StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 043 : Void Dancer - Power

The Dancer within You is invited to be free,
to let go of all binding attachments:
material, emotional, mental, spiritual and more.
Boldly allowing your inner wings to unfold, without resistance.
This is Dancing the Void.
It is time now - jump in!
In each moment, make sure you honor your own death,
for great opportunities & gifts await you beyond the fears.
Gladly surrender all your needs & desires,
and your heart will taste an ever deeper peace.
Welcome the emergence of your shadow,
for it is proof that you are in the sun.
Invite the silence of the absence:
it is only a fuller presence.
By falling through the Void we learn how to fly.
Surrendering with grace brings true Power.

Images © 2007 by Aya