StarWheel Collection

StarWheel: 024 : Pagoda Heaven - Happiness

A display of heavenly fire-works.
It is festivity time.
The central burst of Light becomes the many tongues
speaking of new worlds, endlessly.
A spark of Spirit is dropped into the Ocean of Milk:
a myriad splashes are born creating their own droplets.
One is Many.
The Sourcing Hostess is welcoming countless guests.
Over the horizon, earthling pagodas point up to alignment
with their lacy celestial counterparts.
Pagodas are evolutionary vortical star-streams:
they live for an instant on the wings of a drop of light,
bridging universes & connecting galaxies.
The living fingers of creation lovingly reach out from the Holy Hand.
Each pagoda whirls like a prayer wheel to sound forth a unique modulation
on the basic mantra of life:
Joyous Happiness.
Many is One.

Images © 2007 by Aya