StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 033 : Lion Path - Balance

The cosmic Egg of Self
perfectly nested within the sphere of universal creation.
Essence within the myriad forms.
Man-Wo-Man, as the primordial androgynous being.
Perennial Atlas is holding at arm’s length the yolk of Self,
well grounded in evolutionary creation through the first chakra-gate:
two legs, two arms and head form the “5” of Humanity,
while the grounding line adds the “6” of Cosmic Human.
The path of the Spiritual Lion is a perfect Balance between
macrocosm & microcosm, male & female, void & manifestation.
Ten other pilgrims prepared the way
by holding their geometric higher body
in contact with the ovum-self.
The membrane has been pierced: the egg is now fertile.
This is the opening of the Royal Road
from Sacrum to Atlas to Light-Source.

Images © 2007 by Aya