-gate of zenith, stands still.
No more waves.
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Images © 2007 by Aya