StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 029 : Starkind Entry - Passage

This StarWheel heralds a collective Rite of Passage:
the entry of local humans into their global spirit inheritance.
The quarantine of isolated life-on-earth has officially ended.
Earth Mother is lighting up all her grid-vortices,
while her human guests are holding hands
in a ceremonial merry-go-round.
Now it is time for a larger awareness:
humankind is growing up into star-kind.
Beyond earth life, many more realms are revealed.
Higher players have gathered to uphold the Earth play-ball
and help to co-create & guide the new collective destiny.
Glorious evolutionary codes are coming into fast activation.
The stars are reaching back
into the eyes of the sky-gazers.

Images © 2007 by Aya